Saturday, December 30, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday - Week Thirteen!!

Welcome back for week 13 of the 
Spelling Bee Sew Along

Also known as

We are working our way through the
 Alphabet Sampler Quilt...

Which is pictured on the cover of 

Today is brought to you by 
Uppercase "J"

And Lowercase "j"

"J" is for JUMPROPE

"J" is for JACK

and JACKS too!

"J" is for JERSEY

And "J" is for...


Especially vintage jars:)

"J" is also for the 
Be sure to go visit them and see 
this weeks Show and Tell guests...
Heidi from 
Jenny from

These super fun 
vintage locker baskets 
are holding some of the 
Flash Cards from the book.
I use them to spell 
whatever I want for any occasion:) 

While visiting the IG
 #SpellingBeeBook page...
I love to see what kinds of things
 y'all are spelling with them!

Thanks so much to everyone for
 me today on 
Spelling Bee Saturday
 and the letter "J"

See you next week!
Miss Bee

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday - Week Twelve!!

Good morning and 
welcome to week twelve of 
Spelling Bee Saturday

Grab your Spelling Bee book

And let's make
 a few picture blocks 
during school today!

First block up is the CAKE block:)

This super cute show and tell
 chocolate CAKE block was made by
Melanie from A Bit of Scrap Stuff
It looks YUMMY!

The other "picture" block
 is the CAMERA...
and yes...pun intended LOL!

This quilt in the book was made 
with the 6" size blocks and the 
PICTURE DAY quilt setting:)

Our awesome show and tell
 CAMERA block was made by
 Jennie from Clover and Violet
It's picture PERFECT!!

Thanks for celebrating 
two more blocks from my 
with me today...
See you next week!
Miss Bee

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday - Week Eleven!!

Good morning cute people!

We are into week eleven and 
are making great progress on our quilt!

If you want to play...
grab your book

And let's make an Uppercase Letter "I"

And a cute little lowercase one too!

"I" is for I love you...

And "I" is for INSPIRE!

Speaking of inspiration...
I am super loving
classic black and white
 for the quilt she is making:)

And look at this adorable photo by 
"Ii" is for ICE CREAM CONE!

I hope you have an
Spelling Bee Saturday...
See you next week!!
Miss Bee

P.S. Check out this cute hashtag #SpellingBeeBook 
by clicking on it to visit:)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday - Week Ten!!

Happy Spelling Bee Saturday everyone!

If you are sewing along with us...
We are on row three of the Alphabet Sampler!

If you are just getting started...
grab a copy HERE of 
Spelling Bee

Today is Capital "H"

And Lowercase "h"

"H" is for HELLO!...

And for HAPPY!...

And for HOME...

And for Holt!
I made a 12" capital and lowercase
 H mini for my home:) 

Cynthia from 
made this mini using the word
 hi instead of hello...
super cute!!!

Taunja  from 
made a Capital H to match her
 Capital G from last week!

Thanks sew much for joining me
 for today's Spelling Bee...
see you next week!

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