Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Outfit for Dolly...

Hello out there in bloggy land!
Today I'm showing you the little dress 
and matching bib that I sewed for 
Sophies new doll...who's name is 
officially Dolly by the way:) 

It's a cute little wrap around dress...
using only 2 fabrics and it could be reversible if you wanted to make it that way...but first...on to the bib.

I chose a yellow Sew Cherry print and the yellow Sew Cherry solid for the bib...I also used white flannel for the back of the bib.
I chose the red Sew Cherry gingham for the front of the dress and the red Sew Cherry daisies for the dress lining.

I used a really cute baby bib pattern by Amy at Lots of Pink Here...thanks Amy!
 I copied it at only 33.3% to make it small enough for Dolly.
Click here to go visit Amy and her cute blog and also to download her free pattern!

I sewed the front of the bib together 
and added some ric-rac...

Then I layed it face down on the flannel and sewed 1/8" around the edges. 

I left an opening at the 
bottom for turning...

And I cut out the flannel to match the 
edges of the bib front.

I used a crochet hook to help me get smooth seams after I turned it...

And a pin to help me turn under the 
small seam allowances from the opening 
for pressing under. 
The pin really helped because the bib is tiny!

I topstitched the edges and at the same time I sewed the opening closed.
I added velcro...

And the bib was complete!

So now for the dress:)
I downloaded a free template from 
Blueberry Moon.
Click here to check it out...
it's a fun blog to visit!

I used my same method of tracing the pattern onto the wrong side of the fabric...
pinned 2 fabrics with right sides together 
and stitched on the line.
I left an opening...turned...and topstitched.

I sewed velcro onto the strap ends for the closures so that Sophie would be able to undo and do them up herself...but I added buttons over the top for extra cuteness:)

This little dress was so fun and easy...
not to mention fast...
that I could have easily sewn 5-6 more if I hadn't run out of time!

I'm sure I will sew a few more after my little re-do of the cottage is complete:)

Isn't Dolly a cutie in red?

And look how cute the little yellow gingham diaper looks with it:)

Now Dolly has a new outfit and she also has a new diaper bag...I will show that next!!!
Have a quilty kind of day my friends:)


  1. Love the doll outfit, thanks so much for sharing. Love your photos of the whole process. Would love to see your work table and sewing machine too.

  2. ok this is adorable I wonder if I could make this for the bitty baby doll from American girl and it would fit
    I can see this dolly is going to be very well dressed in adorable fabrics :)


  3. Oh my gosh Lori!!! That is the cutest ever!!! I'm so glad you like the bib pattern. :). I think my girls dolly's may need a few dresses and diapers now. xoxo

  4. It's wonderful, she looks to cute in red...I would love to have her as my wanting a sewing machine...Happy Friday...with love Janice

  5. These are adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing.


  6. That is just adorable!!! Thank you for sharing.

  7. So CUTE! LOVE it! We are sewing American Girl Doll fun!

  8. Adorable! I love them all, especially the dress. It is so cute!

  9. Again Lori they are adorable. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see the cottage redo...When you are done with your redo would you like to come and do mine? You are so full of ideas..Have a great day

  10. Makes me want a closet full. Love them...smiles...can't wait for Millie's Closet (Millie is my MIL name)

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this!
    Just darling!

  12. absolutely charming, love the combination of fabrics. dolly is surely the best dressed doll on the block.


  13. Oh my... I hope my granddaughter loves doll's. She is a bit young yet but maybe I should get a head start. Love the diaper. Thanks for the tutorial.

  14. Hi Lori. I discovered your blog through Pinterest. I pinned your darling pin cushion, and came to check out your blog, and could not leave! What a treasure trove of information and beautiful photos, lovely stories, etc. I was saddened to read about the loss of your lovely Grandma, and I so loved what you had to say about your relationship with her.
    I will be back, and often!
    XO Kris

  15. You have the most wonderful ideas! I used to make doll clothes, for my daughter and hope to do it for my future granddaughter someday!
    Enjoying working on the family reunion quilt...can't wait to start the paper dolls!

  16. This is darling. Makes me wish my daughter wasn't 11 and grown out of stuff like this. I've been going through your blog. Your are so talented I love your quilts and patterns and fabric and everything.

  17. This is the best-dressed dolly I've seen in a long time! Love the checks and the red and yellow color combination.

  18. So sweet and thanks for sharing the links with us. Always love what you sew! It could be a garbage can liner and I would want to make it!! ;o)

  19. This is so precious! Now all of my dollies will want something new to wear...or at least a new diaper! heehee! I love this cute doll, too! ♥

  20. Lori thanks so much for doing this,,I have a 1yr old grandaughter that is just getting into babies,,and I see matching dressing for her and her baby in the future,,have an awesome week,,

  21. Very cute. When I sewed the dress, I sewed 1/4" inside the traced line-I think I like it better the way you did it more width in the shoulders.
    I'm looking forward to the diaper pattern...Bitty needs panties!
    Carol Ann

  22. I made a few of your pretty little dresses for my daughter's dolly and they are wonderful. Such a fun quick little project.

  23. Love this! I created a Bitty Baby sized top like this for my daughter for christmas and added little shorties under it. I can't wait to make the little bib, too - she is getting a doll high chair for Christmas so she will need bibs!

    I blogged about it and linked back to you here:

  24. Sooo sweet! I love your choice of colors!

  25. Hi, just found your blog quite by accident and want to say thanks for such simple, easy and quick things for dolly. The dress, the bib and the nappies, will feature heavily on my little granddaughters list of wants when I show her. Appreciate you sharing. Thank you