Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Vintage Block Along - The Big Finish!!

Hello and welcome back to my blog
 for the big finish post
of the 

We have been sewing from my 
Grandma's pattern basket for one 
lovely amazing vintage year!!

We started on January 1, 2019
and today is the last post
December 31, 2019

I have loved using my 
Farm Girl Vintage fabric 
for this quilt throughout the year.

I have also used my Bee Backgrounds
 as well for a super fun 
vintage scrappy look.

So this is where we left off at the last post...
all of my sections were sewn together 
and I just needed to put the borders on.
All of those instructions are of course still here on my blog and the links to each
 and every post can be found down at the bottom of this one:)

I just got my quilt back from 
my quilter (Juli Stubbs) 
and I am completely in love!
As you know this is a BIG quilt 
so it was super hard to
 photo the entire quilt...
especially since my go to place 
for pictures (which is my backyard) 
is freezing cold right now and full of snow!!

Mr.Honey and Sterling held it up for me
 and I stood at the top of the stairs 
to get this photo LOL

I love how the part that the window 
is behind makes those blocks look like stained glass:)

Next Mr. Honey hung the quilt in my
 quilty studio so that I could get
 some close up pictures for you.

I wanted you to see the quilting...
it looks so good!
I asked Juli to do the Baptist Swirl on it...
it's one of my favorite designs.

I really love my choice of border fabrics...
I think it did what I wanted it to
 which was to let the blocks shine.

The width of the quilt fits on my hanging
 rod but my ceilings are not quite
 high enough for the length...
but that's okay because as you know 
it's going on my bed 
just like a big hug from Grandma:)

I took a bunch of photos 
at different angles...
some close up some far away.

Scroll down to see them all!

The countertop workspace in my studio 
is very large and I keep my tools and everything on there that
 I am working on currently.

You can see right in the front 
is a stack of my newest
 fabric collection called 

I love to take side shots 
so that you can see the quilting...
I just love it:)

I really love the binding as well...
it's just a tiny little frame around
 the quilt and it's perfect!

At this point I pulled the bottom 
of the quilt up over my counter
 and took a few photos:)

I hope that I took enough photos for you
 and I have loved seeing all of 
your blocks coming together over on 
Keep them coming as you make progress...
we all love to see your posts.

Be sure to use the hashtag 
so that we can!!

This little cozy comfy corner of 
my studio is where I sew my blocks.
I converted the window seat that is
 next to it into an ironing station.

The table that my machine sits on
 looks really small here ...
but it actually is large and is 
shorter that my counter top 
because it's normal table height 
and so the other half of my table
 fits underneath the counter 
between the two dressers.

  I have plenty of room to keep the 
blocks that I am working on
 under the counter on top of my table.

If you have not seen my previous post's 
about my new studio...
Here's a photo of my two dressers
 before my countertop was ready 
and I was making do lol
You can see that there is space between 
the two dressers and on one open spaced end
 is where my chair goes underneath.
This is the side of the countertop 
where I draw and I cut my fabric.

The countertop is 37" high...
a nice height for standing and cutting
 so that it's easy on my back.
When I am drawing I sit...
and so I have a few comfy barstools 
that I use for that.

This is what the dressers looked like
 on the day that the countertop arrived.

Mr.Honey joined them so that they would
 be sturdy before glueing the countertops on.

The table that you see between them 
is my sewing table...
it's now slid over to the left and
 my sewing machine is set up on it.
It's the perfect size and has a 
wide narrow drawer in the
 front that comes in handy!

I have sewn on my vintage
 Singer Featherweight 
throughout this entire series because 
of course I wanted to sew my
 vintage blocks on a vintage machine!

I have several vintage sewing machines
 and several of them are featherweights 
and they are my favorite to sew on.

I name them all and this one is 
Miss Doris...
named after the lovely vintage lady 
who is also a favorite of mine.

Thank you sew much from the 
bottom of my heart for joining me
 on this journey of honoring my Grandma and also my quilting heritage.

It sure has been a fun ride!!

It makes me sew happy to know that
 we are all sewing together 
from all over the world.
It's just amazing that is possible now because of the internet.
I never would have dreamed it 
and as I was growing up...
I thought it was so fun quilting
 at my grandma's house with all
 of us together and I thought
 it was a big crowd.
If I had only known how large
that crowd would grow to be!
And I'm so grateful:)
Grandma would be amazed at that too!

I hope you have loved each and every
 tutorial and each and every block 
from me and grandma:)
I appreciate you all tuning in
 each and every episode...

And listening while I chatted about my childhood and memories of grandma:)

My next sew along is 
vintage inspired as well.
It starts in January and 
it's for my appliqué quilt called 
Vintage Housewife

There is a pieced apron in the middle 
of the quilt and then all of the
 applique blocks surrounding it 
represent things that the 
vintage housewife did...
of course while wearing her apron:)

Below is a sneak peek of when 
I was making the sewing machine block 
for the quilt.

The entire quilt is made with 
my new collection called 
Vintage Happy 2 
and my new 
Sew Simple Shapes called
 Vintage Housewife

If you are joining in and need a kit
 just do a quick 
google search and type in
 "Vintage Housewife Quilt Kit" 
and you will find several sources 
until they are sold out.

I hope you will join me on this 
next journey to celebrate the
 vintage housewife!

Here is the quilt hanging in the 
Riley Blake Designs booth at 
international quilt market....
along with other Vintage Happy 2
 projects as well.
The other quilt is in my next book 
that comes out May 2020 called
and yes...there will be a 
sew along for that as well!

back to the Vintage Block Along! 
Thanks again for joining me on this one...
sewing vintage with you 
all this year has been amazing:)
Sending you all hugs from me to you!

P.S. All of the tutorials for my Vintage Block Along Sampler will remain on my blog until the end of next year 2020.

If you are just joining us...
click on each block that we have
 done in my quilt to go to the tutorial:

8. Humble
15. Memory
19. Picnic
20. Sparklers
26. Parade
30. Leftovers
36. Wash Day

 If you missed the Section One 
and Section Two tutorial:
and then
for Sections Three and Four
and then
for the final sections
Five and Six

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