Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Quilty Barn Along...Silo Barn 3 and a "Peas and Carrots" block tutorial!...

Well good morning and happy Wednesday everybody!!!
As you know...
around these parts...
every Wednesday is
Today's episode is brought to you by
Quilty Silo Barn #3!

Today's block is a traditional block that's been around forever...
and I'm sure has had several names.
I'm calling my block...
"Peas and Carrots"
because they're farm grown fresh and good for you too!

Let's get to the cutting!

From your carrot fabric;
Cut 4 - 2" x 3 1/2" rectangles
Cut 4 - 2" squares
From your pea fabric;
Cut 4 - 2" squares
From the background;
Cut 16 - 2" squares

Now to make the half square triangles...
use your 4 peas and 4 carrot squares and 8 white squares.

Place a white square together with each square
 (RST) and stitch from corner to corner.

Trim about 1/4" from your stitching line on one side
 and press towards the peas and carrots.

Now for the flying geese.
Use the 4 carrot rectangles and 8 white squares.

Place on one side and stitch down the center from corner to corner on the white.

Once again... trim the seam allowance and this time press towards the white.

Now repeat for the other side like this.

Now you have 4 flying geese.
There are several ways to do flying geese...
my favorite is my fast flying geese method when I am making alot of them
but it was just as fast to use my 
Easy Corner Triangle method for just one block.

Lay your pieces out on your design board
 and stitch them together
to form your 
"Peas and Carrots" block

The easiest way to do this is to sew into 
4 identical quarters and then sew the 4 quarters together.

This is how I pressed my seams.

Now you have your peas and carrots block ready to sew into your barn as the door!

Choose your barn fabrics and build your barn!

I chose to make this barn aqua.
The color of a perfectly beautiful country sky with big fluffy clouds:)

I love how the orange and green play with the aqua...
Don't you???

Speaking of playing...
here are Silo Barn #2 and Silo Barn #3 having a play day together:)

Up next Wednesday will be Quilty Barn #10 for the first quilt.
We are almost finished with that one!

Have a Quilty kind of day my friends...
 and don't forget to eat your peas and carrots!!!!


dream quilt create said...

Oh how cute, I love the aqua and the peas and carrots!

Amonger said...

I recently bought a ginormous cardboard box full of fabric at a yard sale for dirt cheap. As I've been washing away all the dirt and ironing it all up into cute little stacks, I can hardly contain my excitement when I stumble across a perfect piece for my barns... Now if only I could finish all the ironing so I can even see my machine again, then I can actually start making some silos :) I love the patterns!!!

Celia said...

These blocks just make me smile every time I see one. I am definitely making one of these quilts! On a separate note, your tutorials are some of the best on the internet. The pictures of every step are clear, the instructions are detailed and it all seems easy and fun.
Thanks for the awesome job!
Happy 4th!!!

quilter000 said...

Awesome love it all I have dreams of it all finished and hanging. Thanks again

Jacqueline said...

I am having quilters regret that I have not been doing this qal with you. I just have too many projects right now but darn if I don't love these blocks.

Gigi's Thimble said...

Cutest thing ever Lori!


Marcia said...

Love the Peas and Carrots block for the barn door. I've been using "traditional" barn colors, but after seeing your aqua barn, I will have to do a CUTE version of this quilt, too!

Sandy said...

Another great, fun barn tutorial...thanks again for some great instructions...and cuteness!!

Helen L said...

I love your gold and aqua barns: my daughter, when she was little, asked "Why are all barns red? Why can't they be other colors?" My plan is to make my barn quilt with many different colored barns> Thanks for the lovley barn patterns!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

Mary Reap said...

Lori you are amazing! Thank you sew much for sharing these cute blocks with us!

Suzanne said...

I think this is the cutest barn to date! Not that the fact that turquoise is my current favorite color has anything to do with it....Its just plain old darling! Now I will have to make the barns with silos quilt-even though I made the other barns, I think I will go wilder in color with this one!

Sigrid said...

Thanks for another beautiful barn!I just love the blue and the 'peas and carrots' block. The little girl I babysit loves her peas and carrots mixed. You must have heard me chant "what will we have to eat today - peas and carrots, peas and carrots...."

doodlebugmom said...

My lack of sewing skills would never allow me to make barn quilt squares. But looking at your lovely work I am inspired to paint a quilt on our barn door!

Deb C. said...

oh those barns...they just jump off my computer monitor and 'get' me. I would love to dive into your stash you are teasing me with in the photo behind your granddaughter! Oh, love it soo so much.

Matsha said...

Pre ordered your book! Cant wait! Have a dozen ideas for your new line! Pick me pick me!

gramtech said...

I just pre-ordered your book; I can't wait to get it!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to receive your fabulous book! Love your designs!

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with your blog. It s my absolute favorite, I just preordered your book and I am counting the days until it comes out. I wish you were my neighbor so we could quilt together....we have the same tastes in quilting.

Lindakay said...

I am so in love with your blog. I just preordered your book and I am counting the days until I get it. I wish we were neighbors so we could quilt together, we have the same taste in fabric and quilts.

Bluebird of the shire - Gay Youngman said...

Yes, I pre-ordered your book a few days ago when I got a newsletter from Fat Quarter Quilt Shop. I love your new fabric as well.

Bluebird of the shire - Gay Youngman said...

Yes, I pre-ordered your book, and your new fabric is lovely.

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