Monday, August 27, 2018

Autumn Love Sew Along - Week Two - Wagon Block Tutorial!!

Hi there cute people:)
Today we are going to make
 another block because its week two!
If you are just joining us...
for more info on this sew along!

Today's block is in the top row middle...


Here are all of the 
Autumn Love prints that we are
 using in the Wagon Block:)

Grab your precut block and your traced pieces...and let's begin!
All Sew Simple Shapes for this block are:
4 - F-1
2 - F-2
3 - F-5
2 - F-6
1 - F-14
1 - F-18
3 - F-21
1/4" wide green cut on the bias-
 10" and 3 1/2" long
1/4" wide red - 
7 1/2" and 1 1/2" long
1/4" wide dk.gray- 
4 3/4" long
and 1/2" dk.gray- 
1 1/2" long 
12" square background

You should also have traced a
 2" x 6 1/2" rectangle 
directly onto the interfacing.
We will be doing this
 "Ruler Work" 
for pieces that are rectangles.
Instead of making a lot of these 
sizes into sew simple shapes...
it's just as easy to trace them
 and cut down on the 
number of shapes in the set:)
All of the Ruler Work measurements are on page 14 of the guide:)

On the two F-6 shapes that we are
 using for these flowers...
we will do a little modifying.
Measure in 1 1/2" from the 
curved side and draw a line...

Like this!

When sewing...
stitch on this new marked line 
and ignore the "V" part:)

After sewing and trimming
 all of your shapes...
you will need to clip the 
inner curves on the sides 
of the pumpkin stem and 
clip the cleavage areas 
in the two flowers and the star.

Now you cut the "X's" in the 
interfacing and turn them
 right side out.

Shape and press all of your 
cute pieces for the wagon block:)

Press a curve in the green stems like this.
Press the ends under 1/4" 
on the two red strips.
Press one end under 1/4"
 on the 1/2" wide dk.gray strip.

Arrange pieces onto the 
background square that is 
placed on a design board.

Start layering your shapes 
according to those that go underneath.
For example...
stem goes under pumpkins...
side pieces of pumpkin go down first
 before the center piece etc.

Always use the 10 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
to lay out your shapes so that your design does not "GROW".
Remember to stay within the 
"window" inside the ruler:)

After placing your shapes...
pin them so that they do not shift
 and then lift up the edges...
  place little dots of "Sue Glue"

I trimmed off part of the 
bottom of my pumpkin pieces 
and one side of the one on the right
 to save bulk underneath the wagon:)

After glue basting I removed my 
applique pins and placed my 
ruler on top and then my 
cutie pie Queen Bee 
until the glue dried ...
about 15 minutes.

All ready for applique!

Chunky pumpkin in a little red wagon:)

Use the light box and trace
 the stem for embroidery.
Use 6 strands of my Dk.Green Aurifloss 
and a backstitch:)

After you applique...
press from the back.
After trimming up your block 
to 10 1/2" square...
you can sew 2 red buttons 
onto the wheel centers.

I use matching Aurifloss to sew them on.
You can also save this step until
 after your quilt is quilted...
it depends on how you are 
quilting it and/or the 
preference of your quilter:)

Block Two aka Wagon Block is completed!
Sew darn cute:)
Gotta love a pumpkin in a wagon right?
Next week we will put one in a bucket!
See you back here then...


  1. Complimenti, adoro tutti i tuoi lavori ♥

  2. Hello Lori!

    I just purchased my quilt kit today! I am so excited to be getting this quilt.

    It is adorable and its mine! Yeehaw!!!

    I've never made an applique quilt before but after watching your videos, I've got this.

    Thank You so much Lori for this gorgeous quilt kit.