Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kitchen Love...A New Pattern!!!...

My new pattern for the kitchen canisters is ready!!! 
The pattern is called 
and it took me quite a while to finish it up because
 I kept on making projects to add!
I finally just had to stop because 
I seriously couldn't fit one more thing 
into the pattern:)

I really love making things for my kitchen and
 for other kitchens as well in the form of gifts:)

Included in the pattern is are my Day's of the Week dishtowels.
I used ready made flour-sack dishtowels by
and sewed fabric along the bottom after embroidering
 the days of the week with perle cotton. 

As well as dishtowels for hanging on the oven door.
The top is made using my large 
 I sewed rid-rac and my new ribbon along the bottom for trim.

A hot pad stitchery pattern is included
"Farm Fresh"
I used my Circle Ruler to sew a perfect circle after stitching.

Another fun little project is a fabric bowl!
I used my small Hexie Half Ruler for the bottom and
 my small Thimble Ruler for the side sections.

This would make a great little gift basket filled with all kinds of goodies..
or even a fun thread catcher.
I'm using it my kitchen to hold my mini
 "Hot Hexie's"
which I'll be telling you about in a minute.

The bowl is fast and easy to construct.
You just need 14 - 5" squares and some leftover batting.

I also used my 
to make these fun
"Strawberry Squared" potholders.

The back becomes quilted at the same time the strawberry top is sewn on.

Now for my large "Hot Hexie" potholders.
These are so fast and easy to make!
30 minutes tops including sewing on the hanging ring.
All you need is the large
 3 - 10" squares of fabric and a 10" square of insul-brite.

One 10" square is for the back, one for the front, and one for the pocket!
The pocket on these Hot Hexies make it easy to 
slip your hand inside for folding when 
taking something hot out of the oven...
and is also perfect for gifting!

I think they are cute on their own ...

And even cuter filled with a few kitchen goodies for a fun gift.

Of course I made small ones using 5" squares 
along with my small Hexie Half Ruler.
I added a little bit of ribbon to these for extra cuteness:)

The small size is perfect for protecting your fingers while 
using the microwave!

The pocket is perfect for an herbal tea bag and sweetener 
or a small packet of hot cider or cocoa.

They are also the perfect size to use as a coaster!

There are so many possibilities for things
 to place in the cute little pockets:)

Didn't I tell you that 
I love to make things for my kitchen?????

Just take a look!!!

Lori Holt
Bee in my Bonnet

I hope you like my new pattern as much as I do!
Tell me if you think these would look cute in your kitchen too:)
I'm planning on making projects from 
"Kitchen Love" for
 Christmas gift giving to friends,
 co-workers and neighbors.
Let me know what you think!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Quilty Barn Along...Barn 9...Country Crossroads Block Tutorial!...

Good Morning cute peoples!!!
It's time for Barn #9 in the 
This barn features 2 of my favorite colors...
red and yellow.
Classis farm colors.
And I really love the softness and warmth that
the brown adds too.
I don't know if you have noticed but I have been alternating
grays and browns each week for the barn roof.

Onto the block...
I designed this block especially for this barn
and I'm calling it
"Country Crossroads"

I didn't get a good picture of the cutting...
but it's simple.
Cut 4 - 3" print squares 
Cut 4 - 1 1/2" x 3" yellow strips
Cut 1 - 1 1/2" red square
Cut 16 - 1 1/4" background squares for
 Easy Corner Triangles

Sew the Easy Triangle Squares onto each corner of the 3" squares like this.

Trim and press towards the triangles and lay it out 
on your mini design board for placement.
Now simply sew together into 3 rows and join the rows together.
Press the seams towards the yellow strips on all 3 rows.
Press the 2 seams open when joining the rows together.

Wasn't that an easy peasy block?
Cute and simple.

Lay your barn block out on your large design board like this....

And build your barn!

Barn #9...
three more to go in this first quilt!

I put quilty barn #9 on my design board to 
keep my tractor and silo barn #2 company...
What do you think of the new block...
are you having fun yet???

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Quilting in Idaho!!!....

I just got back from my week in beautiful Kimberly, Idaho.
Just take a look at this beautiful barn!
I took this photo right before entering the town...
I love it so much that I plan on having it made into a print for framing:)

I taught a workshop at
 and it was awesome!
I highly recommend it as a place for you and your friends
to have your next retreat.
The accommodations and the food are
 wonderful and are right next to the quilt shop.
The weather and scenery was perfect.
I felt right at home in 
the beautiful farm country of Idaho.

We all made vintage mixers from my new pattern
We also made several Quilty Barns
and Tractors:)

The Quilt Barn is a lovely shop....
filled to the brim with fabric and patterns and a fun variety of samples.
The old building is so charming and is perfect for
 a quilt shop with plenty of room to hang quilts...
both new and old.
The large front window display changes monthly
 and always has a wonderfully vintage theme.
This months theme is June Bride.
Here are several photos of the shop... 
inside and out...
 just to give you an idea of its charm.

Isn't it wonderful?
If you get a chance you should really go there.
Heather (the owner) along with her family
 and employees will make you 
feel right at home just as they did with me.

A big thank you to everyone who came to sew with me as well as to visit with me on Saturday for the meet and greet.
I had a lovely time and I look forward to going back again!
Have a quilty kind of day...

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