Monday, August 5, 2019

Granny's Garden Sew Along - Bee Prepared!!

Hello and welcome to the 
Granny's Garden Bee Prepared blog post!

Today I'm going to talk to you 
about prepping for the sew along:)
If you are new to my applique sew alongs...
You can read all of my 
previous ones because they 
remain right here on my blog.
I would strongly suggest that you do
 and you will become familiar 
with how this sew along will work!
You can find each sew along 
by scrolling down and looking at
 the right sidebar of this blog:)

Want to know how to join us??? 
Here's the sew along image
 for you to use...
post it on your
 Instagram and/or Facebook 
to show that you have 
joined our sew along!
Use the hashtag
when you post and then everyone 
on that hashtag page can see your post
 and we know you are doing the sew along:)
By doing so you have
 joined our sew along...

The sew along will take place
 right here on my blog every
 Monday starting August 26th.
Each Monday we work on the quilt 
and I will give you directions 
through step by step tutorials.

Page 2 of the Sew Along Guide 
has the schedule of what tutorials
 I will be doing on what week.
The guide is free...
and is ready for you to download!
to download and print.

I like to put mine in a binder 
with sheet protectors for 
easy access during the sew along.

There are corrections on page 3 which have been updated on the guide: 
 1. Border cutting on 
the Pink Granny Aprons print 
should be 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" 
2. Cut the 4 1/2" square for
 block 14 from the Red Medallion 
print instead of the Pink Diamonds.
3. Cut a 2 1/2" square from the 
Pink Granny Needlepoint print for Block 31.
You can see here where I have
 written what it should be.
It has been fixed on the guide 
so if you haven't copied yours yet you are good!

On the last page of the guide 
there is some cute
Granny's Garden Sew Along clip art
that I designed for you so that
 you can use with your binder 
or to make cute tags or 
use with your planner etc..

I'll be using it to make some fun things 
 and I'll show you 
as soon as it's ready!

On the second page of the guide
 it lists all of the 
supplies needed for the sew along.

In the Bee Prepared post 
I like to show you a photo 
of each supply just in case 
you are new to my sew alongs 
so that you can see what they are.
I'm a visual person and 
that helps me so I'm hoping 
it will help you!

We will be using my 
newest fabric collection called
 Granny Chic 
and I designed the Granny's Garden quilt
 especially for this fabric.

It has been arriving in quilt shops everywhere for the last 4 weeks.

If you have pre-ordered your fabric kit
 and sew along supplies from your 
fave quilt shop you should be 
getting them anytime now...
if not already!
If you still need the supplies 
and a kit and don't know 
where to find them...
simply do a quick google search of
 "Granny's Garden Quilt Kit" 
so that you will be able to:)

Here are a few images from when
 the Granny's Garden Quilt was 
being made to display in the 
Riley Blake booth during 
spring quilt market in May...

That quilt belongs to Riley Blake 
and I'm going to be making 
my quilt right along with you:)
The following are the supplies listed
 in the sew along guide 
and are what I will 
be using to make mine!

First off...
is the set of 
Sew Simple Shapes
 called Granny's Garden:)

Here is my newest set of 
Aurifil threads called Granny Chic...
especially made to go with the 
new colors in this collection:)
These threads are for hand applique 
as well as machine applique.
You will want to match your applique pieces.

I love these colors and it's no secret 
how much I love Aurifil threads.

This is what the Circle Rulers look like.
I have two different sets of circle rulers.
This is the one that has four rulers
 in the set.
 The product number is on the guide
 so that you are sure to 
purchase the correct set.

Here is what the 
10 1/2" Trim It Ruler looks like...
we will use this to
perfectly center and then
 trim up the blocks after appliqué:)

For this quilt we will only need 
one size of the Clover bias tape makers.
It's 1/4" and is used for all 
of the flower stems in the quilt.

I'm going to prepare all of my stems 
(fabric required is on page 4 of the guide)
before I start the quilt 
and wind them onto this empty spool
 from my Large Vintage Trim.

This is the Point to Point Turner by Clover.
I will be using it to shape 
all of my applique pieces 
after sewing and turning!

You will need 2 packages of the 
Sew In Interfacing
for all of the smaller appliqués
and 2-3 more packages for the larger circles and border pieces.

I developed this thickness
 especially to use for the shapes because
 it's still thin but stronger...
so that you don't poke holes
 while shaping and it also helps
  to keep your shapes from distorting.

 Granny Chic buttons...
aren't they cute??
There is no embroidery at all
 in this quilt...
just a little embellishment of the
 buttons on some of the blocks:)

My fave go to for applique glue 
is this little white bottle
 with the pink lid.
It's by the amazing Sue Daley 
and I affectionally call it 
Sue Glue!

I have several different packages of
 Pretty Pins for different things 
and these are the ones
 that I use for laying out my
 applique during the glue basting process.

They are the right height and strength
 and work perfectly and I love them!

Okay that's it for special supplies...
all of the others are normal sewing supplies
 and of course you will need 
design boards for laying out and 
glue basting your blocks.

On the top of page 7 in the guide...
You will see that it has a 
picture of the Cloud Shabby print
 and what you cut from it
 and which block each cut piece belongs to.

The same goes for every piece 
of fabric in your kit....
they are all detailed in the guide
 for your convenience and preparation.

Besides getting all of your fabrics
 and interfacing cut BEFORE
 the sew along begins...
there is one other thing 
that you can do in preparation...

After cutting the 42 - 10" squares...
(one for each of the 42 blocks)

You can go ahead and cut all of the interfacing 
for these circles as well!
(the guide tells you what size to cut
 all of your interfacing for each shape
 and how many of each shape we will be using)

I decided to go one step further 
and sew all 42 of these circles.

If you want to do the same ...
I'll quickly walk you through it.
Place a traced interfacing right side up
 onto a fabric square that is 
right side up as well.
Your traced line is your stitching line
 and I like to use a 
.05 mechanical pencil for a nice this line.

I sew directly onto the line ...
no backstitching ...
just over sewing by about an inch.
I use a regular or maybe 
slightly smaller stitch length.

You can see the "over sewn"
 part on this circle.

I trim off the excess 
leaving an approximate 1/4" seam allowance.

I pull the interfacing away 
from the fabric in the center...

so that I only cut into the
 interfacing for turning.

Turn right side out through 
the X that you just cut.

Shape using the point to point tool
 and give your circle a quick press
 on the fabric side only.

Repeat 41 times LOL!
Just look at this 
cute stack of circles.
All ready to have
 flowers "grow" on them:)

While I was sewing the large circles
 I decided to just go ahead and
sew up the rest of the Cloud Shabby pieces.

Now they are all ready 
and I'll just keep them together
 and use them as needed 
when I work on  the blocks:)

All of the cutting 
in the guide is there
 for you 
so that beforehand you can do so
 if you are so inclined:)
Some people like to 
cut as they go or do all at once...
YOU decide:)

I have made individual kits for
 each block simply by cutting out 
all of the pieces from each print 
in the kit
 and putting them on a 
numbered design board 
(the block number) 
I cut and traced each piece 
of interfacing for each block as well.

I'll keep my design boards 
all stacked up from 1- 42 
and each week the stack will get
 smaller and smaller 
as each block is completed!

If you just don't happen to have 
42 small design boards LOL...
you can use ziplock bags 
and label each bag with a Sharpie:)

FYI...when I cut the square print
 that each large circle will go on
 after the flowers are appliquéd...
I pressed them in half and then 
in half again and placed them 
onto their block numbered design board.

I used my new Sew Handy Stickers
 to number the boards.

Each package contains 
several sheets of letters 
in each color 
(for labeling blocks when 
cutting from my book patterns)

But there are also 
several sheets of numbers as well:)
Sew Handy!!

I'm so very excited to grow 
my Granny's Garden Quilt with you.
I am thrilled with how my 
Granny Chic fabric turned out...
here is my inspiration 
for this collection 
that is written on the back 
of the Granny Chic Fabric storyboard:

Granny Chic is the latest fabric collection designed by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet.
She has created Granny Chic with her typical vintage flair!
The variety of prints were inspired by the sweet little homes of her grandma’s and great aunts.
She was lucky enough to have lived closely to each of them in the small town of Herriman, Utah where she grew up.
She remembers each of their homes being comfortable and quaint…. and always filled with love.
All of the decor contained lovingly created handmade items such as curtains, pillows, tablecloths, aprons, and of course quilts!
Lori especially loved the old fashioned wallpapers, floral sheets and pretty china patterns. 
She remembers admiring each of their carefully tended gardens…and the happy flowers as she walked down the path to their front doors.
Whenever she visited… she was given a warm welcome …often accompanied by a hug and a kiss and sometimes a cookie!
Lori has created this wide variety of prints with the sincere hope that you will use them to create projects for your home… in true Granny Chic style!!

I'll see y'all right back here
 on Monday the 26th
 with a video tutorial!!


Gina said...

Soo, soo, excited! I still need to make my design boards. What size do you recommend for this project?

Tracie Pond said...

I love how detailed and organized you are. Looking forward to this sew-a-long. =)

Joannie said...

I am so excited. I have the same memories, especially under the quilting frame hanging from the ceiling. I spent all my summers with both of my grannies. This is my first sew along!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

I love this quilt!

Michelle H said...

Oh geez, I went to order the kit and it looks sold out!!! Does anyone know if FQS will be getting more? I really want to make this quilt

Unknown said...

I am so excited about the sew-along. Just love the design and fabric.

Helen L said...

got my kit today: yay!!! Don't know how you do it, coming up with one lovely kit after another, but you knock it out of the park!!!

kim said...

Cannot wait for mytemplates to arrive and to get started on this lovely project. Love the fabric and design.

AprilR said...

Oh my gosh, I love this quilt. My pile of 9 inches circles looks like a stack of tortillas. LOL

Anonymous said...

I just started to work on my Granny Garden Quilt.
Thanks for sharing your pattern and ideas with us.

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