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How to Build a SCARECROW Sew Along - Week Seven!!


Let's make one more block!!

Welcome to week seven of the 
"How to Build a Scarecrow"
Sew Along!

Are you ready to sew with me?

I hope that you will join me here 
each week when I will be 
doing tutorials every Monday!

Of course because we are all sewing 
from all around the world  
we all have different time zones...
But I will be posting each Monday 
right here on my blog 
and you can follow my tutorials 
any time during the week that 
 is convenient for you.

We are making the 
How to Build a Scarecrow Quilt
74" x 86"

The quilt is made with my fabric
 collection called AUTUMN:)

I hope that you all have all 
received your 
fabric kits by now...
 and that we are all ready to begin!!

If you still need one ...
just do a quick google search for 
"How to Build a Scarecrow
 Quilt Kit"
to find shops who still have some left.

I detail all of the supplies 
that you need to make the quilt in my
 Bee Prepared post right here on my blog.

I have already posted the
 post which not only details
 all of the supplies needed but
 explains how this sew along works.
I have also given the links there 
for the free PDF Download 
of the Sew Along Guide

to download the sew along guide
if you have not downloaded yet.

As per usual for the first block in my 
new fabric collection Sew Alongs
 that FIRST tutorial is a video.

Because I now have my own  
 I have posted the 
 Crow Block
Tutorial there.
to visit my channel and watch the 
tutorial and I hope that you love it!
Pretty please leave me a comment
over there and let me know:)

If you like what you see 
and my other videos there...
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I already did the tutorial for 
these border blocks to get us started!
if you haven't watched it yet:)

for that tutorial

for the tutorial

for that tutorial

for that tutorial


for those tutorials

Remember that cutting each block is easy
because of the sew along guide
that is provided for you.

Each applique block is now 
detailed for you in the 
sew along guide for your convenience! 

 Pumpkin  Block
 all cut and traced:)

Hay Block is cut and ready for piecing:)


After sewing... trim the seam allowances.
 You will need to clip the
   inner curves and or cleavage areas
in all of the shapes except the 
center front pumpkin oval  before turning.

Shaped and pressed and good to go!
Now let's sew the hay together. 

Start by piecing the top to the bottom.
Use a 1/4" seam allowance...

And press your seams open so that your 
block will lie as flat as possible.

Now let's add the easy corner triangles.
 You can use the Seams Sew Easy Guide 
or mark your squares like this.

Add them to each top corner.

Trim off the excess...

And press the seams open:)

Add the background to the sides and press seams open...

Now we can add the top and bottom...

And press those seams open as well.

Nice and flat!
Now let's go to the work table and add 
the baling wire on with Sue Glue!

I have taken pictures of my 
pinning and gluing process 
for each step of the way.
Here we go!

Grab your pencil and measure in 
1 3/4" from the side of the hay ...

and mark a line.

Now measure in 1 1/4" from
 the TOP side like this...

And mark another line.
Repeat for the right side.

Now lay down a thin strip 
of glue and place your "wire"
The marked line is on the 
left side of the wire.

Top is trimmed even...

And bottom has some hanging over
for folding under and glueing...

Like this.

Repeat for the other side.

Fold one end under of the 
shorter pieces and glue down.

I placed mine like this where it 
joins the longer pice on the front...

And then fold over the top to 
line up with the top of the hay seam.

Pin into place...

And Sue Glue:)
Now we can glue baste our pumpkin!

I glued the 3 sections together first
 and then placed it onto the hay 
about 3/4" in from the right side 
and about the same hanging down
 from the bottom of the hay.
Pin into place...

but before you glue tuck the stem down...

And then add the leaf.

Now you can glue it down for applique.

So cute!
Because there is quite a bit of 
applique on the pieced block
(Meaning the pumpkin)
I did go ahead and have you cut the
 background strips around the hay larger
 than needed so that you can 
trim down after appliqué is completed.

Use the 12 1/2" and the 15 1/2" 
Trim-It Rulers
before you sew into the quilt:)

I hope that you enjoyed week seven and 
all of my tutorials for these blocks:)

Now we have ALL of the blocks completed!!
Now I can only fit six of the 
border blocks on my design wall:) 

 I'm sew excited to get this quilt 
all put together!

I've got my fabrics for the sashings 
and borders and binding all ready to cut...

And the guide for the order in which to 
sew the blocks together into sections...

And how to complete the top for quilting!

At the end of the week 
I was planning to show you 
my quilt all sewn together
and bound with the buttons sewn on.
I'm waiting for the wideback
 to arrive before I get it quilted. 
That should be very soon
and when that happens
of course I will take a 
plethora of photos and show you
all of the details and do my 
The Big Finish post:)

Thank you sew much 
from the bottom of my heart 
for joining me in the...

How to Build a Scarecrow
 Sew Along


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