Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Week...

I am working on the
 red/pink/aqua/gray color way 
from my
fabric line.

Of course I can't show you just yet 
what I'm working on 
until it gets a little bit
 closer to Spring Market...

But what I can show you...
are some photo's 
that I took of my sample yardage
 before I cut into it!

I included a few pieces of
 my vintage jewelry...

a vintage perfume bottle...

and a vintage lipstick tray...

a few of the things that I keep the 
vanity top in my bedroom.

I think all things vintage feminine
 really go with the style and feel
 of this particular color way in
 Millie's Closet...don't you?
After all...
the inspiration for this line 
was my very own Grandma Millie...
who was very feminine and always had
 wonderful pink things on her vanity 
for me to explore:)

Oh I almost forgot!...
the little aqua beaded fringe
 peeking through the top of the photos 
happens to be this 
fabulous vintage purse 
that I have had in my collection 
for quite some time.
Isn't it adorable?

It's crocheted...
 and the long aqua beads
 were added onto the rows 
during the crocheting.

My sidekick/daughter Kassidy
 held it up for me while 
taking the pictures...
I thought it would add a fun texture
 to the background and it's 
my favorite color of aqua:) 

I'm busy stitching up as much as I can
 with my sample yardage...
waiting impatiently (as usual) 
for the bolts to come in.
That should be in about 3 weeks now...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Love it When Food is Cute!...

A big THANK YOU to everyone who left
 me sweet bloggy love
 on my last post and entered to win
 the 5 Sew Cherry FQ's 
for making your 
very own lunch bag!

Congratulations to 
She is the winner!!!
I have notified Amy via email and will 
get her prize sent off ASAP!

And since my last post was all about making lunch bags...
Today I thought I would show you
 just a few pictures
 from one of 

If you're like me and you often pack your own lunch or one for your hubby or kiddo's...
it's easy to get into the same old rut and a packed lunch can be pretty boring.

 But now that there is Pinterest...
 there are ideas galore for my lunchbox!

I have found so many delicious recipes 
that I have tried like this
 Avacado Chicken Salad...

Or Wild Rice and Ham Chowder.
They both are fantastic!

Just as soon as strawberry season hits I'll be making these...
I'll bet that will make my family smile:)

When I get some time I'm going to use this tutorial to make  
reusable wraps for sandwiches...

And this tutee for a cute little
 reusable snack bag.

I have also found clever ideas for containers like using a plastic egg for small snacks.

Or even how to make my own container with a zipper and the bottom of 2 plastic soda bottles...
very clever and cute.

And you know I love cute things...
and I especially love it when food is cute too!

I hope this post has inspired you to try a few new things today for your lunch box!
Have a quilty kind of day my friends:)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tutorial and a Giveaway!!!

Well hello cute people!
I want to show you what I sewed a while back...
and lots of them!
In fact...
I went on quite the bag sewing frenzy.
It all started with my 
fabulous friend Monica 
Let me explain.
Monica sent me a picture of a bag
 that she had pinned.
The bag was made by 
and was adorable!!!
I smiled when I saw that Erin
 had used my Sew Cherry fabric. 
The pattern she used came from 
a tutorial by my friend Ayumi.

Monica wanted to make one and I did too...
so long story short...
she had the great idea to
 sew our bags together!
I said...Heck Yeah!!!

The bag takes 5 fat quarters 
and we decided that I would send her
 5 Sew Cherry FQ's and she would send me
 5 of her HMYY fat quarters....
so that we could make bags out of 
each others fabric! 

Here's the bag I made from
 my Sew Cherry fabric line.

It was so fun and easy to make...
Ayumi has the best tutorials!

I love how the bag gathers at the top.

Here is a view of the inside...
just waiting to be filled with
 all kinds of good stuff.

Here's the one I made out of the
 adorable HMYY fat quarter's
 that Monica sent me.
Isn't her fabric so happy and awesome???

Inside peek.

But the fun didn't stop at just 2 bags...
we also decided that we needed 
to make one out of DS fabrics...
here is my version.

Inside the DS bag.

Of course you know that I
 couldn't stop there...
I just had to make one from my
 Daisy Cottage line...

Inside Daisy Cottage bag.

Then to top it all off...
we really wanted to make a sweet bag 
out of our 
sweet fabric.

Inside my PKM bag.

I had to cap my lunch bag sewing frenzy
 at 5 for right now so that I 
could move on to sewing samples for spring market with
 Millie's Closet.
But I'm sure I will be making
 more in the future!
to go straight to Ayumi's great tutorial 
if you want to make one of your own...
but I bet you won't stop at one either!

And to get you started...
I'm giving away 5 of the very same FQ's 
that I used
 to make my own
  Sew Cherry bag...

Along with one of my favorite candy...
the classic Big Cherry.
I'm also throwing in a pack of
 Doublemint Gum because
 Monica dubbed us the
 "doublemint twins" as we were 
sewing our bags together and 
sending pictures back and forth...
Monica lives a few states away from me
 so we had a
 "virtual sew along"
It was sew fun and I'm sure 
I will be doing more virtual sewing
 with friends again!

Just leave me a comment on this post and you are entered in my giveaway...
I will draw a name this Monday at 
midnight my time and 
announce the winner on Tuesday...

But that's not all!...

Because Monica and I are 
the doublemint twins...
she has posted about our
 double sew along too...

and she is also hosting a 
giveaway as well on her cute blog!

 and see my friend Monica
 and the bags that she made. 
Leave her some bloggy love and 
enter to win her giveaway as well!

Have a quilty kind of day my friends:)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I've Been Up To...

I'm busy working on new patterns to be 
released when my newest fabric line...
 becomes available...

Which is in about 4 weeks time....
I'm so looking forward to it!

Millie's Closet comes in 3 color ways...
 and this week I am working on the
 Blue/Green combo.

For this color way I chose to pair up my favorite apple green with my 2 favorite blues...aqua and cobalt.

I have used my all time favorite shade of gray in all 3 color ways.
 These are the 3 solids in the line that go with the blue/green combo.

I wish I could show you what I am creating 
with these lovely colors...and the time will soon come when I can!

In between drawing and sewing I have been reading Jennifer Chiaverini's 
latest book which is hot off the press...

So far I have had to force myself to put it down because it's so good!!!
I love every one of Jennifer's books as you well know because I have told you about them often and this one has proven to be no different.

Soooo....that's what I've been up to the last few days.
How about you?
Whatever you've been doing...
I certainly hope it involves a
 book and/or fabric....
one of the best combinations that I know:)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Where Women Create...

I love the magazine...
The launch of the magazine 
a few years ago...
was of course inspired by the
 many creative women just like
you and I!!
Each issue features
 several creative women
 in their studios...
filled to the brim with 
lovely and inspiring photos 
along with interesting articles
 about each woman 
and the inspiration 
behind their creativity.

Every time a new issue comes out...
I just can't wait to get my hands 
on it and find a nice quiet,
 cozy spot to curl up 
and devour each and every page 
full of eye candy....
which brings me to the reason 
for this post.

Just look at this teaser page photo
 below from this 
months issue Spring 2012
does anything look familiar to you?

That's right!!!
You can see what I'm talking about if 
you are familiar with
 Riley Blake Designs 
my first fabric line Sew Cherry.

I'm so excited about the whole thing!
This is just one of many photos 
in an article featuring 
a few of the fabric lines 
produced by Riley Blake and they chose 3 of my fabric lines to be in the article.
Sew Cherry (on the page you see)...
 Daisy Cottage and Millies Closet
are in the rest of the pages.

Look at Cindy and Jina in the top photo...aren't they so cute!
I love working with them.
They are so sweet and fun.
Cindy is the owner of Riley Blake Designs 
and Jina is head of the fabric division.

 On page 104 you can find the article that Cindy has written called
 "The Business of the Studio"
 In the article she talks a little 
about the process of fabric design.

The photography for the article took place
 at Riley Blake Studios in Alpine, Utah.

A few months ago Cindy and Jina called me
 and asked me if I would bring in 
some of my sketches from Sew Cherry,
 Daisy Cottage and Millie's Closet 
for the photo shoot.
I said "Of course!"
You can see a few of my sketches
 in black ...
other sketches are on the other pages 
that you will see in the magazine!

They also asked me to bring along 
vintage pieces from my home 
that I thought would work 
in the photos alongside my fabric.

I brought in alot of things 
that you will see throughout the photos...
the gingham apron,
 rolling pin,
 cookbook and vintage canister 
in the article are from my kitchen.

The rest of the article shows many other sketches and vintage pieces from my cottage.

(photo from one of my Vintage Monday posts)

You may have seen some of them 
on my posts called 
"Vintage Monday"
which I will be doing more of soon 
because of many requests!

The article in the magazine is the first 
of many that Cindy will be writing 
this year for Where Women Create. 
All of them will be about 
fabric design at Riley Blake.

There will be a lot for her to 
write about...Riley Blake Designs 
is a great company and they always
 have something fun going on.
Like for instance, 
every Friday on 
"Cutting Corners" 
they have a tutorial on a pincushion! 

This is a recent tutorial by
 made with my 
Daisy Cottage fabric.
to go to the tutorial.
I will be designing a new pincushion
 and doing a tutorial for 
Cutting Corners 
in July.

 I'm sew happy to be a part of the 
Riley Blake team. 
If you haven't checked them out lately...
 to go to their site and see all the fun stuff!

You can pick up the latest issue of
 Where Women Create 
at most magazine stands like
 Barnes and Noble or even at JoAnn's 
but if you'd like to subscribe...
 and they will hook you up!

 It's such a thrill to see three of my fabric lines in one of my very favorite I just had to share it with you!
Have a quilty kind of day my friends:)


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