Monday, January 22, 2018

Let's Bake Sew Along - Week One!!

Oh my goodness!
Tie on your aprons and 
pre-heat your sewing machines...
 because week one of our
 Let's Bake Sew Along 
is finally here!

I hope y'all are excited 
to get started on the 
Let's Bake Quilt!

Depending on your individual sewing time...
some of you may be able to
 keep up with the sew along weekly.
That's great!
No worries if you aren't able to ...
remember its not a race
 and it's more important to
 enjoy the journey...right?

As usual... each and 
every week's tutorial will 
remain on my blog forever.

Just look at the right sidebar
 (you must be viewing it in full web version) and scroll down until you 
see the sew along and click 
on that week you need to see:)

With that being said...
Let's get started!
Hopefully you have read 
my two previous posts about cutting
 your Bake Sale 2 fabric...
and all of the supplies needed etc.
If not...
Click HERE and HERE 

Grab your 
and Let's Bake!

Today we are baking up 3 yummy pies:)

As always...
there is a video tutorial 
for the very first week.
to get the recipe on baking the pie blocks!

Each Pie Block should measure 
4 1/2" x 8 1/2" BEFORE 
sewing them into the quilt.
Page 9 of the Sew Along Guide 
shows you the block name 
and the finished block size
 AFTER it is sewn into the quilt.

In the video 
I also showed you a little bit about the cross stitch on the gingham...
and I'll be showing you how to finish up the Stitched Flower Blocks today.

I LOVE to cross stitch on gingham...
as I said in the video...
I learned when I was very young.
It's so easy and fun to do!

We will also be doing the Tablecloth Block.
We always had a gingham cross stitched tablecloth in our kitchen when I was a girl...
most of them were made by 
my grandma and her sisters.

My Aunt Hazel made me a beautiful one on green gingham for my wedding shower.
That's why I chose the 
green gingham for this block:)

Grab your 6" gingham squares 
and your cute little 
and let's get started!

I like to either cut my fabric A LOT larger when doing cross stitch so it can fit in the frame and my work is in the center.
But because I didn't want to call for a ton extra of gingham for your kits I decided to use scrap fabric for temporary borders.
Y'all have some scrap fabric right?

I cut my strips 2 1/2" wide and added them to all 4 sides of my gingham squares.

I used the Q-Snap frames for these blocks!
You can get them at quilt shops...
needlework shops or craft stores.
This one has a 6" opening:)

I did the same thing for the 
Tablecloth Block.
The Q-Snap I used for this one 
has a 10" opening.

All ready to stitch!!
The Stitched Flower pattern 
is on page 15 and the 
Tablecloth pattern is on 
page 16 of the sew along guide.

Use the Chunky Thread as is...
do not try to separate the strands.

As you saw in the video...
I used my Chunky Needles from my 
Nifty Needles.
They are due to arrive anytime 
so you don't have them yet...
 but in the meantime you can 
use a size 18 chenille needle.

One flower completed!
Cute and easy:)

I used my 4 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
for the trimming:)
All of the lines make it 
super easy to trim up 
your block with the design
 EXACTLY in the center!

You could re-use the scrap fabric:)

All of the Stitched Flowers!
I chose to put these blocks on week one 
so that you could be working on them throughout the sew along:)

All of course should measure
 4 1/2" at this point after trimming.

Some of the blocks go inside of the quilt and do not have the scrappy borders.

You can sew the buttons in the center of these now...or wait until after quilting.
It depends on how you will be quilting your quilt or if your quilter is okay with that.
I sewed my buttons on first.

Here's a close up of the Tablecloth Block...

All finished:)

I cut my scrap fabric off...

And used my 
8 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
for this one:)

I chose 5 green buttons from the
 #3 Cute Little Buttons Jar.

I use all six strands of matching 
for sewing all of the buttons
 on in the quilt.

Your cute Tablecloth Block 
should measure 8 1/2" square 
before sewing it into the quilt:)

Now for the scrappy border blocks!
I used the "partial seam" method
 to sew these blocks.
If you've never sewn one before...
it's easy and I'm going to
 walk you through it now.

First lay your block out onto
 your design board and 
take it over to your machine.

Sew the left strip to the left side of the block...
starting at the top just like normal...
but stop at about the halfway point.

Don't press yet...
but just finger press the top part
 of seam towards the left strip.

This is your partial seam 
that you will finish up AFTER 
you sew the last strip on...
 I'll show you how easy!

Now sew the top strip on
 just like normal...and BTW...
of course these are all 
1/4" seam allowance:)
Press towards the top strip.

Now it's time to add the right strip.
Press towards the strip:)

Okay, it's time for the bottom strip....
press toward the strip. 
Now you can finish that partial seam
 on the first strip...

Easy Peasy!

Press toward the left strip 
and your block is complete:)
It should measure 8 1/2" square 
before sewing into the quilt.
Use the 8 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
if needed to square it up.

Time for the Cute Little Button
 flower center! 

I used Jar #3 for the
 Nutmeg and Yellow blocks...

Jar #1 for the Pink and Green blocks...

And Jar #2 for the aqua and red blocks.

Okay cute people...
that's it for the
 week one tutorials...
join me next week 
and we'll "whip up"
 a few more blocks!

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