Monday, May 12, 2014

The Great Granny Sew Along - Week 4 - Mama's Crochet Quilt Top!!! ...

Good morning!
It's week 4 and my stop of the 
and time to put the blocks together:)
to download the PDF for my finishing instructions.

But before you get sewing…
Let's chat a little:)
There are 2 ways 
that you can finish your quilt top.
You can make it wide…like mine.

Or tall like Kimberly's.
It just depends on…
 1. Your mood.
2. Your style.
3. Size of your wall where you will hang it!

The best part is ...

That's what I said.
I designed it that way!!! 
You have a choice:)

Go ahead and cut your sashings and borders.
Sew everything up until
 its time to add the Mama blocks…

Then lay it out and decide which version
 that you like best for YOUR quilt
and sew the top together accordingly:)

Choose your inner border and outer border
 start cutting, choosing and sewing!

When sewing your Mama blocks together
or onto the sashings or borders...
Put your mama block rows underneath
because they are cut on the bias
 after squaring them up ...
and tend to stretch a little.
If you put them on the bottom ...
the feed dogs will feed them through
 slightly faster than the top ...
which will help to stop them from stretching:)

Put your quilt top onto the 
to enter this weeks giveaway.

will be giving away
 the small set of 


Have fun deciding which version
 to sew up for your
"Mama's Crochet"
and remember…
"You are the boss of your own quilt!"

P.S. Next week we will be making the quilt label:)

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  1. Thank you for your tip which side to put on the bottom. I never stopped to think if there was a difference, but your explanation 'makes sense'!