Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Farm Girl Vintage Book - YaY !!! ...

I'm so excited to finally 
be able to announce
that my next book…
is available for pre-order at 


I'm thrilled that
once again... 
are the publishers 
for my new book:)

On the cover is my 
Farm Girl Sampler Quilt

There are patterns and 
step by step instructions for 
45 sampler blocks in the book…
in two sizes.
6" and 12" blocks.

Also included in the book is my
 Quilty Barn Along quilt pattern…

As well as my Silo Barn pattern...

And my Farm Girl Tractor Block:)

Besides the Farm Girl Sampler that is on the front cover…
there are three additional samplers in the book.
Above is my 
Scrappy Hay Stack Sampler
using both 12" and 6" blocks.

It's surrounded by 6" Hay Stack blocks.

You can see a portion of another sampler quilt
folded on the end of this group photo.
All of these quilts 
(as well as many others not shown in this post) 
are in the book as well!
I'm telling you…
I have been sewing non stop for quite a while
so that I could pack this book full of 
down on the farm goodness!

Like quilts your grandma used to make to keep her family warm at night...

And a Baby Chick Quilt...

As well as a Mama Hen quilt...

 The Hen House of course!

How about a Summer Picnic quilt...

or Farm House Lane?

To tell you the truth…
I havn't even stopped to
 count how many quilts are in there…
just trust me when I say ALOT!!!

I also have included several runners
 in three different sizes
 using different Farm Girl blocks.

Above is one of the 
small runners using the
 Churn Dash block.

This is one of the large runners
using my Apron Strings block.

There are still many more quilts and projects to show 
to you...

If you follow me on 
 you have seen many of my daily
 Farm Girl Vintage sneak peeks
over the past several months.

to pre-order by reserving your copy.

I have designed an additional new pattern 
as a thank you to those who pre-order my book.

It's called Canning Season...

and includes this mini mason jar quilt...

And two cute and scrappy mason jar covers…
in two sizes of course:)

Next week 
and the Girls from
will be here…at my cottage
for the final photo shoot for the book.
It's going to be a blast!!!

There will be lots more to see so stay tuned:)
Have a Farm Girl Vintage kind of day!!!


  1. Congrats! Love your patterns, as always! Can't wait for your new book!

  2. Love the beautiful quilts and new book Lori. Will we be able to purchase the fabrics you have showcased or are they from your stash?

  3. I pre-ordered my book last night! Looking at the projects makes me giddy! How can I say this is your best book yet, Lori! I have loved them all but this one and the sampler quilt.....well it is beyond words! Thanks so much!

  4. What a neat book! Love the tractor, has to be a John Deer

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! Loving these designs, Lori! I'm so going to have to get your book! Xxxxxxx. Thank you for being so generous with your talent! Xxxxx. Vikki (Melbourne, Aus)

  6. Rosemary B here:
    Lori, your book is a great surprise. I will order it. I have only one other of your books, Great Granny Squared.
    I love looking at all of your examples. I hope you are having a lovely Saturday, Here we have ice in Northern Virginia, 35 miles west of the Cesspool.
    Thank you for your amazing efforts as always, and for the inspirational examples!

  7. How exciting! Another book for you :) and for me :) I love the quilts you have made for the book!! This is exactly what I want. Some pretty, some humorous, and all giving a nod to vintage and the farm while using the fresh, bright colors I want to use!! I like traditional, but I hate the old "country" colors. They always look "muddy" to me. I cannot wait to get this book and I'm betting I make the Cherry Quilt first simply because it is the quilt of my dreams! I have always loved the cherry motif, and you have modernized it right up for me. I'm going to go back to examine all those great blocks in the sampler...and the Hen Quilt!! Oh my goodness, too funny and too, too cute, I have to make it! When is this book coming out again? Don't worry, I'll look it up, it's just that I have a bunch to finish before this comes out because I will be dropping everything! Do I sound a bit excited? I don't look at Instagram. I didn't know this was coming, and I love it!!

  8. Your book looks fabulous! I love that the block patterns are offered in 2 sizes! Can't wait to use the chickies in a quilt for my granddaughter.

  9. The good Lord filled you to overflowing with cuteness. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us. I can hardly wait for the book to arrive. I'm working hard on other projects so they are done when it gets here so I can dig right in!
    Congratulations and it's wonderful!

  10. So excited! Pre-ordered your book

  11. Congratulations Lori! I'm so excited for this book. So many of my favorite quilt blocks are in it! Thanks so much for another wonderful book!

  12. I just pre-ordered.....I am so in love with Canning Season...I can't wait! Thank you Lori

  13. I already pre-ordered your new book. Now the hard part...WAITING for it to show up on my doorstep! :) I'm so excited to start a new project from your book!

  14. Amazballs!!! I follow you on IG and have loved seeing your sneak peeks!! You are so talented...thank you for sharing your patterns with us!

  15. Congratulations on your new book! The quilts look bright, cheerful and amazing. Love the churn dash, and those cute little chicks, and the barns. Wonderful!

  16. Awesome, MUST HAVE book! I'm a country girl at heart and it has all the elements I love. Canning jars, tractor, barns barns and more barns, cherries, pears, and so much more. I'm going to pre order mine now so I can get the canning jar quilt. I just bought a case of Purple Ball Anniversary jars. I can't do Instagram so I'm missing out on your QAL so I'm glad you blogged it here.

  17. Yipppeee! I have all your other books and can't wait to get this one as well. Pre-ordered just now! Thank you Lori!

  18. Congratulations! It looks marvelous

  19. My book has already been pre-ordered! How can we say thank you for bringing out and sharing another treasure book! April just can't come fast enough - I am sooooo looking forward to this book (and the bonus patterns). A big Thank You also to the 'Sew Emma Gang' that helps bring this lovely book out to us 'little' quilters.

  20. I'm so in love! SO. IN. LOVE. I don't even know what I would make first! Everything is so beautiful! Thank you Lori for your talents and for sharing them with all of us! I can't wait!

  21. Your quilt projects are always so happy! I love working with your patterns too. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with all of us!

  22. Gorgeous quilts with stunning photos...totally yum!

  23. Congratulations! That a great book, need it...

    Fat Quarter Shop is great too, I have a gift certificate from them to offer! I love giveaways...!!

  24. This may be my favorite book yet. I can't even decide which quilt I would start with, they are all so beautiful! I'm pre-ordering right now!

  25. I just love sampler quilts! They are so fun to make and so interesting to look at. :) Great job!!

  26. I don't buy very many quilting books, but this one is a must-buy! It is beautiful!

  27. Can't wait to be able to get this book in the UK, at least I hope I'll be able to.

  28. Looks like it's jam packed with quilty cuteness! We want and need!

  29. Oh my goodness Lori! Congratulations!!!! It will be a huge hit! We all have that farm girl in us! I LOVE them all! Your talents are endless!


  30. Heading over to Pre-prder! Love all the Farm girl goodness! You have been very busy as well as running an Instagram SAL during the holidays. Whew! I think you might need a long winter's nap.

  31. I am eagerly awaiting your new book! The Sampler Quilt is going to be my gift to myself over this next year of crazy projects for lots of other people! It is so ridiculously cute! Squee!

  32. I can't wait to see it in person the quilts are so comforting and pretty. Love them. Going over to pre-order mine now!

  33. Oh my these are beautiful. Very much looking forward to the book release.

  34. Wow is what first comes to mind! I just started sewing and quilting this month and I have learned a ton! I am super excited to get your new book and make some quilts! I need to invest in some fabric though! Congrats on the making of your new book...can't wait!!

  35. The best book I have seen in months. Just love the sampler, 6 inch blocks are my favorite.

  36. Can not wait for this book!! Already preordered and love everything you have showed so far!!

  37. YES!!! I told my husband that I now know what he will be getting me for my birthday this year! (pre-order link already sent to him and everything!)

    I am so in-love with the little chicks quilt, my absolute favorite!

  38. woohoo Lori - can't wait to see it in person !!

  39. My book is on order. Thank you for sharing your talent, I love the sneak peeks I have seen and can't wait to get the book and get started on some projects.

  40. Gorgeous!! Each block more adorable than the next. And I love all your fabrics and colors. You are so creative and inspiring! Gorgeous!

  41. Goodness! What a treat to get a peek at the new book! Thank you, it can't come fast enough!

  42. Fantastic looking quilts: no wonder we haven't heard much from you lately!!! :-)

  43. I didn't even finish reading this post as I RAN over and preordered my second book from you! I cannot wait!!!! Thank you Lori!

  44. Oh looks fantastic. I hope the postage is reasonable to Australia.

  45. So cute!! I love seeing all the samplers you put together!!

  46. I just pre-ordered your book! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sampler on the cover let alone all the other wonders in the book! Thank you!

  47. LOVE LOVE LOVE I just pre-ordered your book and I cannot wait!! Thank you for inspiring my sewing ;)

  48. Wow -- what a lot of pretty quilts -- and a lot of work! Congratulations Lori!!!

  49. Wow -- what a lot of pretty quilts -- and a lot of work! Congratulations Lori!!!

  50. Wow, your work just makes me so happy. I'm shiney new to quilting but am practicing with rows from Quilty Fun and have pre-ordered this one. I was always drawn to buying a different colour palette and was never happy. I saw your fabrics and realized why. Thanks for the inspiration!

  51. Wow, your work just makes me so happy. I'm shiney new to quilting but am practicing with rows from Quilty Fun and have pre-ordered this one. I was always drawn to buying a different colour palette and was never happy. I saw your fabrics and realized why. Thanks for the inspiration!

  52. Congratulations Lori! They're all so pretty!

  53. I have preordered!! Just the thing to make me get out those barns and finish! Thank you :)

  54. I have preordered!! Just the thing to make me get out those barns and finish! Thank you :)

  55. I NEVER pre-order and I am going to pre-order this book right now. I adore it. I can hardly wait to get this in my hands. I love what I've seen so far! WOOT!

  56. Oh, gosh. I preordered and now I have to wait! Really cute quilts in this book. pam

  57. Your book looks so cute and I can't wait to receive my copy. I have your other two books. I was so excited when I saw your post. Now I know why you've been so quiet on here. :)

  58. Oh, wow. I've been out of the quilting world for awhile...trying to keep a baby and his 2 big brothers alive! ;).... so I just stumbled upon you and your book over at the Fat Quarter Shop. I am so excited to get your book. It's like you wrote it just for me! :)

  59. I love it
    I want it !!!!!

    I will have it !!!!

  60. wow love all the quilts! and I love the quilting on the baby chicks and hen's quilt. Cute cute

  61. Congratulations Lori! I am so thrilled for you. I have preordered some of your books for my shop. Oh, and of course me. I love love everything I see and I can not wait to get them in.

  62. Congratulations!!! What beautiful quilts and a labor of love your new book must have been! Can't wait to get my hands on my own copy!! xo, Nan

  63. So many adorable patterns... Fabulous! Won't know where to begin??? Another row-a-long?? Perhaps a new fabric collection to go with it? I just never can get enough of Lori Holt/ Bee In My Bonnet!

  64. Love that mother hen quilt! I'll preorder this for sure! I was just looking to see when modern minis comes out. Your new collection looks awesome!

  65. So excited for you on your new book and so excited for me because I pre-ordered one for me, me, me!
    Susanne :)

  66. I have preordered, and can't wait! I am a country girl, and I adore your quilts!!