Monday, November 18, 2019

Granny Flower Pillow Tutorial - Granny Chic Fabric

Hello there and thanks for stopping by!

Last Monday was the end of our
But I still have a few things 
that I want to show you like this
 Granny Flower Pillow!

There are several projects that I 
want to do with my Granny Chic fabric
 and I still want to show you
 what I'm doing with the
 extra surprise template...
hopefully that will be next week
 because I ended up 
making this pillow first:)

You could make this pillow 
with any of these 
42 Granny Flower Blocks 
from the Granny's Garden Quilt...

But I chose to make mine using 
Granny Flower Block #1...
who knows which one I'll choose next
 because this one turned out 
just how I wanted it to
 and I would love to make even more:)

First step in making this pillow 
is to prepare your block for appliqué.

If you need a reminder of 
how I did this block
to watch the YouTube tutorial.

After I glue basted...
I hand appliquéd the flower 
to the background circle.

That is all the handwork that I did...
the rest is all by machine:)

For the body of the pillow 
I cut 16 - 4 1/2" squares
and sewed them together like this.

Then I cut a piece of batting
 and a piece of backing fabric 
(that will go inside the pillow 
not for the back of the actual pillow)
I cut them a few inches larger
than the pillow top and quilted it.

I used a walking foot and 
just straight quilted it...easy peasy.

After quilting ...
I glue basted the 
Granny Flower Circle 
in the center.

I thought it looked like it 
needed a little something 
and so when that happens...
I usually add my Vintage Trim!

I used my Sue Glue and glued my
 Large Vintage Trim 
around the edges of the circle...
Then I machine quilted the whole circle
 onto the center just inside 
the edge with matching thread.

I caught the other half of the 
Vintage Trim that was tucked underneath 
the circle while simply quilting 
around the edge of the circle 
and that's all I needed 
to sew the Vintage Trim down.

I also quilted around the flower and the leaves and all around the stem.

Then it was time to 
sew the back onto the pillow.
I simply sewed it with
 right sides together and
 turned right side out afterwards.

Here's a close up of how 
I ended the Vintage Trim.
If you are worried about fraying 
just add a little Fray Check on the end:)

I always sew an envelope back 
when I make my pillows...
because I like to switch them out often.

Of course you can make your back
 the way that you like best.
Now for the pillow form!

The pillow finishes at 16" so you could 
use that size of pillow form 
but I like to use one size up because
 I like my pillows plump and firm.

I used an 18" form for mine.

I hope you make one or two
Granny Flower Pillows too...
they are so sweet and would
 make the sweetest gift.

I just may have already 
made a few for giving!

Thanks for the visit and 
I'll chat with you again soon:)


  1. This pillow is so pretty! Love the idea of applique over cute patchwork fabric squares. Now you opened up another whole box of ideas :)!

  2. I love this Lori! I just can't keep up with your creativity. Thank you for sharing yourself and your talents with us.

  3. You are so talented Lori. The pillow is sew pretty, you have a very creative mind...❤ it !