Monday, April 20, 2009

Apron Club

56" x 68"

Do you like aprons like I do? Both of my grandmothers are still living and yes- still wearing aprons. My mother wears them, I do and my daughter also.
WOW!!! 4 generations of apron love!
I have collected aprons for several years and I have over 100 in my collection which consists of mostly aprons from the 1930's thru the 1950's. I have mostly picked them up at garage sales and Thrift Shops. I somehow have not been able to leave them there all alone to sit on a shelf or to get lost in a box full of odds and ends- waiting to be thrown out at the end of the garage sale. I think to myself every time on those occasions- Why don't these family members realize what a treasure they have in these aprons? They are a part of their mothers (or grandmothers) creativity and personality, not to mention fashion sense! In my humble opinion throwing them out is like throwing out a piece of the past.
Aprons are wonderful and represent the women in our lives and how things were for them. Is there anyone out there who can remember something about their mother or grandmothers and their aprons? A LOT of women have shared these memories with me. On the occasion when my quilt is pointed out to a man, they too get that look of nostalgia and tell me about their memories. I would LOVE to hear yours!!!
The style, colors and texture of aprons really speak to me. Aprons really are a work of art. Don't you just love the unique appliques; all of the creative ways to stitch on ric-rac; all of the embroidery that is so well done and unique; and all the bias tape they used- oh so many memories of learning to sew that stuff on!
( i can still hear my mom saying "always use matching thread" and "slow down on those curves!") I grew up wearing aprons and my first real sewing project was an apron for 4H Club. I remember modeling it on the runway afterwards!
I apparently received my first apron on my first birthday which you can see in this photo; I'm sure that my Mom made it. Don't you just love the fabric!!
I would love to see any of your aprons (new or inherited), blocks or quilts or hear of your stories! I hope that you enjoy making this quilt as much as I did. Although I must warn you; there are so many great reproduction fabrics out there to choose from, you might have a really hard time choosing which ones to use!!
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