Monday, October 31, 2011

New Crochet Edge Pillowcase Pattern...Plus 1 more!

Well you all know by now that I love crochet edge pillowcases.
I think my Daisy Cottage fabric is perfect for tons of crochet edge pillowcases...
so that's what I made!
"Crochet Edge Pillowcases"

Although I love the other method of sewing a buttonhole stitch with yarn around the pillowcase edge first...
it's a very time consuming process...
 so I came up with my own simplified and
much faster version:) 

I also designed a bit of Mr. and Mrs.
embroidery for the edges of
the gray solid pillowcases.
After all..what real cottage would be without Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases? 

I love the look of the cotton crochet lace paired up with the embroidered scallops.
A nice comfy cottagey texture:)

I like it sew much that I made a pillowcase using every piece of fabric in my
Daisy Cottage line.
Each pillowcase only takes 1 yard of fabric and takes 1/2 hour to cut and sew...
and about 1 hour to crochet the edges.
I love them!!!
There are so many ways to pair up different combinations of fabric, yarn and lace.

I'm excited about this new pattern and it will be ready for release at the end of this week along with all of my others.
You can purchase it here.

Speaking of others...I have one more new pattern to show you.
Although the above picture has crochet's not a pillowcase.

What could it be?
If you know me at all...
I'll bet you guess it right away:)

That's apron!

The "Daisy Apron"... to be exact.

With nice deep pockets...
and crochet scallop trim on the edge...

And a single row of crochet scallops across the bottom of the hem too.

Or maybe another without trim
on the pockets...

But with 2 rows of fluffy white rose trim along the bottom of the apron skirt.

The aprons have extra long ties for
tying a bow in the front.

And needs only 1 1/4 yards of fabric and are simple to make.

I have more aprons to show you because there are a few more variations...
but I am simply out of time for today!

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments about my Daisy Cottage fabric
and patterns...
I have had a blast reading them and
I love hearing from you.
You are who I design for!

The giveaway for the Daisy Cottage fat quarter bundles and new patterns will end at midnight (my time) tonight.
I will announce the winners on Tuesday:)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cozy Cottage Lane...

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
a beautiful day for a neighbor...
would you be mine?
Won't you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?
(stolen from Mr.Rogers..haha)

Will you be my neighbor on

"Cozy Cottage Lane"

Another new pattern by me.

I love house quilts...don't you?
So you know I just had to design at least two house quilts with a fabric line called Daisy Cottage ...right?

I knew that my furniture fabric with the
white background would be perfect for
fussy cutting inside the doors and windows of each cozy little cottage:)

I used my large gray floral for a scallop border that is pieced...not appliqued.

The pieced scallop border is one that I use alot in my designs because I love the way it frames my quilts and is so easy to do.

I love my Cozy Cottage Lane quilt....
what a fun neighborhood to live in...
will you live in it with me?
Coming up tomorrow...
2 more patterns to show you!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ring Around the Rosy...

Just a quick post today with lots of pictures of my new dresden quilt...
"Ring Around the Rosy".
I know.
I've showed you several dresden quilts that I've made before.
But I can't stop making them!
I love them...seriously people...
I might have to go to dresden rehab!
My name is Lori...
 and I'm addicted to dresdens.

I used a light pink background for a soft "vintagey cottage" look...
which are the two words that I use to describe my Daisy Cottage line.

I also made cute little mini dresdens to go inbetween the larger ones.

Before I continue on talking about how I made the quilt...first just take a look at the quilting!!!! friend Helen quilted this one too.

Helen is just amazingingly talented...she did an over the top gorgeous job!

She knows I love swirls and feathered borders.

Mr.Honey hung Ring Around the Rosy off of the upper deck in the backyard so it would hang down to the patio for pictures.

I always love to photograph my quilts outside if possible because the
natural light is so beautiful.

Instead of the traditional appliqued circles in the centers...I thought it would be fun to use doilies and buttons.
I love adding crochet details to my designs.

I often add buttons too...all of the buttons in this quilt are different but all are a cottage white:)

Notice that these dresdens only have 12 blades instead of the traditional 20.
I think the wider blades show off
larger scale fabrics!

The blocks are large...
so only a dozen big dresdens and 
20 mini dresdens make a
full size quilt for a double bed.

By adding 4 more large dresdens and 5 more mini's it would be a nice queen size...

or you could make only 9 large dresdens and
16 mini's for a square quilt!
The possibilities are endless which brings me back to why I love dresdens so much:)

My Daisy Cottage FQ bundle and new patterns giveaway still is ongoing...thanks to all of you for your lovely comments and good luck!

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