Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fabulously Fast Quilts!

Good morning cute people!
Welcome to my stop on the
The tour is to introduce you to the new book
by my friend Amy...
and I think it's a perfect name for it.

I'm so excited for Amy…
 and her first IS fabulous…just like her:)
Look at the colors of this quilt 
against the chippy aqua background…
so beautiful.

What is exciting to me about this book
 is all of the 
scrappy goodness going on.
If this is your first time visiting my blog,
You know I love me some scrappy quilts
and I use my scrappy stash
 every time that I sew.

All of the quilts in
 Amy's book are perfect
for this kind of scrappy stash sewing.
Amy asked if we on the tour would share a
fabulously fast tip…
and my tip is something that I talk about quite a bit…
How I build, store and use my leftover fabrics.

These are my quilty scraps.

Also known as -
my little bits of happiness.
They are all cut from
 the leftovers 
of my quilty projects.
I use them ALOT!

The reason it is so 
easy for me to use them …
is my fabulously fast tip.
And here it is…
I cut my leftovers into
 use-able sizes.

We all have leftovers that we keep 
because they are too good to throw out.
But really what is the point of keeping them
if they are just in a bin somewhere in your sewing room…
or under your bed?

 I like to cut my leftovers
 into strips and squares
and store them in baskets
 on the shelves of my studio
 where they are ... 
1. Easy to see  
2. Easy to reach

It makes sewing anything 
from a quick little gift to a 
large scrappy quilt so simple!
(and I love making something from nothing…don't you?)

 if you want to know more 
about my scrappy stash:)

Go check out Amy's book 
and go check out these other
fabulously fast tips 
from others participating
 in Amy's blog tour:)

Have a quilty kind of day!!!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

3 New Vintage Happy Patterns!...

I have been a busy bee playing with my 
newest fabric collection Vintage Happy.
Today I have 3 new patterns listed in my shop.

This first one is called
 Tumble Dry
I used 72 - 10" squares of Vintage Happy and a small amount of
 several matching solids to make the quilt.

I think the blocks remind me of the back of the dryer drum…
or a laundry symbol and so that is how it got it's name!

The blocks are rotary cut and pieced…
then turned into a circle with the help of my large
Bee in my Bonnet Circle Ruler.
Afterwards they are machine appliqu├ęd.

It may look complicated but I promise it's sew easy…
(and easily addictive if I may say so)

I used this fabric from Vintage Happy for the back.
It's called the Vintage Cloth but I like to call it my
Vintage Victoria's Secret print…wink;)

And speaking of Vintage Victoria's Secret…
next up is my quilt of vintage bra's…
appropriately named

"Support Group"

I chose to use a new Riley blake solid 
for the background called Petal Pink…
Don't you think pink is a perfect color for a bra quilt?

I designed four different bra blocks called…
Training Bra, 34B, C Cup and Double D!

I mixed and matched Vintage Happy prints and a few solids...

And finished it off with a scrappy binding:)
The blocks are all rotary cut and machine pieced.

And last but not least is 
this quilt called of course...
 Vintage Camping! 
This quilt is inspired by
 my childhood camping trips.

My parents would load all of us kids
 (there were 10 of us plus our Irish Setter)
in the station wagon and 
off to the mountains we would go!
We were a close family 
inside that station wagon …
whether we wanted to be or not!..hehe:)

Good Times:)

As usual…
everything in this quilt is
 rotary cut and machine pieced as well:)

I started off by making the station wagon...

Then the vintage trailer

And then pieced the letters
 to spell out camping...

And put them all together and sewed lots
 of Vintage Happy squares around them:)

I backed it with this print from
 Vintage Happy…
inspired by vintage sheets:)
I made this for our trailer and
I can't wait to sleep 
warm and cozy under this quilt
on our next camping trip!

I also included this Vintage Trailer pillow in the pattern.
I plan on using this pattern a little later 
to make a quilt with all different Vintage Trailers:)

Each new pattern has just been listed
It feels so good to be able to show you 
some of what I have been up to!

I have one more 
Vintage Happy pattern coming
but it won't be ready 
until Spring Quilt Market:)

Until then…
Have a quilty kind of day!

P.S. I'm excited to be teaching
 my Vintage Camping quilt 
in a 3 day workshop May 1, 2 and 3rd
at The Quilt Barn in Kimberly, Idaho.
If you are in the area…
to see if there is a
 spot available and come sew with us!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Great Granny Sew Along - Week Two - Crochet Hook and Yarn Block!!! ...

Tomorrow is week two in the 
If you haven't joined already…
click on the above link 
to find out all of the details
and sew along with us!

Block two is the crochet hook and 
balls of yarn block that go below the basket.

This week is hosted by 3 adorable quilt blogs…

Go over and visit them tomorrow
and see their way cute blocks,
to get this weeks PDF companion sheet, 
and to get all of the giveaway details as well!

I am loving all of the 
basket blocks from week one
 that have been showing up on the 
When you make this weeks block 
and post a photo (or three or six:)...
 on the group page you are
 entered in this weeks giveaway!!!

I am posting this a day early because
 tomorrow I am posting about 
some of my new Vintage Happy patterns!

Have a quilty kind of day!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Great Granny Sew Along - Week One - Basket Filled with Yarn!!!...

Today is the first day of the

This first week is hosted by Pam…

And by Erin…

and also Sherri

Click on their names to see their versions 
of my filled with yarn basket block…
and to get this weeks PDF download.
Also go visit the
to see Kimberly's and Debbie's
filled basket blocks! 

This is my version of my basket block...
 before it was quilted in to 
"Mama's Crochet"

I hope you are all having fun
 using GG Squared as your manual!

For this week's giveaway…
is generously giving away
3 sets… yes 3!!!
 of my favorite embroidery scissors and 
my very favorite pink point protectors.

The point protectors come 
in different shapes and sizes…and 
are made for the 
points of knitting needles…

 but I have always used them for
 the points of my pointy quilty tools
like my scissors…
seam ripper and tailors awl.

I love them so much I even did a
 YouTube segment about them:)

So whip up your own basket block 
and load it up on the new
so that you can win a set of your own!
I can't wait to see your blocks:)

Have a great granny kind of day!

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