Monday, March 4, 2019

Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along - Week Six - Barn and Silo Block!!

Good morning and thanks for 
sewing with me again:)

If you are just joining us...
to find out more about it! 
Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along

Let's get started on 
this weeks tutorial:) 
Grab your set of

And your Farm Girl Vintage Kit...

And let's build a barn!
We are working on the very center 
of the 
Farm Sweet Farm Quilt
to download the sew along guide

Get everything out that you
 cut for the barn block.
If you haven't done so already...
make the farmers daughter block
 that goes on the barn:)

There are several strips that
 I had you cut for this block.
On the left are the 1" wide strips
 that you will need to 
run through the 1/2" bias tape maker...
the yellow one:)
You probably did the 
 Shabby Steel strips last week:)

On the right are the 5/8"strips 
that you need to run through the
 1/4" bias tape maker:)

After making the 1/4" strips...
cut them in the following lengths:
Cut 4 - 13" long of the 
chicken tracks print for the barn doors.
Press one end under on each strip.

For the aqua dog collar...
cut it 2" long and 
press each under 1/4".

When you run the strip that is
 cut on the bias through ...
press it into a curve 
to use for the dogs tail.
Press under the top of the tail.

For the dogs legs...
cut four 3" long strips.

From the red strip for the silo...
cut it 8" long and 
press each under 1".

Just leave the 2 Shabby Steel
 strips as they are and you will
 trim those into the lengths
 needed as you are
 laying out the applique.

Before we "build the barn" 
let's prepare the appliqués.
Sew Simple Shapes 
that you use for this block:
H5 - 1
H15 - 2
H16 - 4
H17 - 1
H20 - 1
H22 - 1
H30 - 1

One thing that you need to do 
before sewing the clouds...
 is to draw a new sewing line 
to make them the cloud shapes.

These were the shapes that we 
used for the the trees and they 
easily double for the clouds
 with just one alteration!

Take note *that the cloud on the left
 is wide and the one on the right is tall.

I put them on a design board for you 
so that you can see how 
I've marked them.

This is the cloud on the left 
and I wrote that on the interfacing 
so that I would know.
I measured 4" down from the top 
and drew a line straight across.

I put an "X" below that so 
I would know I'm not using 
that part when I'm sewing.

This is the cloud on the right 
and I wrote that as well.
On this one I measured 
4 1/2" down to draw the line.

Then I pinned...
stitched and trimmed like this.

Sew and trim the rest of the shapes.
Before turning ...
clip the inner curves and 
cleavage areas on the clouds...
dog...hen and baby chicks.

Then shape and press.
Set your appliqués aside 
and lets build the barn!
Make sure that you trace and sew the hen
 and baby chicks facing the direction
 that you want them to face!

First step is the top part.
Lay out the pieces that I 
had you cut using 
the sew along guide.
The pieced blocks diagrams are on page 13.

Before you can sew them 
together you will need to
 make a flying goose for the cupola roof.

You will need to sew 
a square onto one side...
trim and press back 
before you can add the other one.

After you have sewn the 
top row of the barn block together...
it's easy to trace the 
rooster weathervane on at this point.

Now it's time to sew the middle row.
You will need to add 
an easy corner triangle 
onto the side pieces.
Take note to place them
 on the top OUTSIDE corner when sewing.

These squares are large so you will 
need to trace a line
 from corner to corner.

Middle section is built!!

Now sew the barn doors...

And add the side pieces.
Bottom section is built and
 you can sew them all together!

Build the silo with these remaining pieces.

Add it to the right side of the barn.
Your barn is built!

Because the
 Chicken Coop and Windmill 
 is finished now...

You can sew it to the left side...
 and you can lay out the
 appliqués on the barn and silo.

Start with the sun and 
the cloud underneath it.

Because the barn is pieced...
 the cloud cannot be tucked behind it...
so just fold it back and 
make a crease where 
you can trim like this.

Don't worry about that raw edge
 because you will cover it
 with the roof strips:)

Now do the same for the cloud 
on the other side.
Keep in mind that it is also 
peeking ABOVE the barn 
so be careful when trimming.

Now you can go ahead and pin into place.

Because this is such a big block
 I simply used several 
design boards underneath 
for the pinning and glue basting:)

Pin the top of the silo....

And the dog with the
 baby chick on his back:)

After appliqué is complete 
you can trim the bottom of
 his legs EVEN with the bottom edge 
of the fabric and then sew them 
into the seam when you
 are finishing the quilt.

Do the mama hen and her chicks like this.

Place the bias strips onto the
 barn door one at a time with 
the folded end at the top.

You can trim these bottom ends
 off after applique:)

Pin and glue the strip on the silo.

Place the roof down the center 
of the barn top line and glue 
into place then pin.

The pressed under end 
is on the bottom...then just 
trim it even with the 
roofline at the top.
Repeat for the other side...

And then prepare the top piece like this.

Side view:)
Now glue baste everything down...
remove the pins...
lay down rulers and 
something heavy on top and let it dry:)

Side view of my block
 all ready for applique...

And finally a front view:)

Remember to trace on all of the
 embroidery lines and embroider 
at the same time that you applique.

The hens and chicks are all
 embroidered the same as
 the others in the quilt.

The sun rays and the weathervane rooster 
are done with 3 strands of 
dark gray aurifloss and a backstitch.

I didn't trace the 
across the top yet because 
it extends into the tree block as well.

After the applique on this block
 is finished I'll sew the tree block
 to the right side and trim it up.
But first I'll sew the buttons onto these flower centers...

And sew a tiny little button 
onto the dog collar for an ID tag:)

Now it's time to sew the tree block
 to the right side of the barn block!
I lined mine up like this...

Pinned and stitched them together...
of course using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Now it's time to trim down the tree block:) 
I trimmed the excess off of the top 
of the tree block...using a long ruler 
to keep everything straight.

Remember that the tree block 
will need to be trimmed at 
24 1/2" tall just like the barn block.

I used a 24 1/2" long ruler 
to keep everything in alignment...
and I measured 3-4 times before cutting:)

When trimming the bottom I was 
sure to keep it nice and straight 
with the bottom of the barn block.

Last thing to trim is the excess
 off the right side of the tree block.

I placed my ruler on the seam at
 17 1/4" just like this...

Then trimmed the side.
The tree block finishes at 17" but
 you still need 1/4" leftover 
on the right for the seam allowance.
That's why I measured 17 1/4" 
from the finished seam 
on the left before trimming:)

Now that my trees are joined 
next to the silo I can applique 
that leaf that I've been saving 
on my tractor pincushion!
I pinned it using one of my
 Pretty Pins - Mini Applique 
 and quickly appliquéd it down.

These pins are super tiny ...
less than 1" long. 
I use them when I'm doing something 
quickly and don't want to 
take time for glue basting to dry:)

I love them!

Next up is sewing on the 
Cute Little Buttons
 that I had already chosen and
 set aside for this block:) 

I thought you may be wondering 
why I have so many threaded needles!

I sew the buttons on using 
matching Aurifloss and so I keep
 a threaded needle with each color
 on my Granny Square Pincushion.

Sewing on a button takes 
very little thread so when I finish one
 I just place my threaded needle
 back into the pincushion until 
it's time to sew buttons 
onto the next block.

That way I save thread and time!
I just grab by pincushion 
and it's all ready to go:)

Did you know that I have a 
video tutorial on how to 
make my Granny Square Pincushion?
Making a granny square is easy 
and is a beginner friendly crochet project.

You only need to know how to 
do a few basic stitches...
chain stitch...slip stitch 
and double crochet.
Easy peasy!

My grandma taught me to make my 
first granny square when I was 
6 years old and I have been 
"hooked" on them ever since:)

It's a 3 part tutorial.
Click on the links below 
to watch each one.

I use my Chunky Thread and
 100% Cute Crochet Hooks 
for all my crochet projects.

I have 20 colors so far...
with six new on the way!
Of course they match my fabrics too:)

These are my mini skeins that come
 in a cute little sampler pack.

Right now there is 
and my 
100% Cute Crocket Hooks

#4 Sampler Package will
 be available soon:)

All colors also come in full skein size.

Buttons on the flowers are sewn
 but I'm saving the ones for the
 apple tree until after 
the quilting is completed!

The only thing I left for me to do
 on my block is trace the 
Farm Sweet Farm embroidery and stitch it.
I'll use 3 strands of 
dark gray Aurifloss and a backstitch:)
I'll also trace the hearts and use 6 strands of red and a satin or fill in stitch.

After that...
the center row of the quilt 
is completed and ready to
 sew into the quilt.

At this point...
the row should measure
 24 1/4" tall x 55 1/2" wide

I'll see you here next week 
when we will start on row three!!


Regina said...

YAY! What a beautiful block! The middle row is awesome all by itself!
I ordered the chunky thread Sample Kit 1 and made two of those adorable pincushions, one for my granddaughter and one for myself. Now to teach my granddaughter how to do it! Thanks so much Lori! Looking forward to seeing that cute little tractor.

Nancy in NV-wheres the dude at blogspot said...

The details in this block are just amazing. I especially like the tiny button on the dog collar.

Helen L said...

Sew amazing Lori!!! And I'm sew far behind!! :-) But I'm looking to enjoying making each and every block!! you are so talented: it amazes me each time you come up with something that I love and I want to make it too! Have a sew wonderful week!! Hugs, H

Rebacca said...

I am behind but I know it's not a speed contest. I am truly enjoying each and every block. Of course I have everything cut out and ready to sew. I have completed the pig and the horse block, now onto the next. This is the first time I have ever done your projects and I am thoroughly taken with them. I plan to do many more. Thank you so much, you're so creative.

Rebacca said...

I have really enjoyed each and every block. I have them all cut out and ready to sew. I have completed the Pig block and the horse block. This is the first time I have joined in on one of your projects and I am thoroughly taken by them. I plan on doing many more. Thank you so much. You are so creative.

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