Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Quilty Barn along...Silo Barn 4 and Egg Basket Block Tutorial!!!...

I hope all of you are caught up after
 our short break because it's time to plow ahead with the farmin!:)

6" Egg Basket Block

I designed a basket block for this barn...
it's really no surprise that I love basket blocks.
I always have to make a basket quilt with 
pretty much every one of my collections!
And besides...
every working farm uses them:)
Wouldn't you love to gather eggs in this cute little basket?

Okay...onto the cutting!

Background too!

Sew ...


Press towards the triangles.

Sew Easy Corner Triangles onto the 3 trim pieces like this...
For the one in the center...
 sew... trim and press
 before you can add another ECT onto the other side...

Egg basket complete.
It should measure 6 1/2" at this point.

Now build a barn around your block!

I chose to build a gray barn around my egg basket...
for that vintagey weathered look:)
It's just the right shade to compliment the
rosy pink and butter yellow egg basket:)

Wasn't that easy???

Did you know that I have pink and yellow sheep on my farm?
Today they are hanging out in the loft...
I wonder how they got all the way up there?...
and how will they get down?...haha

Silo Barn #4 complete...

and onto the design wall to join it's neighbors:)

Next Wednesday will be the original red barn for the first quilt
and a block I named 
"Summer Star"
along with a fun and easy method for making
quarter square triangles!

I hope you like my 
Egg Basket block...
let me know what you think!

Have a quilty kind of day my friends...
it's good to be back sewing with you!

This egg basket block 
is now in my book called 
Farm Girl Vintage.
I left the pictures 
in this tutorial up for those
 who have the book now 
and are doing the sew along!

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Gracie Girl with Gracie Girl!!!!...

Well hello cute people!!!
We are back from our annual July fishing/camping trip
at Fish Lake (more on that later)
I had a great time with family and friends...
and I even got to relax a bit!

When the pre-yardage for Gracie Girl arrived...
Kassidy Grace was at girls camp so she didn't get to see it! 

As soon as she got home...
I just had to do a mini photo shoot with my Gracie Girl...

I asked her to sit in the middle of her bedroom floor...

and I piled some cuts of 
Gracie Girl around her.

She really didn't even get a chance yet to look at each piece closely
before I started snapping away!

Can I just tell you how pleased we are with how our
first mother/daughter fabric collection turned out?

The colors are sew vibrant and spot on!

They will go in her bedroom just perfectly:)

I love this shot...

it looks like Kassidy's wearing a Gracie Girl skirt!

She loves the fat quarter panels that are included in the collection...
and can't decide which one is her favorite.

Neither can I...because I love them all!

We chose to do medium to large scale prints for this line...
the scale will work perfectly for all of the things we have planned to sew up.

(Ummm...just noticed my toes got into this shot...whoops:)

The first thing that Kassidy is making a fun modern quilt she has called Shuffle...
pattern and pictures to come!

I think she is a bit overwhelmed
 with all of the possibilities...
it's been a long wait for the fabric to get into her hands:)
It seems like Christmas morning!!!

We painted her bedroom last year at the same time that we designed Gracie Girl and she has been waiting impatiently ever since to make lots of fun things for her room.

She chose all of the paint colors for her room to match our Gracie Girl collection.
We painted pretty much everything in her room
in these yummy colors!

She used a few of my usual happy colors like 
aqua, green, pink and gray...

And then she added navy and orange to the mix.

The navy works as a nice dark contrast for the other colors...

And the orange and raspberry pinks are so delicious!

We are having so much fun playing with 
Gracie Girl...
 and we hope that you want to play with it too:)

And speaking of ...
(no..I havn't forrgotten)
It's time to announce the winner of last weeks giveaway
from my book announcement:)
The winner is Jan...
from Sew and Sow Farm

Thanks Jan!...
email me with your addy and I'll
 send you a 10" square of 
each Gracie Girl print...


Thank you so much to each and every one of you
 for your kind words about my new book....
I am overwhelmed by all of the pre-orders.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I can't tell you how excited I am about your lovely 
comments and support...
you are the best!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A "Quilty Fun" Announcement and a Giveaway!!!...

I really just can't tell you how pleased I am to
 be able to announce what I have been
 working on for quite a while now....
my very own quilty book.

(insert big smile here:)

I am so excited to tell you a little about it!!!
It will be published by
 It's Sew Emma
The book is called..

Lessons in Scrappy Patchwork

The release date is this September/October
just a few months away!!!

Quilty Fun 
is centered around my easy methods 
and scrappy sewing from your stash!!!
It includes my 
Bee in my Bonnet Row-Along Quilt
and also features 10 new "Spin-off" projects
 from the blocks that I designed for the original quilt.
Besides the row along quilt,
there are 6 more quilts,
a table-runner,
a cute pillow,
a sewing machine mat
and a "Quilty"
(explanation of that to come later)

Read more about my book from Kimberly at

Here are just a few peeks at a few projects...

 All of the pictures for the book will be photographed
 in my little cottage in just a few short weeks:)
The pictures in this post of course are just mock ups...
the real ones will be taken later.
"Quilty Fun"
 will be jam packed with over
 100 pages of photos, projects, tips and inspiration!

One of the things that I'm really excited about is...
The spiral binding!!!
 I requested a spiral binding so that the pages 
would lie flat for you when you are using it!
I love me a spiral bound quilting book
 and they are hard to find
so that was my very first request...
 but not the last one! 

It's been so great to work with everyone at 
It's Sew Emma.
They have been so indulgent
 in all of my ideas for the design of the book.

I'm hoping that Quilty Fun will find a home
 in your studio or sewing room...
it will be like me visiting you 
on your quilty kind of days!

Kimberly over at Fat Quarter Shop is offering you 
a guaranteed first shipment edition and 
 20% off the retail price if you pre-order!
You will also receive a Bee in my Bonnet bookmark signed by me:)
 if you want to continue the 
with me and the row along blocks...
(and a few more NEW blocks have been added into the book as well)

To help me celebrate...
I'm offering a giveaway to those who
Just leave me a comment telling me that you have pre-ordered it.

At the end of the giveaway
(Next Thursday)
I will pick a name from my comments and 
Fat Quarter Shop's pre-order list.
The prize?

I will send you a 10" square of each print
from my new "Gracie Girl" yardage
 that won't even be released until September!!!
How about it?
Do you want to have some 
early quilty fun with Gracie Girl???
Leave me some bloggy love
and pre-order my very first book...
tell me what you think about it!

Have a quilty kind of day my friends:)

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