Monday, January 25, 2016

BLOOM Sew Along - Week Two - Block Two!!

Good morning cute people!
Welcome to the second week of the 
BLOOM Sew Along:)

I'm so excited to be sewing the 
BLOOM quilt with you:)

to download my free pattern

Grab your 
BLOOM set of my Sew Simple Shapes
and let's get started...

On block number two!

For this block we will be using
A-1   A-16   A-18
from the Bloom Sew Simple Shapes

You will need to cut BOTH from fabric and Pellon;
 1 - 2" square for circle
4 - 2" x 3" for red petals
4 - 2 1/2" x 3" for blue tulips
1 - 5/8" x 15" strip for stems
(you will need 2- 6 1/2" long stems prepared)
Cut your background 9" square
(trim down to 8 1/2" later)

Trace around the shapes onto your Pellon.
Just a reminder...
I use SEW-IN light to medium weight.
You can find it online
or at your local fabric and craft store

Pin your Pellen with tracing side up to your fabric that is also right side up.

***TIP*** For smooth lines...
go slowly and lift your foot often 
to pivet when you are sewing on curves:)

Trim about 1/4" past stitching lines...

Clip the X's in the Pellon...

Turn and press.

Press your background fabric in half both ways like this.

Prepare your your stems 
just like I showed you in the 

Now you are ready to layout for basting.
Start with one of your 6 1/2" long prepared stem strips
 and center it on the diagonal line of your background block.
That means it will go 3 1/4" above and below your pressed line...

Like this. 
Use your favorite basting method...
I like to use basting glue on mine...but take note that I use it sparingly.
Just one tiny dot in the place of where I would normally place a pin.

Repeat for the other stem.

Now to place the red petals.
Place them so that the points just touch the stems.
Use your pressed lines to make sure that the petals are centered.

Now for the circle.
I found it helpful to measure 2" from the 
outside edge of each red petal to center the circle.

Now place the blue tulips by measuring 1 1/2" from the circle like this.

Use the diagonal lines to make sure your tulips are centered.

Now for the appliqué...
it's your choice to do it by hand or by machine:)

When appliqué is complete...
press on the back only.
I sprayed a little light starch on the back
before pressing to help get the pressed lines out of the background.

After pressing...
trim up your block to 8 1/2" square 
just like I showed you in my

Lay out your 
block border strips and squares...

And sew it together:)

Block Two is complete:)
Be sure to use 
when you post it so we can all see!

I hope you are enjoying making my BLOOM blocks...
Be sure to visit 
and see what they are doing 
for the sew along!

Join me next week for block three:)
Where you're Planted!

Monday, January 18, 2016

BLOOM Sew Along - Week One - Block One!!

Welcome to the 
first week of the
 BLOOM Sew Along!

Isn't this banner cute?
Feel free to use it when you are 
posting your blocks! 

Here's a smaller version
 for you to add onto
 the sidebar of your blog
 like I did:)

Because this is the first week there is
 a lot of information.
Bee prepared to click on a few links 
to my recent blog posts
that I did earlier 
in preparation for today!

I'm super excited to be sewing my 
BLOOM QUILT with you:)

If you are 
sewing with us too...
 All you need to do is grab your supplies and 
tune in here every Monday.
 I will be doing a step by step tutorial
for each block right here on my blog:)

A few weeks ago...
 I posted about the supplies needed to make the quilt. If you missed that...
CLICK HERE to catch up!

You will find all of the fabric requirements
 and of course cutting instructions 
for the quilt block and borders in the pattern.
Basically we will be using a fat eighth of all of the prints as well as all 3 of the fat eighth panels for lots of yardage for background and borders.

to download the free pattern
if you are just getting started:)

I will be using my 
latest fabric collection 
(check with your favorite quilt shops
 to see who has kits for the BLOOM QUILT)

And for all of the flowers and leaves
 we will be using my new
 Sew Simple Shapes

If you don't have them yet...

Today we are doing block one!
All of the blocks are numbered
 in the pattern so that you will 
always know which block 
we will be doing 
each and every week.

Grab your fabric...your pattern and 
your templates
and let's get started!

You will need to cut a 9" square 
from the background fabric
for every block in this quilt:)

Today we will be using 
Sew Simple Shapes
 A-3  A-17  A-21 
to make the appliqué pieces for block one.

 You will need to cut from 
*BOTH fabric and Pellon;
1- 4" square for circle
2- 2" x 2 1/2" for leaves
5- 3" squares for petals

Also cut 1- 5/8" x 5" strip
 just from the fabric for the stem.

So guess what?
I did a video tutorial for block one!

Cindy invited me to join her at 
  to talk about the sew along 
and to show how I use my Sew Simple Shapes 
to prepare the pieces for appliqué. 

Isn't Cindy adorable?
She will be posting her finished blocks
 on the 
today and every Monday as well.

to see the video tutorial:)

Follow my instructions on the video
 to prepare your pieces and then baste them 
onto your background.

You can use pins or basting glue or even 
baste by hand with needle and thread.
to see my blog post about basting 
appliqué pieces.

This is mine...
right before appliqué:)

When your pieces are
 ready for appliqué's your choice 
on whether to machine appliqué 
or to hand appliqué.

Check out my blog post
 about both appliqué methods
by clicking HERE

After your appliqué is complete 
and you have pressed your block... 
(from the back only)
It's time to square up your block
 with an 8 1/2" square ruler.

Find the center markings
 on the ruler.
On this one you can sew the orange lines
in the center both ways.

Lay the center line 
 across the middle 
of your stem like this.

Make sure that there is about
 1/4" of the block outside all four 
 edges of the ruler.

 Make sure that your rotary blade is sharp!
 When trimming a block...
you don't want to 
"saw back and forth" for uneven edges... 
 you want to make one nice clean cut:) 

 I like to trim the right side and the 
top edge first...

Then turn my block upside down
 and trim the remaining 
two edges in the same way.

Of course if you are
 left handed you will do the opposite:)

Now for the 
outside borders on the block.

cutting measurements are in your pattern.

Lay your pieces out 
on your design board and take it to your 
machine for stitching.

Your seam allowances need
 to be an accurate 1/4".
I like to use my 

To see my 
blog post about it...

First stitch the pieces together
 into 3 sections like this ...

And then join the 
top and bottom sections 
to the center section.
It should measure 12 1/2" square 
at this point:)

I like to press my seams open
 on these blocks to 
keep them nice and flat.

Press from the back.
In all of the years that
 I have been doing appliqué 
I have found that my 
appliqué pieces look nicer
 if can avoid pressing directly 
on top of them.

I like to use fork pins
 (by CLOVER) 
to help my seams line up exactly.
They are thin and you
 can sew right over them!

They are awesome because 
each side of the seam is 
secured with a pin and 
that means no shifting 
when its under the feed dogs
of your sewing machine.

Nice and flat:)

Block one is complete:)

I hung mine on the wall in my bedroom 
to take this photo and I love the way 
that it looks there so...
I might just have to
 keep there for a while:)

I can't wait to 
see your block one!
When you post sure to use 
 so that we all can see it!

I'll be posting mine on my
and I hope you do the same!

It's always so fun and inspiring
 to see what other members
 of our sew along are doing.

My guest blogger 
for today is Kimberly...
 to visit her and see
 what she has done!

Tune in next week for block two.

Until then...
Where You're Planted!

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