Friday, September 25, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week 22 and a new Farm Girl Block - Corn and Tomatoes 2!

Good morning Farm Girl peeps!
It's Week 22 in our 

We are almost finished sewing 
all 45 Farm Girl blocks 
in the 6" Sampler on the cover 
of my book 
but I promised you in
 the beginning that I would be
 throwing in several 
new blocks along the way:)

And this week I'm happy to 
announce that
the PDF pattern is ready for my 
Corn and Tomatoes 2!
Of course there are detailed
 instructions and also cutting
 for 6" and 12" block sizes:)

if you want to harvest your own
 Corn and Tomatoes 2!

I still have more Farm Girl Vintage 
companion blocks that will be
 released as PDF's 
over the next 6 weeks 
as soon as my 
Farm Girl Vintage Workshops 
are over.
 I always design
 new blocks for my students
to play that are top secret 
until then...and I can't wait to
 show you what they are!

But for now...
let's get to this weeks blocks:)
Turn to page 69...

And let's make 
Water Turn 

This is a super fun block to make...
Made up of simple
half square triangles 
and flying geese:)

I made and designed this block way back 
when we were in the middle of my 
Quilty Barn Along:)

When it was finished...

It ended up in a red barn
 with bicycles inside:)
It was not unusual to see
 bikes in our barn while
 we were growing up.

Now turn to page 70 
of the book and let's do 
I named this block Welcome because...

I used it in my 
Farmhouse Lane quilt 
from the book...
and nothing says Welcome 
like a farm house with
 a nicely kept front yard...right?

I think they look like 
colorful flowers 
all in a row don't you?

You can find the pattern 
and step by step instructions 
for this quilt in the book:)

Thanks for playing 
Farm Girl Friday with me today...

Don't forget to 
for the schedule and visit
 this weeks guest bloggers!

I also have another 
fun announcement this week.
Bee in my Bonnet Design Boards 
are now available 
in ready made form!
I'm so excited about this:)
They are very handy when
 making your Farm Girl blocks...

They come in two sizes
 and 6 colors!
The 18" size are perfect
 for the 12" blocks...

And the 10" size 
are perfect for 
the 6" blocks:)

As I've told you many times...
once you have used my design boards 
you will wonder what 
you ever did without them:)

These are some of the fun things that
has been doing with them this week:)

So if you never got around 
to making your own...
or you want to add 
to your collection...
(you can never have too many)
and go get you some!

Have a Farm Girl Vintage kind of day...

Friday, September 18, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week 21!!!

Good morning and welcome to

Grab your book and turn to page 67
(get yourself a copy by clicking HERE)

There you will find the pattern and instructions
 for one of this weeks Farm Girl blocks...
This is a favorite and looks like it's turning...
which is why I named it tumbleweed.
I added the 4 easy corner triangles 
on the outside corners to 
give it the appearance of being round.

I used this block to make one of the 
large Harvest Table runners from the book.

I like the secondary pattern that forms
from the 4 easy corner triangles 
when you sew the blocks together...
super fun!

I know I say this all the time...
 but it really is perfect for a scrappy project:)

Did you know that sometimes I like to 
use my runners as wall decor as well?

I've always liked the way that 3 runners
 look together and you can
 hang them horizontally or vertically...depending on the room.
Wouldn't these 3 look great above a sofa?
This photo is from one of my Farm Girl Vintage retreats.

Can you sew the 3 small Harvest table runners too?
They're a great size for wallhangings as well.
The large runners are made from my Apronstrings block...
my Gingham block and of course my Tumbleweed block...
all from the book:)

Next up is my
"Sunny Sunflower"
on page 66.

This is another super versatile block.
You can sew that I used browns in the center
and golden yellow for the petals
so that it looks like a sunflower...

But when I used bright scrappy colors
they look like zinnias!

The pattern for my 
Sowing Seeds Table Topper 
is on page 122 of the book.

The Sowing Seeds topper is a Mix and Match Setting.
Here you can see two quilts I made with the Sowing Seeds is of course with 
Sunny Sunflower blocks and the other
is my Butterchurn block which is on page 15.

When I started teaching my 
Farm Girl Vintage retreat/workshops
this year...I joined the Crops block from page 23 
onto the bottom of my Sunny Sunflowers...

Designed a new companion block for my students
to play with called Penny Pig...

Sewed up some of my Apronstrings block from the book...

And made this quilt using my 
Farmhouse Lane setting from the book.

You can purchase my
Penny Pig
pattern as a PDF download by clicking

Then we made giant
 Farm Girl Vintage Flowers 
at retreat using the 12" blocks from the book:)
Look at these cutie pie flowers
 made by my cutie pie students!
I love this photo:)

I designed even more companion blocks 
in both 6" and 12" sizes to go on top of my Crops block 
so that we could plant a 
Farm Girl Vintage Flower Garden!

These new flowers are also available 
as a PDF download by clicking 

Thanks for joining me for another episode of 
Farm Girl Friday...

P.S. Don't forget to 
and visit this weeks super cute guest bloggers!

Monday, September 14, 2015

2016 Cozy Cottage Calendar is Here!!!

I'm so excited to announce that my 
very first calendar has arrived
from the printers and is now available:)

Way back when the sample yardage of my 
fabric collection arrived...

I thought it would be really fun to 
dive right in and make a mini.
I used the squares from the 3 color ways
and fussy cut them for
 some sections of the blocks...

I of course used all of the
 other prints in the collection as well:)

Using the pieces together 
and auditioning each block for 
different colors and texture 
is super fun!

I chose to make mini
Cozy Cottage Blocks:)

Super cute and tiny!

Each little cottage is a different combo of fabrics
and has it's own little personality!

They eventually turned into a mini quilt...

Which is now on the cover of my new
2016 Cozy Cottage Calendar

It's on the cover because 
the pattern is included inside...
along with step by step instructions:)

I love how the quilt turned out...
and it looks so cute in my family room:)

There's no place like a cozy home!

And of course you know that I am 
known for doing my blocks in two sizes...

So I made the larger block into 
Cozy Cottage Pillows!

Of course the pattern for my pillows...

Are included in my calendar as well:)

I love how the quilt and 
the pillows look together...

I'm so proud of how my
 calendar turned out.
I couldn't have done it
 without my awesome publishers...

This is the back of the calendar
 and shows you the photos 
from each month inside.
All photography took place
 inside my very own cozy cottage:)

to get your very own copy 
and share each month of 2016
with me:)


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