Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Love it When Food is Cute!...

A big THANK YOU to everyone who left
 me sweet bloggy love
 on my last post and entered to win
 the 5 Sew Cherry FQ's 
for making your 
very own lunch bag!

Congratulations to 
She is the winner!!!
I have notified Amy via email and will 
get her prize sent off ASAP!

And since my last post was all about making lunch bags...
Today I thought I would show you
 just a few pictures
 from one of 

If you're like me and you often pack your own lunch or one for your hubby or kiddo's...
it's easy to get into the same old rut and a packed lunch can be pretty boring.

 But now that there is Pinterest...
 there are ideas galore for my lunchbox!

I have found so many delicious recipes 
that I have tried like this
 Avacado Chicken Salad...

Or Wild Rice and Ham Chowder.
They both are fantastic!

Just as soon as strawberry season hits I'll be making these...
I'll bet that will make my family smile:)

When I get some time I'm going to use this tutorial to make  
reusable wraps for sandwiches...

And this tutee for a cute little
 reusable snack bag.

I have also found clever ideas for containers like using a plastic egg for small snacks.

Or even how to make my own container with a zipper and the bottom of 2 plastic soda bottles...
very clever and cute.

And you know I love cute things...
and I especially love it when food is cute too!

I hope this post has inspired you to try a few new things today for your lunch box!
Have a quilty kind of day my friends:)


  1. Love the cute food. It is so much fun to eat.

  2. Lori, what cute ideas. I am on pinterest but must admit I haven't seen a few of these. I am going to forward to my daughter for my grandsons lunchbox! Too cute, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for a great giveaway and congratulations to Amy!!

  4. Just yesterday, my husband was talking about going on a picnic~~
    since the weather has been getting so "spring-like". Now I know what
    to put in our lunch. Those apple
    PB and marshmallow "dentures" are
    sure to be a hit! (Can you tell
    we are in the "over 50" crowd?
    Who else would see those as dentures? (At least I still have
    my own teeth.) Thanks for all you
    do, and the great ideas. I love your blog.

  5. Now I am wondering what I am having for lunch. LOL What great ideas for cute lunches. I especially love the container made out of soda bottle bottoms and a zipper. People are so clever. And what are you having for lunch today?

  6. Oh wow, those are the cutest ever, zippered soda bottoms and all! Your family is very lucky!

  7. Congratulations to the winner!
    The apple slices with marshmallows are the cutest!!! I've found so many adorable projects and recipes on Pinterest but there doesn't seem to be enough time to make it all. :)

  8. Thanks for the chance at the give away.. Congrats Amy...And all those cute food ideas...The zippered soda bottoms great....

  9. I'm so excited!!! Thanks so much Lori! :) I have a lunch board too on pinterest, my daughter is starting kindergarden next year and I know she would love a cute lunch!

  10. Hi Lori! Just wanted to say that I seem to always be repinning your pins onto my boards. You find the cutest things (of course many of those cute things are directly from your blog) Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Oh, you must share the strawberry tart recipe please!

  12. So very cute!!! I love the green bottle bottoms with the zipper... Way Cool... LJ

  13. Oh wow, those are the cutest ever, zippered soda bottoms and all! is very lucky!

    Seven Pillars