Monday, October 31, 2016

Cozy Christmas Sew Along - Week Twelve - Block Twelve!!

Hello and welcome to the 
Cozy Christmas Sew Along!

We are almost finished making the 
Cozy Christmas Quilt but you can 
to download my free pattern 
if you are just getting started!

to get your set of 
Cozy Christmas
Sew Simple Shapes

Visit your favorite quilt shop
to get the Cozy Christmas Quilt Kit

Today is the last block...

And these are my print choices from the 
 Cozy Christmas fabric for this week.

Cut your fabric and 

Prepare the bow center by 
using the 1/2" bias tape maker.

Trace the Sew Simple Shapes
 onto the interfacing.

Pair up with the fabric ...
sew and trim:)

Cut the interfacing for turning 
so that you can appliqué!

You can point your ears up or 
more to the side depending on your mood...
but make sure that you baste them 
at least 3/4" down from the top edge 
so that you don't cut the tops off while trimming:)

Mine are 1" in from the side...

And his bowtie is 3/4" up 
from the bottom edge.

Pin everything into place 
and get ready for appliqué!

After appliqué is complete grab some 
and do the embroidery:)

Trim your block to 6 1/2" square 
and add your little bells border.

Piece the outside border 
and take a photo for posting:)

Then do a happy dance 
 you have just finished 
ALL of the blocks!


Sew the last row together
 and add it to the top three...
Then add your borders
 just like in the 
pattern instructions.

Next week I'll show you
 my completed quilt!!!
See you then...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Cozy Christmas Sew Along - Week Eleven - Block Eleven!!

Good morning cute people:)
Week Eleven is here!

We are getting closer 
to the end and 
I'm sew excited!

Don't even worry 
if you haven't
 started yet though...
Because each weeks tutorial 
will remain right here 
on the right side bar 
of my blog.

Just scroll down 
until you see the week 
that you would like to sew 
and click on it!

to download my free 
Cozy Christmas Quilt Pattern

to get your 
Sew Simple Shapes

Visit your favorite quilt shop 
to get the 
Cozy Christmas Quilt Kit

So far we have 
three rows completed!

And today we are doing Block 11:)


These are the prints that I used 
this week for my appliqués.

to download the cutting guide

And cut your 
and your fabrics:)

Don't forget to prepare the
 bow center using the
 1/2" bias tape maker...

As well as one for 
the ribbon on the gifts:)

When tracing...
remember to trace one 
of the tie shapes in reverse.

After sewing and trimming...
make sure to clip the
 INSIDE curves on the 
tie appliqués.

Cut your interfacing ...

Turn and shape!
Give them a good press 
and you are ready to 
prepare for appliqué.

Place the small gift 2" down
 from the top edge...

And the large gift 3/4" up 
from the bottom edge.

Overlap the small gift
 just a little:)

The tip of the bows should be 3/4" down...

And the ties should be
 3/4" from the side edges.

Pin into place...

And applique!!

I love how these little 
snowmen are waving
  across the top of the large gift:)

Audition fabric for your
 flying geese 
half square triangles...

And sew your 
block eleven together.


We are getting so close
 to the finish
 but I have tell you 
it makes me 
happy and sad 
at the same time
 I LOVE sewing with y'all!

Last week 
I showed you my new 

That I designed using
 some leftover pieces 
from our sew along:)

I made it into this runner 
for my kitchen table 
and I did a tutorial for you 
a few days ago.

to go to my tutorial...

And sew up more 
Cozy Christmas:)

See you next week!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

New!! Cozy Block and Table Runner Tutorial!!

Last week I showed you my new
Cozy Block
that I made using my 
Cozy Christmas Fabric.
And this week...
 I have the tutorial ready for you!

I made this table runner and it
 fits perfectly on the 
farm table in my kitchen.
The runner measures 
30" x 58"

Do you want to make one too? 

Okay then:)
Sharpen your rotary cutters 
and let's get started!

Sparkle Background - 1 1/2" yards:
(A) Cut 48 - 3" squares 
for making 96 HSTriangles
(B) Cut 76 - 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles
(C) Cut 64 - 2 1/2" squares

Red Recipe - 1/4 yard:
(D) Cut 16 - 3" squares 
for making 32 HSTriangles
(E) Cut 15 - 2 1/2" squares

From Assorted Cozy Christmas Prints:
(F) Cut 54 - 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles
(G) Cut 32 - 3" squares 
for making 64 HSTriangles

Binding - 1/2 yard

Backing - 2 yards

Use my shortcut method 
for making 
half square triangles 
that I show you 
in week one of the 
Cozy Christmas Sew Along.

Use the (A) squares 
for the background of 
all half square triangles. 

Make 32 - 
red and white half square triangles 
from the (D) squares

Make 64 - 
half square triangles 
from the scrappy (G) squares

Use your red half square triangles
 and sew them into 8 pinwheels.

They should measure 4 1/2" square 
before you sew them 
into the block center.

Pair up the scrappy half square triangles
 and sew them into
 32 segments like this.

Use the (C) squares 
for the 2 squares 
in these segments.

These segments should
 also measure 4 1/2" square 
before they are 
sewn into the block.

Make the remaining segment
 for the block by sewing a 
(B) and (F) rectangle 
together like this.

Make 32 of these and 
save the rest of the 
rectangles for the sashing:)

They should measure
 4 1/2" square as well.

Lay a block out 
on your design board 
like this and sew together!

Make 8 Cozy Blocks:)

They should measure 
12 1/2" square at this point.

Now sew the remaining (B) and (F) rectangles into the sashing strips like this. 
You will need 22 total and they should measure 2 1/2" x 12 1/2" at this point.

Lay out your blocks, 
sashing strips and 
red cornerstone squares 
to audition for placement... 
and sew them together 
to create your runner!

These are the Cozy Christmas prints that
 I chose for my runner backing and binding.

All quilted and bound:)

I love the way it looks on my table...

And it feels so good to 
have it finished and ready 
for when it's time to 
decorate for Christmas!

I'd love to see your 
Cozy Blocks 
so share them on 
and use the hashtag 

I'll see you back here
 bright and early on
 Monday morning
 for the block eleven tutorial 
in our  
Cozy Christmas Sew Along!

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