Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Big Project at the Cottage!...

Well hello cute's been awhile!
I took a small break from blogging but now I'm back to my regularly scheduled program:)
Can you see the reason for my little bloggy break in the above photo?...
We have been painting at my little cottage!

So far we have the kitchen walls painted....
when I say "we"...I mean Mr. Honey and I.
Kassidy and Sterling have been helping out too which makes it a family project...a big one!

The walls above the beadboard have been butter yellow for 9 years and now they are aqua!
We are installing wood flooring
throughout the house...
and so I decided it was time for a change all around and that the perfect time to do it would be during the long winter months ahead.

The cupboards, doors, beadboard and trim have been white for 9 years too and are still in great shape ...but while we were at it it...we put a fresh coat on them too.
I'm letting the paint cure for a few days before putting the handles and knobs back on. 

I'm also repainting each piece of
furniture in the kitchen...
this is my vintage little girl's cupboard
now painted yellow.
It used to be a jadeite green.

 I love my little cupboard...
I bought it years ago while thrifting
and have always kept it in my kitchen.

When the kids were little I kept playdough, crayons, coloring books, paper,
colored pencils and art supplies in it
so they could sit up to the table and be creative while I was in the kitchen.
Now I keep my baking supplies inside:)  

I'll show you what it looks like inside when I put everything back together!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas...we did!
I did take some time to do a
little bit of sewing for gifts...
I took plenty of pictures and I will show you everything I made in my upcoming posts.
It's good to be back...I have missed you!


  1. Love the new color's perfect!

  2. Wow, the color is gorgeous.

  3. Lori,
    I can't wait to see this done! Can I help??? I just love your daring in colors!!!! I have this kind of aqua/blue color on the walls of my craft room, but my WHOLE house it seems is butter yellow....helps make it light. That little cabinet is so cute. I just do not have any wall space in this modular home of mine....I so wish I did! Looking forward to more posts! Sandy

  4. It looks so clean and fresh. I am glad you are back blogging. I hope to get up and running soon.

  5. it looks lovely, of course!
    have your cabinets always been white?
    mine are oak and i'm trying real hard to get brave enough to paint them, even though it's not the best wood for painting.
    i just love white kitchens {with lots of beadboard}.

  6. It's looking good over there. Nothing like fresh paint to make a room look new. Love that yellow cupboard.

  7. Love that blue and I love what you use the little hutch for. Too cute! Have fun! We're starting a little project in Baby Bee's room too. Having a hard time deciding on the paint color, but the fabrics are all coming together beautifully! Hope your Christmas was marvelous! Happy New Year!

  8. OH I just love that aqua with the fresh white!
    can' t wait to see more

  9. Love the color. Can't wait to see everything completed. So glad you're back.

  10. I've missed you, Lori. I'm glad you're back!

    Can't wait to see more of the cottage re-do.

    Happy Holidays.

  11. I've missed you dear friend!
    What an ambitious project for Christmas time. Everything always looks new and happy with a fresh coat of paint.

  12. I just adore these colours and yellow is my fave. That cupboard is adorable... and not just for a little girl....Happy New Year!

  13. That's my color this year!! I'd love to do my kitchen in aqua too but for now, just the bedroom! Can't wait to see it all done and dried! lol

  14. I love your colors too! :) Happy New Year!

  15. I love your new colors. What a "pick me up". Can't wait to see the finished projects and also the pictures of the gifts you made. Have a Happy, Healthy New Year.

  16. It looks beautiful! Reminds me of a cottage by the ocean. Great job and looking forward to seeing all of your blogs.

  17. It does look so beautiful. I can't wait to see more. dianntha

  18. It is really gorgeous in aqua with the white.

  19. Good to see you back to blogging, missed you! Your kitchen looks gorgeous - what beautiful color. I love your yellow cabinet. Happy New Year!

  20. So glad you are back missed you. The color in your kitchen is gorgeous...Can't wait to see more..Again welcome back!!!!

  21. Oh, you have been busy...the colors are wonderful!!!

  22. Everything looks so beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest of it! Happy New Year, Lori!

  23. I Love love the color and I love the gingerbread in the doorways. The yellow cabinet is great as well it all goes together nicely...Happy New Years..with love Janice

  24. I am so glad your back you have been missed! I lUVRE new color, I adored your home before I can't wait to see the new transformations as they continue! I have a wee question, perhaps u would rather not comment and I understand if so....but what ever became of your Daisy! She was a cutie and I have wanted to inquire but it seemed never a good time to ask. I loved the doggie bed you created and had hoped for a bit of info on it.

    Keep up the awesome work, you amaze me with every post!


  25. Can you tell me the color you used? My daughter wants to paint her nursery about that color. Would love to know the name and make..Might just work for her.


  26. gorgeous, gorgeous colours. Really sunny on a winter day here!

  27. I love your colors!!! I just found your blog. I love everything about it. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Um, wow! So beautiful! And so neat that it is a family project.

    xo -E

  29. Love your colors! I have the same colors in my family room and kitchen!

  30. LOVE the new colors!!!! I'm so jealous. We have a new house with all of the builder's beige on everything. BLAH!!! Maybe I can tackle it in a couple of years when I don't have toddlers "helping" me. :)

  31. LOVE the new colors! I'm so jealous. We are in a new house and have builder's beige everywhere. BLAH! But, maybe in a couple of years I can tackle that...not sure I'd accomplish much right now with 2 toddlers "helping" out. :)


  32. Can't wait to see it all. Missed you xo

  33. Lori... It is looking so good! I love the wall color you chose and the yellow accent color on the little cupboard. I can't wait to see it when it is all done! :)
    Rae Ann

  34. Nice to see your progress. you know how much I love this

  35. I love that color blue! Can you tell me what the name of it is?