Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still on the Farm...

I realize that it's been a long time since I have posted anything about the
but I just wanted to let ya'll know that I'm still on the farm...

And I'm still enjoying being a Farmer's Wife!

So anyhoo...I wanted to use some vintage
fabric in my quilt. 
 So I decided to use a red and gray combo for
#14 because my very favorite
vintage fabric that my grandma
gave to me is in red and gray.

 She was a farmers wife for reals...and I thought it only fitting to include some of her fabric in my Farmers Wife quilt.
The fabric came from her stash that she had for a long time!...she thought it was from about 1950.
It's one of several that she gave to me
that are in 4 yard cuts.
When I asked her why
she always bought 4 yards...
she said,
"Well...that's how much it took to
make a house dress"

Because the blocks are only 6 inches finished...the pieces of the floral aren't very large but I really liked the way it turned out. I have always loved red with gray... 

and I think the touch of green
adds a nice pop!

I decided to play with the color combo and set up a little vignette around my quilt block for a photograph.

I usually take pictures in my studio so I grabbed a few sewing related things in there that are red, gray and green.

A fun pair of vintage sewing scissors...

Of course I used my red gingham

I collect vintage toy irons and this green one fit into my little vignette perfectly:)

I added a few old spools of thread
in red, gray and green...

A very old thimble from
 and a sprinkling of green vintage buttons.

I love playing with color...especially using vintage color combinations!

Butterfly at the Crossroads

Fabric Used;
Gray stripe - Cherry Fizz
Red solid - Sew Cherry
Tiny red floral - ?
Gray floral - (my grandma)

I'll be making another block soon to show you!
I hope that you all have a
quilty kind of day my friends:)


  1. hello,

    How nice!! I have made the quilt, it was my first quilt!!
    Look at my

  2. Love it ... red and white.. my fav colour combo...

  3. All your pictures make me smile! I love the block, your stories, and all the trimmings!

  4. Lori, you always come up withcute ways to display your creations. Thanks for sharing. It makes me want to get back to my Farmer wife Blocks too!

  5. I love that vintage fabric! So cheery and cherry!LOL (yup, I'm pushing the har-dee-har-har factor).

    I need to get back to my FW blocks. I've neglected them.

  6. I love the vingettes you create! They take me back in time...guess I'm "vintage".

  7. I love it!!! I have that book and I keep saying I'm going to one day make a quilt from it, so for now it's on my bucket list of things to do.

  8. great fabric combos.
    love your photos.

  9. Wow, I don't know why, but I would never have thought to put red and gray together, but I love it!

    The green buttons in the picture sure took me back. My grandmother had a button collection. She had every kind of button imaginable. She didn't collect them to show, she collected them to use. She had many, many baby food jars, and each was filled with a different color button. I did get a small collection of her buttons when she died. :)

  10. I need to get back and start being a Farmer's Wife, too. Great photo shoot!

  11. I love the sweet posts about your grandma(s). I'll be back to my FWQ after the holidays. In the meantime, I'll be trying to find some of that gray floral -- it's fabulous! Maybe you should do the red,gray,green,white color combination in a future fabric line -- wink...wink! :-)

  12. oh, I LOVE that print! Lucky girl you are! It reminds me of the Moda collection ''Ruby''! Very pretty!!!

  13. Beautiful lovely to have fabric from your Grandma!

  14. That is a beautiful block, Lori! I just love it. It's kind of Christmasy but would also look good with other colors. So, so pretty!

  15. So sweet and cheery, with a wonderful nod to Grandma. We have the same recipe box..... Martha?

  16. Cute block. I love Grey and Red - I just never thought of putting them together.

    I love putting pieces of my Grandmother in my work (I have lots of her old fabric stash). I feel her peeking over my shoulder, smiling. Quilting really keeper her close and the memories fresh.

  17. Pretty block and very pretty fabric choices: your grandma's is great!!

  18. Oh my goodness, I just discovered your adorable blog! (You know, linked from a link from a link) Your photos and ideas are so cute, I just love them all! And it was fun to discover you're LDS too... that is unless other churches call their youth groups Mutual, hehe. Will definitely be visiting again!

  19. What a great post, Lori. Love the fabric, the block you made and all the wonderful vintage pieces used in taking photographs. You have the touch for sure - in your quilting, designing, collecting and photography. Carol

  20. Love the fabric! I am working on the Farmers Wife quilt as well!

    I need to dig through my Grandma's fabric scraps, I have a ton of them. Thanks for the idea!

    My mother in law used some to patch a quilt my grandmother made.

  21. You cold frame those photos. Seriously. they are beautiful. I can't wait to get my blocks back out but it will be after Christmas for me. I'm trying to get a time time to finish my sister's quilt.

  22. I have just discovered your blog and LOVE it! It's so fresh crisp pretty and delighful! Love your Grandma's vintage fabric and love your craft room. I see you too are a Gilmore Girls lover...he he....I love it too and watch it when in my craft room.

  23. Oh how I wish I had the time to do something like this. I once made a whole patchwork bedspread for my bed back when I still lived with my parents. But that was many moons ago!

  24. Love your things that you have made.
    Have a great Christmastime :-)

  25. Love the red and gray block! I have started the farmers wife quilt blocks - very addicting! Your blocks look very accurate. I am having trouble with my points being to far into the seam allowance. When I sew on the sashing the points will become very blunt points which I will not be happy with! I think I need to try a few more blocks to figure out what is going on.

  26. Your Butterfly at the Crossroads is Fabulous! The staging makes it all go BOOM!