Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Blocks...

I added these blocks to the "Family Reunion" quilt this week for class. The quilt is starting to come together, we are almost halfway complete!
If you remember last months blocks, one of them was a cane to represent Grandpa. This month is a hat to represent Grandma....maybe one that she would wear to a reunion in the canyon. What do you think?

And a covered pyrex dish with a serving spoon. What's in your pyrex when you go to your reunion?

Another word to add to the others in the quilt that represent our family.... I like this word alot.

And some humerous quotes to add....Kassidy stitched these for me. Thanks Kass, that was a big help to me this month in order to reach my deadline.
I hope you all are having a great summer and have had the chance to go to your own reunion or at least take a stroll down memory lane remembering one from times past....

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

getting ready...

Today started off by getting ready for "Clothesline Club".
This is the month we were invited to bring a daughter or grandaughter who enjoys sewing and have them bring something for show and tell. Let me just tell you before you scroll down and see for yourself, how darling these girls are.
What fun to see them have a love of sewing at such a young age...I know this talent will serve them all well in the future.
So first off, I have my book and charm squares to trade all ready to go...check

Potluck dish with serving spoon...check

Daughter who likes to sew...check

Show and tell item for daughter who likes to sew...check (I showed you this pillow on a previous Sew Nite with Kass post...remember?)

Aprons for Kass and I to wear at the meeting...check (aprons are required)

My prepared signiture block fabric ready for more signitures...check (I am designing a quilt for this and prefer to have the fabric pre-signed before I sew them into the blocks...something I will show later)
Okay...I'm ready and we are off....

We start off with Sandra who is our teacher. She has books for show and tell that come from her family who are Swiss. They are really beautiful and treasured books.

More finished aprons...we can never get enough of them.

Judy's cute DIL Elizebeth and her cute bag and quilt.

Judy finished her quilt from one of our past projects. I love it!

These two cute girls with matching aprons are Lucy's grandaughters. Lucy made the aprons for them for Christmas. They are not sisters but cousins.

Lucy makes her grandkids story quilts to match a book and gives them both together...what a fun idea and a fun grandma she is... you can tell that her grandaughters love theirs.

These are skirts that the girls helped make. The pink and white skirts are the same pattern that Kass has been using to make her skirts this summer.

RaeAnn inherited these aprons recently from her Aunt.

She picked up this hat and purse while at an antique shop recently that are just like her Mom used to have. She was more than thrilled to find them.

This is Lucinda and her cute little friend that she is teaching to sew.

Lucinda's doll.

Lucinda's crazy 30's quilt, which was last months project.

Kathleen took the teapot quilt class from Sandra. She showed us some of her blocks so far.

Kathleens Crazy 30's quilt.

Kathleens grandaughter and a few of her projects. She's adorable.

This is Robin and her grandaughter. She made the apron that Robin is wearing. I love that she made an apron for her grandma! How cute, it's usually the other way around.

This is Karen's quilt that she made a few years ago for her 16 year old daughter. She couldn't bring her daughter so she brought the quilt!

This is Robin's signiture quilt. She's doing a miniature! What a great idea.

This is a really old cookbook that goes through all 4 seasons of menu ideas. I like how it opens from the top.

Here is Kassidy's 3rd twirly - girl skirt of the summer. She wore it to meeting and showed it off.

Back of her skirt. She picked the fabrics and the ric-rac especially to make and wear today.

A cute quilt hanging in the classroom at Quilts Etc.

Quilts just got a big shipment of reproduction fabrics hot off the mill. Go in and check them out.

Here are a few that came home with me....

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