Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vintage Monday - Pink and Cream Thrifting...

...and a little bit of good clearance shopping mixed in.
These are the vintage finds sitting on my studio table right now so I just decided to pick up the camera and show them to you for this weeks Vintage Mondaypost.
Yes, once again I am posting Vintage Monday late Sunday night because I will be gone tomorrow....don't laugh at me...I like to be ahead of schedule... (when possible! )...LOL

I found this lovely silver teapot at the thrift store last week....

....I can't ever walk away from a perfectly pink vintage planter....another one of my many vintage loves.
The ruffled top is too cute!

I bought this NEW but vintagey looking snowflake garland on clearance at Roberts last week....I bought two of them.
All of Roberts Christmas was clearance priced at 65% off ....there are 18 snowflakes on each garland. They are made out of tin and covered in know I like glitter even better than frosting!...LOL!

...a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to find a stack of these vintage china dessert plates....all in the same pink and silver roses pattern...I also found a dinner plate to match.
I picked them up for a song at a thrift shop....YAY!
I really love the silver edges... I will use these for serving something yummy to my family and friends!

I found this very sweet vintage plate.....scalloped edges and again...the perfect vintagey pink color.
The snowflakes also were on clearance at Hobby Lobby...cream and glitterery ...I like the way that they look on the pink plate.

I always look for platters when I'm out thrifting and I just love this one....the center looks like it's embroidered.

Some vintage linens in cream and a couple in pink....I found various sizes and all have hemstitched or embroidered edges....only a little yellowing on some of the edges...I'm sure I can get it out.

I found these vintage trims at a thrift shop too...can you believe it? They were still on the bolt and were a couple of dollars each (the original prices written on the bolts averaged 20 cents per yard)....and there is alot of yardage on them.
I always look in the section where they keep sewing things....I never know what I will find (if anything) but this was a big find for me on this day.

I love each one...but especially the cream and silver ric-rac and the green velvet ribbon.

I also found two very large spools of cotton thread....I used them in my Featherwieght and the thread is in excellent condition....I've already mentioned about my perfect pink....these spools of thread are my perfect green. Many times when I am thrifting, I am drawn to an item because of it's color. The two cream plates with the scalloped edge were also a good find last week...I think that cream or white objects with vintage appeal go with everything.

I liked the texture and colors in this pile of vintagey I snapped a few pics to see if you did too.

I bought these buttons at JoAnns...they were 50% off.....I love after Christmas sales!

Look at this cute pink little thing! looks like a mini cassarole dish. I can keep all kinds of fun things in it.

I picked up these three Christmas tree ornaments at Hobby Lobby...of course all of thier Christmas is on clearance now and I had to go see....I'm glad that I did because I got them for next to nothing....I'm sure I'll find something fun to use them for. I always find a way to use bling!

Alot of you have asked me how much time that I spend thrifting and how I find "the good stuff"....first of all, remember that I have been collecting for years so I am lucky enough to have a home full of vintage things that I love. I did not go out and get them all at once...just one at a time.
As for how often....I usually pick one day a week and go in the morning for a few hours only....unless my schedule doesn't allow even that.
In the summer I go more often because of a few garage sales now and then.
I don't go to the antique shops very often (most of the time when I am on a traveling vacation) because thrift shop prices have spoiled me ....and I enjoy the hunt so much....I never know what treasure I will find for only a few coins or a dollar or two!
If you havn't tried it, I highly recommend it ....but be careful...It's VERY fun, so therefore...addicting!
My advice is to know what you really love and only buy that....I always pass up things that I like ....they are interesting to look at...but I only buy what I absolutely love.
Another piece of advice is to remember that you have to look through ALOT of junk to find a treasure. Very seldom is it ever just sitting there waiting for you to pick it have to keep an open mind and use your imagination and creativity.....learn to look at things in a different way. Many times you can find a vintage treasure to use in a different way that it was intended for. I especially like doing that. prepared to walk away empty can't always find a treasure!
Happy Hunting my friends!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, well its time to come on over..See all my PINK at
I call it "Pink-a-Palooza"
Great finds you found!

Nanci said...

When I saw your "pinks" it reminded me of a friend at the cottage who has only pink dishes on her table. Everything was picked up at thrift shops and garage sales over the years. I found her 8 side plates for $2.00 and she was so pleased!
I am quite modern in design, but you reminded me that sometimes thinking outside the box would make my dinner table look awesome!
Another great post for 2010

Elizabeth said...

Oh, you picked up some lovely things! I really like the little pink casserole.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Your finds are always so lovely. They look like exactly the thing I would pick up. Of course!! I'm a dishes lover too. Dishes, linen and fabric. What could be better and what a difference they make in making things beautiful. Good advice here too!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh wow Lori, I love your PINK today. I also love anything that is marked USA :-) Great finds!

Jan said...

Your Vintage Collection is growing by leaps and bounds Lori and wonderfully so I might add :) Love all the hot pads below too.

Busy As Can Be said...

I love the pink caserole dish! So many possibilities!

Karen said...

I used to buy dishes with the needlepoint flowers on them. Some have a basket of flowers.
I just recently purchased your Quilter's World pattern. Love your designs.

Micki said...

I just loved seeing your vintage collection, and of course, pink is my favorite colour!

Country Dreaming said...

Love it all.
The pinks are really pretty as are the "blingy" ornaments.
You really got some good deals!
Have a great evening.


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