Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Free Sew Simple Shapes ReMix Blocks!!

I've happily introduced 
a new series called the 
Sew Simple Shapes ReMix
and I'm pretty excited about it 
because I get to design a new block
 every month using my 
Sew Simple Shapes!

The blocks will first publish within 
the Riley Blake Designs monthly 
newsletter which comes to your email 
on the third Wednesday of every month.
to sign up for the newsletter ...
it's completely free!

The following Friday of my 
ReMix Block newsletter release...
 I do a step by step tutorial on my 
showing you exactly how to make 
the block along with other 
information about my Sew Simple Shapes:)

We started in March and so 
we have two blocks so far...
and soon the block for May 
will be available!

This is the #1 ReMix Block from March.

For this block I used my 
PRIM set of Sew Simple Shapes...

And designed something completely
 different from the blocks 
that I designed for the
 Prim sew along quilt...
 such as the block one that 
you see in the photo above:)

That's why I named this series ReMix...
I wanted to take the shapes 
and use them in other blocks 
so that you can see just how versatile 
that my Sew Simple Shapes are:)

This is ReMix Block #2 from April.

I used my AUTUMN LOVE 
Sew Simple Shapes for this one.

This is a block from the Autumn Love Quilt
 for the sew along...

And it was so fun to use the shapes 
for a different kind of block 
that can be used in the spring as well!

to watch my tutorial and to 
learn more about my 
Sew Simple Shapes ReMix Series!!

Thank you so much to all of you 
who have already joined along with me 
in this fun new adventure...
if you have not joined in yet
I sure hope that you will!

I look forward to designing a 
new block for all of 
you each and every month:)
I'll chat with you later...

Monday, May 3, 2021

Red Sampler Quilt Along - Week Four!!


Hello Red Sampler folks and happy Monday!

Welcome to week four in the 

If you are just joining us...
 CLICK on the bold words 
above for my first
 blog post where I 
tell you all about it!

I have three more blocks for you!

This week I worked 
from three of my books...

For the 12" Block I made my 
Great Granny Block on page 5 
of my book Great Granny Squared.

I added my Bee Backgrounds Honeycomb 
print into this block along with
my Bee Cross Stitch Background. 
I also used my Flea Market 
Basketweave print for the medium tone
 which I'll be using a lot 
of as well!

I used my 12 1/2" Trim-It Ruler
 for my Great Granny Block:)

12" Great Granny Block

I made my 6" Vintage Pinwheel Block 
from page 105
from my book Vintage Christmas.
This block is sew 
easy peasy and fun to make...
you simply need two red prints
 that have good contrast from each other:)

I used two reds from my stash 
and my Bee Backgrounds "Diamonds" print.

6" Vintage Pinwheel Block

I used my Farm Girl Vintage Book 
to make the other 6" block.
It's called Churn Dash 
and it's on page 19.
This version uses a print for the 
center square instead of the background.

I used my Chicken Tracks 
background and 3 reds ...
all are from my 
Farm Girl Vintage fabric collection.

You may find my 
Quick Dash video
on my YouTube Channel
 helpful when making this block:)
to watch:)

6" Churn Dash Block

I hope that you will have fun
 sewing your blocks this week...
as for me...I'm having a blast:)

So far I have made four 
12" Red Sampler Blocks...

And eight - 6" Red Sampler Blocks

I'm enjoying using 
red prints from my stash...
and shopping for a few more to add
to my collection!

And it's always fun for me 
to sew from my books again and again.

Because I made the 
Great Granny Block for this week...
I thought that you might want to
 see a few photos of my 
Great Granny Quilt from the book.

It's made from 
20 - 12" Great Granny Blocks 
So of course it's just another 
setting option for you 
if you would want to make 12" blocks only.

Now if you are one of those
 that I have heard from over the years 
who are completely addicted
 to making my 6" blocks...
you could always use this setting
 from my first Farm Girl Vintage book.
This quilt setting has 48 - 6" blocks:)

Well that's it for today folks!
I've shown you all of my blocks again...
now it's time for you to show me yours!

Go ahead and use the hashtag
when posting on your social media:)

I'll meet you right back here 
next week with 3 more blocks!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Red Sampler Quilt Along - Week Three!!


Hello peeps and happy Monday!

It's already time 
for week three in the 

And I'm having sew much fun!!

Are you ready to add 
three more blocks this week?

This week I worked 
from two of my books...

For the 12" Block I made my 
Cozy Star Block on page 24 
of my book Vintage Christmas.

I added my Bee Backgrounds Penmanship 
print into this block and 
used my Farm Girl Vintage gingham:)
As usual I'll be using it 
a lot because it works so well!

I made two 6" blocks from my 
Farm Girl Vintage 2 Book.

New Baby Quilt Block is on page 103
Starry Nights Block is on page 126.

I'm not sure if you have been
 watching my Sew Your Stash Series
 tutorials on my YouTube Channel...
 but you may find them very helpful 
as I show my tips and tricks 
on making my blocks accurately
 when small pieces are involved.

I seriously love how my 
Red Sampler Blocks 
are looking together:)

By the time I'm finished 
I will have made 
20 - 12" Blocks and 
30 - 6" blocks 
for the Farm Girl Vintage 2 Sampler 
quilt setting that I am using.

But just remember...
like I told you
 in my week one blog post:
 If you are not comfortable with 
making both 6" and 12" blocks 
you can always make all of 
your blocks in my 12"size and
 then use any of the settings
 in my books for 12" blocks only:)

"You're the BOSS of your own quilt!"

I really enjoy the process of 
choosing red fabrics for each block.

Most of the fabrics are my designs 
but I throw in others here and there
 because I have those in my stash too!

 I sure do love using the
 fabrics in my scrappy stash baskets...
and because of this sew along
I've taken the opportunity
to add a few more
 red prints to my baskets:)

I had an idea to show you 
a picture or two from the
 different photo shoots from my books.

All of the photography 
takes place here in my home.
Kimberly and the crew from 
It's Sew Emma come here to 
Salt Lake for a week 
and take as many pictures as they can
 while I style the photos:)

This one above is from my 
first Farm Girl Vintage Book
 and I loved it so much 
that I chose it for the back cover:)

I'm sure that you can 
figure out all on your own 
that this one is from my 
Vintage Christmas Book.

It's my Christmas Eve Quilt
 on page 168 and it's one 
that I put on my bed 
each year for Christmas.
It's made from 
25 - of my 12" Blocks.

This is just one of many 
12" Block setting options in my books
 and I hope all of these settings 
provide you with inspiration
for a very long time:)

Well that's it for today folks!
I've shown you my blocks...
now it's time for you to show me yours!

Go ahead and use the hashtag
when posting on your social media:)

I'll meet you right back here 
next week with 3 more blocks!

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