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Farm Sweet Farm - Week Three - Farmers Daughter Block!!

It's our time to 
hang out on the farm:)

Because it's week 3 in our 

We are playing with 
Farm Girl Vintage fabric and...

Farm Sweet Farm

This week is all about the pieced 
Farmers Daughter Blocks.

I'm going to show you how to
 make the 5" size...
the ones that are sewn into a row.

Of course the 10" size
 Farmers Daughter blocks 
are sewn the exact same way.
You can sew them anytime you want 
or save them until the very end 
when you're sewing the borders on:)

You will need to make four 
10" Farmers Daughter Blocks 
exactly like this one 
for each corner of the quilt.

On page 13 of the sew along guide
 is the diagram for the 
Farmers Daughter Block

if you need to download the guide

As you were cutting from 
each fabric listed in your kit...
you should now have a whole bunch of
 1 1/2" squares cut that are 
for the 5" Farmers Daughter Blocks.

Here's my pile after I had cut them all!

I labeled a design board 5" Blocks and 
placed them there as I cut from each print.

Here are my pieces 
for all of the backgrounds...
cut from my current 
favorite background fabric...
 the little red chicken tracks!

I separated all of my 
squares into blocks.
Take note that you will need to
 sew 2 blocks exactly the same.
That's why you sew 
18 piles instead of 36:)

I'm showing this photo to you 
so that you
 can see which fabrics 
go together in each block.

In each combination of three prints...
the two squares on the right 
are the single squares
 that go in the centers (Pieces "E")
 and the middle squares are
 the four matching squares (pieces "D")...
and finally the bigger stack 
of squares on the left 
are the ones on the
 outside of each block. (pieces "C")

I also placed all of my 
background pieces on a design board
 for safe keeping while I sew!

I'm going to show you how 
to make this block...
and remember I'll be making 
two of them exactly the same.

First make the center of the block...
which is just a simple 9 patch.

When you sew 9 patch  blocks...
you sew three rows of three squares
 together and then sew 
those three rows together.

I like to press my seams open 
when sewing small blocks.
It helps to keep them 
accurate and lying flat.

I also do not use steam 
on my blocks after I have 
cut them and sewn them.
I do not want them to shrink:)

That center 9 patch
 should measure 3 1/2" at this point.
I like to use my 
3 1/2" Trim - It Ruler 
to square up during this step.

Now it's time to add 
easy corner triangles 
onto each side of the
 "A" rectangles which are
 1 1/2" x 3 1/2"

I like to use the 
Seams Sew Easy Guide 
instead of marking a line 
on all of my squares.
 to see how I use it and how 
to put it on your machine.
I like to chain piece mine
 to save time and thread!

This photo shows what each one 
looks like when it's sewn 
(on the left)
and on the right how you
 trim off an approximate
 1/4" seam allowance.
Above that you can sew 
what they look like after pressing.

Lay the blocks out like 
this on your design board.
Sew the top pieces into a row...
the center pieces into a row...
the bottom pieces into a row...

And then sew the 
three rows together:)
Your block should measure
 5 1/2" square at this point
 before sewing them into the quilt.

I like to use my 
5 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
to help out with that!

All trimmed and pressed.

The back of my block:)

These blocks are fun and easy to sew...
and there are a total of 36.
There are 4 rows of 9 blocks each.

Before they are sewn together 
into the four rows you will 
need to sew a sashing strip 
(1 1/2" x 5 1/2") 
in-between each block and
 on each end of the row.

Each row should measure 
55 1/2" long which is what 
the top row measures
 after sewing all 
4 of those blocks together.

Obviously that's what the center row
 with the barn and trees measures 
 and also the bottom row 
with the tractor and cow etc. 

Now that two of these blocks 
are finished I'll be sewing 
the rest up over the next
 couple of weeks as I have time...
and I'm assuming that you 
will do the same as well!

And I'll be sewing up the rest of my
 10" Farmers Daughter Blocks as well:)

As a reminder...
this is not a race and you should 
not feel pressured or think that
 you are "sew behind"
 because there is no such thing!

Sewing under pressure is not fun...
give yourself a break and 
 simply allow yourself to 
enjoy each step of 
our sew along journey.

Y'all are doing great...
and I'm loving the posts on 
Keep plowing through...
it's the Farm Girl way!

Next week is the Tree Block.
After that instead of doing the 
Barn and Silo Block tutorial 
I'm going to do the
 Chicken Coop and Windmill block tutorial.

I'm working ahead by a few weeks 
and as I was doing so I realized
 it makes more sense to
 do that block BEFORE the barn
 because they need to be sewn together
 before you can completely 
lay out all of the appliqués....
so that's the reason for my change.

Bee sure to "tune in" 
next week for that tutorial!!

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Unknown said...

I am so excited! I just ordered my supplies from the Fat Quarter company. I can’t wait to start. This is such an adorable quilt. ❤️

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