Monday, January 4, 2021

Flea Market Flowers Sew Along - Bee Prepared!!

Welcome to the Bee Prepared post 

for the Flea Market Flowers Sew Along!!

We will be making my 

Flea Market Flowers Quilt 

76" x 86"

The sew along takes place here on my blog starting on Monday, January 25th...
and yes...consider this your official invite!

This is a free sew along and all that you need to do to join in is tune into my blog here every Monday for the weekly tutorials for one or two blocks in the quilt.

We will be using my fabric collection called FLEA MARKET
This is a photo of everything
 in the fabric kit. 
There are a few more prints in the collection
that are not used in the quilt 
such as a few panels and a 
really cute vintage kitchen print!

I also designed 3 widebacks (106" wide)
to match the collection
that you can choose from to use 
for your quilt backing.
has just arrived last week and is
 making it's way to quilt shops everywhere!
If you do not have your fabric kit 
just do a quick google search
"Flea Market Flowers Quilt Kit"
to find a shop that would be happy to help you out!

I know because of what is going on
 in the world with shipping problems 
right now, that it may take longer
 to get your fabric kit...
but no worries because all tutorials
 will remain here on my blog:)

You will also need to download the flea Market Flowers Sew Along Guide.
Remember this is just what it's called...
a "guide" to help you through this sew along
and it is invaluable
but keep in mind it is not a pattern.
I will be doing the step by step tutorials for the blocks and so there is no pattern available nor needed during this sew along.

I usually keep my sew along guide in a plain white binder but I'm happy to say that I now have a binder coming out with each fabric collection that you can keep your guide in:)
This is what the outside looks like...

And the back.

On page 2 you will find the introduction page with the fabric requirements and all of the supplies that you will need.

I'll go through them with you one by one in order that they are listed in the guide.

This is my large Vintage Trim (ric-rac)
in the color Riley Coral.
We will be using the large size to 
tuck inside of the binding after
 the quilt is quilted:)

We will be using the 
for all of the leaves...
there are 2 sizes and all of
 the leaves are these two sizes 
in the entire quilt:)

We will be using my 
to make all of the flowers.
Depending on what lines you use 
to cut on will depend on how big 
each flower is after sewing them:) 

I have two different sets of 
and both sets have different 
sized circles from the other. 
Above is the one you will need
 for this sew along.
It has four rulers in it and we will 
use all four sizes for the
 centers of the flowers.

You will need two packages of the 
Sew-In Interfacing.
We won't use it for the flowers because 
those edges will already be
 turned under after sewing them...
but we will be using it for 
every leaf and every circle.

On page 8 of the guide you will find
 the sizes and quantity that you 
will need to cut from the interfacing.

This is my favorite!
I affectionately call it 
but it's really called 
Sue Daley Applique Glue.
I use this for glue basting my blocks
before applique.
(you can choose to applique 
by hand or by machine)
I love it because it holds my applique 
pieces well but they can be adjusted 
if needed and is also water soluble 
which is always a bonus!

There are two sizes needed 
of the bias tape makers by Clover.
1/4" and 1/2"
We will use both for the flower stems.
We will not actually be cutting any 
of the strips on the bias because 
all of the stems 
are straight and not curved...
but we will still run them through
 these makers for the stems.

You will need to sew an 
accurate 1/4" seam allowance 
when sewing your pie slices together 
for the flowers and of course 
when sewing the blocks together.
This is what I's my 
My newest edition already have
 the rectangles cut out...
the older ones work exactly the same but
 you just cut the rectangle out yourself.

If you have not used my design boards before...
you may want to get "on board"
 for this sew along
You will find them invaluable in keeping 
each block organized after cutting 
and then laying out your blocks
 while sewing them together.

I always have new ones come out to match
 each fabric collection that can be purchased but you can always make your own as well.
I have done many tutorials over the years
 on how to make them...
to watch the latest one on my new 
YouTube Channel 

These are my very favorite pins to use during the basting part of making the blocks.

I find them just the right size and length.

I have many different sets of Pretty Pins...

these are the ones called APPLIQUE and come in this green package in a super cute container:)

You can choose whichever brand of thread 

you would like but just keep in mind

 that you will need colors to match

 each applique piece the best that you can.

My very favorite is Aurifil.

I have been using it for 10 years...

ever since I was introduced to it.

This is my special edition 45 spool set.

I have other smaller sets as well 

but this one will work 

if you happen to have it:)

There are many colors to choose from 
and in two different weights...
both of which will work for 
both machine or hand applique.

Inside the guide...
each piece of fabric from the kit 
is shown and what you need to cut from it.

I usually recommend that you cut 
all your fabric before the sew along starts
 but for this one I would recommend that 
you only cut all of the leaves and strips 
for the stems and wait on the rest.

I just don't want you to be confused 
when cutting the slices for each flower
 because there are so many different sizes.

I will guide you each week on how to
 cut those for each particular block tutorial.

It shows in the guide how to do it
 and they are actually super easy to 
cut once you understand what I mean
so I would prefer to show you 
for at least the first few weeks.

Of course you can go ahead and cut
 all of your background fabric pieces 
and there is a cutting diagram to do so.
We will cut them larger 
and then trim them down after applique.

On page 9 you will see what letter is assigned to each block and what size 
to trim them down AFTER applique...
 and what size that it finishes at 
after sewing into the quilt.

You will also see how the quilt 
goes together in three vertical rows
and then finally how the borders go on.

There is also a schedule so that 
you will know which blocks 
that I will be doing a 
tutorial on each week.
*This does not mean that you will 
need to keep up with this schedule.
You can if you want to finish your 
quilt by the end of the sew along ...
but I encourage you to sew at your own
 speed because we don't all have the
 same amount of sewing time each week.

The most important thing is to enjoy 
the sew along every step of the way 
without putting pressure on yourself.
Making a quilt is fun!!!
If you want to see what others are doing
 with their progress be sure to 
follow the hashtag 
and bee sure to use it when you are 
posting your photos on social media.

As always I have designed a 
page for taking notes 
from each of my tutorials.
You can copy off as many of these pages that you would like to include in your binder...
a page for each block might be fun!!
to download the notes page

And there is a page of 
Flea Market Clip Art 
as well so that you can 
decorate your binder... 
and use for bookmarks and tags.
to download the clip art page

let's chat a bit about week one!
I will be doing a video tutorial 
for one of the blocks on my 
for week one only.
The rest of the block tutorials
 will be here on my blog as usual 
and will of course be 
very detailed and step by step.

I did that for my 
PRIM Sew Along 
and I think that worked out well.

Block M 
is the one that I 
will be filming for week one.
I chose this block to start with because
 it is unique for the fact that it is
 the only one that has a patchwork center
 and it also has both sizes of leaves
 and so it's a perfect choice 
to begin with in my opinion!

 Block L 
is also on the schedule for week one 
and my tutorial will be here
 on my blog during week one.

so I think that is all the info
 that I have for you today so that you can 
I simply cannot wait to get started making
 Flea Market Flowers...
I'll meet you right back here on 
Monday January 25th!!



Monday, November 16, 2020

PRIM Sew Along - The Big Finish!!

Welcome to the big finish of the

72" x 90"


Even though this sew along has ended 
I will keep each week's step by step
 tutorials right here on my blog.
If you are just now starting
 to make this quilt
You will need to read the 
 post which details all of the supplies
 for the sew along and how it works.
I have also given the link there 
for the free PDF Download 
of the Sew Along Guide

to read that post.


for the first week blog post


for week two blog post

for week three blog post

for week four blog post

for week five blog post


for week six blog post


for week seven blog post


for week eight blog post


for week nine blog post


for week ten blog post


for week eleven post

for week twelve blog post

I just got my quilt back from my quilter!

My quilter is my good friend 
Juli Stubbs and she always
 does a fantastic job!

When she asked how I wanted it
 custom quilted...
because she always does
 that for my applique quilts...

I just kept thinking that 
my Prim Quilt was more suited to 
a simple repetitive pattern 
that was used for hand quilting 
back during my great grandparents time.

So I asked Juli if she would 
do a Baptist Fan and 
of course she said yes!

I am so happy with that choice!

I think it fits the style
 of the Prim Quilt perfectly:)

I took a lot of photos 
from several angles 
so that you could see everything:)

I also wanted to keep the label simple 
for this quilt...
so I cut another of the star blocks
 that we made for the corners...

And stitched it up like this.
For the inside star background
 I used CLOUD which is a 
Confetti Cotton Solid 
by Riley Blake Designs.
Cloud matches all of my fabrics perfectly.

I love this block!!!

I used a Micron Pigma Pen
 to write my name and also 
the name of the sew along and the date:)

This is the Prim wide back print color way
 that I chose for the back of my quilt
 and so I chose prints from Prim 
to match accordingly 
when making my Star Label.

I treated my star block 
just as I would a Sew Simple Shape 
and sewed it with the interfacing 
so that it could just be appliqued 
onto the back of the quilt...

Like this!!!

Of course TOBY had to get in on 
the action (as usual) 
as I was taking pictures.

I think he looks handsome 
in his navy gingham bandana:)

I just loved every step of 
making this quilt and I'm going to
 keep it hanging on my wall 
for a while because it
 makes me happy every time I see it!

So...I told you when this sew along was over 
that I would announce my next sew along 
and it's for my quilt called 

This is what the quilt looks like 
and I cannot even wait to make it!

Of course we will be using my 
next fabric collection called of course...

Flea Market will be here 
next month (December 2020)

And the sew along will begin 
Monday, January 25th 2021...
and of course you are invited!!

You can find out information about it
 by going over to my 
for a little visit.

On Friday I filmed all about
 Flea Market fabric and the sew along...

And I also introduce you to my 
STITCH fabric collection 
that will be here 8 months
 from now in July 2021

to go see all about it
and I hopoe you enjoy!!


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