Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diapers for Dolly...

Hello cute peoples!
Are you interested in another fun 
little project for the 
little girl/girls in your life?
One of the projects that I made as 
part of my Christmas sewing...
were diapers for the doll that I bought 
for my cutie patootie grandaughter 

Sophie is 2 1/2 years old now and she is at that age where she loves to take bubble baths and she loves to drag everything 
in the tub with her!
So when I saw this doll I thought it 
would be perfect for her.
There's just something so fun about 
giving a doll to a little girl 
on Christmas isn't there?

Look at her sweet little face and her molded hair! vintagey looking...
she reminds me of the baby dolls I used to play with as a little girl.

on to the dolly diapers.
I used a small little print lined with 
white flannel for each diaper.
I pre-shrunk the flannel because I know that flannel shrinks alot and I assumed Sophie would be washing these cute little diapers often and hanging them on her little clothesline to dry!

Velcro worked perfectly for the closures and  Sophies little hands were able to fasten and unfasten them easily.

I used a cute pattern found on 
Skip to my Lou for the diaper.
 to check it out.
I copied the pattern at 66.7% and I found 
that size fit Sophie's doll perfectly using my method of cutting and sewing.
Her doll measures about 12" can adjust the pattern to fit any size doll!

I sewed mine a bit differently than the one on 
I traced my pattern onto poster board (to make it sturdy for tracing) and then cut it out.
Then I used a mechanical pencil and traced the pattern onto the wrong side of the printed fabric for my sewing line...I didn't trace a line where I left an opening. 

I placed the flannel onto the right side 
of the print...
I didn't need to pin because the  
flannel doesn't slip... 

and stitched directly on my traced line.

I of course left an opening:)

I cut out the diaper leaving an approximate 1/4" seam allowance.

I clipped the inside curves before turning so that they would lay flat.

Then I turned the diaper using my favorite turning tool to get nice corners...
 a crochet hook.

I pressed the seam allowances to the 
opening under 1/4"...

And topstitched the diaper all the way around the edges...which sewed the opening closed.

I made 7 diapers...
one for every day of the week:)

I sewed on the velcro and made a 
cute little dolly diaper stack.

And then played with them some more...sorry...I'm still trying to grow up!

I also cut 6 pieces of flannel and 
zig-zagged the edges for 
little diaper wipeys.
I remembered seeing a picture of 
some like that on
and I thought they were so cute and I knew that Sophie would love them!

I was right... 
Sophie did love them and as soon as she unwrapped them...
she didn't waste any time changing 
her new baby's diaper!
I also made a dress, a bib and a diaper bag for her doll.
I'll show them to you next!


  1. Oh my gosh how adorable! Love the rainbow coloured threads on the wipes too - cute!

  2. that's awesome, your granddaughter will love it all~xo~ my 2 youngest granddaughters would love something like that for their babies too, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Such adorable prints! i wish my girls were little again so I could do this for them. I'll have to tuck this idea away and hope for grandaughters some day:>)

  4. Oh Lori. Those are so cute. :0)

  5. These are darling! Your ideas not stop coming and for that I'm thankful! Have a wonderful day. I'll see you on pinterest! :)

  6. How cute. I wish I had a little girl to make gifts for. I also remember that kind of doll. They were the best.

  7. Come on! Fess really made them for you...we never really grow up do we? lol Seriously; they are darling and I bet the girlies love them!

  8. Really cute Lori! I think I need to make some of these for my 2 year old grand daughter!

  9. How cute! I just love the Ideas that you come up with!!!

  10. Sophie must be thrilled with a grandma like you Lori! I have to remember this for next Christmas.

  11. This is perfect. My daughter has a Bitty Baby and the diaper that came with her is starting to look yucky! Kudos on using cotton to cover the flannel - that will make them look good SO much longer! Mind if I post a link to your tutorial on my blog?

  12. Oh my! Love them!
    I want to go buy that doll and make them right now!
    Is that your fabric that you used? Such cute patterns.
    Thanks for inspiring me!

  13. Lori these are just precious I can't wait to play with my scraps ! Thanks for sharing Elaine

  14. Loveliness! I did have time to turn mine so I used two layers of flannel and just serged the edges all around for my twins. Did you see the cute wipes container at Target in the baby doll accessory aisle? It is a perfect holder for flannel wipes. My twins love theirs too! Thanks for all the loveliness!

  15. How cute is that...makes me want to play with dolls again. I could get out my tiny tears from many moons ago! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  16. CUTE CUTE!!! I remember doll babies like that when I was a girl. What a sweet project. :)

  17. She's the best-diapered dolly in town! Your granddaughter has a talented grandmother.

  18. Such cute diapers and wipes, and she's one lucky granddaughter!!! Thanks for the fun idea!!

  19. You get the grandma of the year award!

  20. Perfect idea for my little girl's 2nd birthday! THANK YOU!

  21. These are so super cute - can't wait to make them for my grandaughter too!! I have one questin - you reduced the pattern by 66.7% then you sewed on your cutting line - did you add an extra 1/4 seam allowance to your pattern? Thanks.

  22. Awww... very sweet!! Your granddaughter is lucky to have such a creative and thoughtful gramma!! Thanks for sharing!

  23. What a great idea. You're a very clever grandmother.

  24. You are one of the most creative ladies on the Internet! The bib, diaper bag, reversible diapers and dress for dolly are FABULOUS! Your tutorials are also a work of art! Blessing to you and "yours" in 2012!

  25. Oh my gosh sew adorable. I really love these.

  26. These are just sew very cute. I know just the little girl whose dollies need a diaper or two. :)

  27. Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to make these!

  28. Cute idea. Would have liked to see a pattern for real babies. These would make real cute diaper coverups.

  29. I LOVE how you trace on the fabric, sew, then cut. It seems like that will cut down on time. I can't wait to make some! Thank you for a wonderful tut.

  30. Hi, came across your page from Pinterest - thanks so much for the helpful info with regard to doll's dress and diapers. I've had a great afternoon making clothes for a doll for my niece. Your descriptions and photos were just great, your daughter must be closer to 7-8 by now! Thanks again.

  31. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. The diapers look more professionally done than most clothing!

  32. Thank you for posting this. These are so cute. My granddaughters will love them. I love them too. Great Job!