Monday, September 14, 2009

Vintage Monday - Tea Bag Holders

I thought I would show you my cute little tea bag holders........I keep them in my kitchen hutch along with other kitchen collectibles. I like thier cute little vintage faces. I like that they came with instructions!This one looks like the more experienced big sister...she is always trying to get her younger twin sisters below to do thier job properly.

They are resigned to "hold the tea bag" if they must.

How could they forget what thier job is when it's tatood on thier forehead?

These little holders make me smile.....I use them when I occasionally have a cup of herbal tea.

I like chamomile tea before bed sometimes...just like Peter Rabbit.

This is my favorite for other occasions like in the mornings outside on my patio. It's really good with just a little honey. Mmmmm.....that sounds good right now, I think I'll go turn on the kettle!

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Diva Kreszl said...

love the vintage holders! Mint tea is what I'll have please?

Jan said...

How adorable those little guys are! I had to LOL that they came w/instructions ... would love to hear what those instructions say!

Nedra said...

It's still hovering around 100 degrees here, so I can't think about tea yet, but when I do, Celestial Seasons is the perfect selection. I didn't even know there were vintage tea bag holders. I think they fit you perfectly!

Carin said...

Sleepy time tea with honey and a splash of lemon is my favorite!

Carrie P. said...

Very cute. My favorite hot tea is green tea with cranberry and pomegranate.

belinda said...

Wow...what a busy week of 'Birthday-ing'!! Lucky Miss Kassidy! Her party brings back
memories. I was the ONLY mom to ever have parties...sleepovers or
slumber parties. When my daughter was 9 she had a slumber party...we
pitched tents out in the yard...they ran around and around the house A-L-L night screaming!! It was a good thing we lived in the country!!
I'm ga-ga over all of your vintage goodies too!!!

Fiesta said...

Those are adorable. You have the best things. I have one of your blocks on my blog today.

Karen said...

Wonderful tea bag holders!

Sinta Renee said...

Those tea bag holders are very sweet... I have a small collection but not such cute ones!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

For years I had one of these cuties on my stove. I think the kids broke it but I had forgotten all about it. So cute.

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