Sunday, November 27, 2011

Making Aprons from Old Shirts...

Well I've told you how much I love Pinterest.
I always find something inspiring while I'm happily pinning away.
Last month I came across a photo that brought back memories from a project that I made when I was in Junior High.

It was a project that we made in our church youth group (Mutual)...they were aprons made from our brothers, dad's or grandpa's old button down shirts.

I can still remember the aprons that I made back then...I used my brothers western know...the kind with the snaps instead of buttons.

It's real easy and fun to do.
You can find basic instructions here.

These photo's are from this site where the Pinterest picture originated. 

She has used two different shirts to make one apron and has added a few embellishments and even a log cabin block for the pocket on one.

Here are a few without embellishments or pockets....I like these too...
simple and basic.
I will be making some again for Mr. Honey and for Sterling to wear in the kitchen on Sunday's over their white shirts and ties in between meetings.
(they are probably tired of wearing mine...haha)
I will keep the collar on for the neck...
or I will use a standard butcher apron
as a pattern and
simply finish them off with bias tape.

The idea of re purposing clothing...
or making aprons out of
old shirts is not a new one...
it's been around for a long time!

Our grandmothers lived by the motto
"waste not want not"
and we would do good to live by the same!
I still can hear my grandma saying...
"Use it up...
Wear it out,
Make it do
or Do without"

It would be fun to make a few just for sentimental reasons for Kassidy out of an old plaid shirt of her grandpa's...
I'll have to ask each of them for one.
For her... ruffles would be a must for sure:)
She likes a feminine apron.

See the tutorial for the ruffled front apron above here.

And speaking of feminine aprons...
I wanted to show you this one that my friend Rae Ann made out of an old blouse.
I took this picture of her apron and the pocket below at our Aspen retreat.
She saw the possibilities for an apron in the blouse because of the little red pinstriped fabric, the pleats at the top and the red eyelet trim around the bottom...
makes a cute ruffle apron!

There were darts on the back of the blouse and she just left them in and cut a pocket out of the back for the front. Cute huh?

I loved making my aprons out of old shirts
a long time ago ...
and I'm glad I found the pictures on Pinterest to remind me to make more!

So now you can go look in your own
Mr. Honey's closet or take a quick trip
to the thrift shop.
Look at mens old button down shirts or womens old blouses in a new way...look for an apron inside of them:)
Waste not...want not.


  1. Now that is a cute idea. My grandma had the saying (as most people did in the depression) use it, wear it out, then throw it away. Perfect for an old shirt.

  2. This is such a great idea! I wear aprons all the time...every day so I like a change. I'll have to see if I can figure this out! lol Hugs! ♥

  3. As we say in the South..That is stinkin cute!!!

    I'm so going to make these for gifts.


  4. Lori, I have an old, old apron that my husband's Grandmother wore a longgg time ago. It would be easy to just lay the piece on top of an old shirt and make an apron. Thanks for the fun post.

  5. So cute, thanks for sharing. I'm a pinned too. It's ADDICTING.

  6. Lori, I always love your blog even though I don't comment every time I read it. I love this idea and believe it or not I've never seen this idea and I'm 58 yrs. old!!?? Great idea. I just put a whole box of shirts in a box to send to Goodwill but now I'll go pull a few out and make some aprons. Thanks for the idea or should I thank Pinterest?? Don't you love Pinterest??? I'm so addicted!
    Gmama Jane

  7. So many possibilities! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    xo -E

  8. Thanks Lori, what a darling idea! Yes, we should all waste not, want not!

  9. Hi Lori,
    Wow, what a great idea...and so creative too..I just might have to try and make one or two...
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  10. Thank you so much for the fun post and the tutorials! Can't way to try it! My grandma used to say the same thing!!! They were very wise and resourceful indeed! Something we could learn from! Thanks for sharing! Bari

  11. I love this idea, I'm going to make some aprons out of shirts for my nephews to do painting in (they're still small and cute but they make a big mess when they're finger painting).
    Claire from HandmadebyClaireBear

  12. I love this Lori..I might have to have a go...I did see something like this at Camden Market ages ago now, but they were made into dresses :) Happy New Year sweet cheeks xx

  13. Great idea! Now all those shirts my dad doesn't wear can actually go to good use! I am excited to try this out. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love these aprons! You might even be able to convince the guys to wear them!

  15. Oh such wonderful ideas! I am very close to my dad and granddad and do are my husband and kids... i already have some of Grams old farm shirts... i will be closet shopping for sentimental apron projects. THANK YOU!!

  16. Thank you! I will be using this idea to trasure my dad and Grandparents old farm shirts for years to come :-) God Bless

  17. Oh, I wish I had seen this a couple of years ago!! My father passed away from cancer and he always wore plaid shirts. His shirts would have been perfect remembrance gifts turned into aprons! I will certainly keep this idea in my stash! Thanks for sharing!! LOVE IT!!

  18. I lost my son to cancer and had his shirts made into a quilt. But I love this idea. I can make some of hubby's shirts into aprons for our daughters. Thanks for the great idea. PS I love your site!!

  19. Awesome -- awesome photos and ideas. Thanks!

  20. gr4abbed your button for my blog :)
    love your ideas

  21. Use it up,
    Wear it out,
    Make it do,
    Or do without. (and I added . . . )

  22. I lost my father last year. This is great - I will turn some of his shirts into aprons for my daughters.

    Thank you.


  23. Ive got a stash pile of mens shirts just waiting for this. Thanks so much! Robin in NC