Friday, December 6, 2019

Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Along - Farm Girl Friday's - Week Six!

Hello again!
Thanks for visiting my blog today...

For our Farm Girl Friday's Week Six!

We are using my newest book 
Farm Girl Vintage 2

And Farm Girl Vintage Fabric...

And making 2 Farm Girl Blocks each week:)

Last week we made the 
Cross Stitch Block
 and the 
Curious Crow Block...

Today's first Farm Girl Block 
for this week is 
on page 41 of the book.

I named this block after my Dad of course!...
my childhood memories are chock full of 
Dad on his tractor and he taught me 
to drive on a tractor too:)

I'm happy to say that I can still
 find him on his tractor when I 
go home for a visit...
either that or taking the water turn:)

For the sampler quilt in the book 
I made my block 12" and used 
green fabric for a John Deere...
but then I made a 6" red Farm All Tractor
 and put it into one of my 
Farm Girl Pin Pillows on page 196.

These Pin Pillows are sew fun! 
You can use any of the 
45 - 6" Farm Girl Blocks 
or any of the 45 from the first book:)

I also had fun with the 6" red tractors
 and made them into one of my small 
Mix and Match Quilts 
on page 156 of the book.

This size is the cutest for a baby quilt...
it's crib sized or a super cute wall quilt.

Remember that just because this one 
is the small sizes quilt...
it could also be made using
 12" Farm Girl Blocks and then 
it would be a twin size!!

I used the "Two by Four" 
Mix and Match Block for the 
alternate block in this quilt.

Speaking of Mix and Match Blocks...

Let's talk about 
scrappy happy sewing for a minute:)

On page 155 in the book there are 
3 Mix and Match Blocks 
to use with the Farm Girl Blocks.

This one above is called Quarter Pasture.

Remember a few weeks ago when I 
showed you that I have been 
sewing squares (2" squares)
together for my latest 
starters and stoppers project?

I have been sewing them together
 in sets of two...

And then making them into four patch blocks.

I have been making
 7" Quarter Pasture Blocks 
for my latest 
Scrappy Happy Bonus Quilt
They are the ones that I used 
in the small Mix and Match Quilt 
for my kitchen:)

I used my chicken tracks fabric 
for the center strips in that quilt
 but for my new Bonus Quilt I've been 
using one of my new 
Confetti Cotton Solids...
called SONGBIRD.
I love how the block looks
 with a solid color 
for those center strips too!

Here's a pile of my progress...
I've been using up my
 2" and 1 1/2" scrappy squares.

So far I have about 1/4 of the 
quilt top completed...
I'm going to make it a queen size 
for the bed in our trailer:)
Any of the 3 Mix and Match Blocks 
are perfect for 
scrappy bonus quilt sewing...
a super fun way to
 use your stash to make
 happy patchwork quilts!

I included this picture of my 
Scrappy Project Planner 
with my photo of the tractor
 because inside of it is
 where I outline my 
complete method of sewing scrappy.
I'm always getting emails about my method...
so I'm just reminding you that inside my planner I explain in detail:

How I buy fabric...
What sizes I cut it and why...
How I store it... 
and more importantly ...
How I USE my scrappy stash every time I sew.

(I also included 6 more scrappy quilt patterns in there for you!!)

Okay!Let's talk about the next 
Farm Girl Block for this week:  
is on page 45 of the book.

This is a great scrappy block as well!
I simply adore star blocks and
I think this one definitely says country:)

In the instructions I show you my
 easy method of making 
quarter square triangles...
four at one time...
which makes constructing 
this block a breeze!

I made mine in the 6" size 
for the sampler quilt.

I also used 5 of them in
 12" size for the 
October Skies Quilt:)

I hope you have fun making your two
 Farm Girl Blocks this week...
be sure to use the hashtag
when posting on 

I'll see you right back here 
next week and I'll chat with you
 about the next two Farm Girl Blocks!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Vintage Block Along - Checkers Block Tutorial!!

Oh my goodness!
Can you believe that we are 
on the last vintage block of the 

I have had such a special time
 sewing vintage with you 
and my grandma all year long:)

And it's been so fun doing it with my
 Farm Girl Vintage fabric too!

Today's tutorial is easy peasy.
We need 5 blocks that finish at
 3" each to fill in a
 small section of the quilt...
so I chose to make the classic
 9 patch vintage block 
in red and white and call them
Notice that there are 2 variations 
that I'll tell you about right now!

I used the same background for all 5 of Checkers Blocks and so I cut:
22 - 1 1/2" squares

I used 3 reds and used the
 same red in one block.

For EACH of these 
3 Checkers Blocks cut:
5 - 1 1/2" red squares

Sew them together like this 
and press your seams open:)

I used 2 more reds for 
these 2 Checkers Blocks 
and for each block I cut:
4 - 1 1/2" red squares.

Sew them together and
 press all seams open.

should each measure 3 1/2" 
before we sew them into our quilt:)

And speaking of that...
I've just been stacking the blocks 
on top of each other on my design wall 
until all of the blocks were finished.

Now I just can't wait to sew them 
together into ONE BIG QUILT and put it
 on my bed so it can be just like
 one big quilty hug from my grandma:)

I hope when you finish your quilt
 it will be like getting 
one big quilty hug from me!!

I'll be putting the quilt together 
in sections and doing a blog post 
for each section.

 To keep it all organized and easy to find...
 I will provide links for each section 
just like I've provided for each block.

The first section tutorial will be
 up here on my blog this Sunday 
and I'll continue on from there.

In the meantime you can 
go over of ALL of the blocks from 
beginning to end
 to make sure that you 
have them all completed!


1 - 12" Grandma's Star

1 - 15" Pattern Basket

1 - 15" Around the Corner

1 - 12" Little Farmhouse

4 - 6" Rhinestone

1 - 12" Vintage Lily

1 - 20" Star Shine

4 - 5" Humble

1 - 12" Egg Money

1 - 15" Quilting Bee

1 - 14" Sunday Star

10 - 3" Sweet as Honey

1 - 14" Bear Hug

1 - 9" Front Yard Flower

1 - 9" Granny Square
1 - 9" Memory
I'm using  my Granny Square Block 
for the front of my quilt 
and the Memory Block for the back label:)

4 - 5" Farmers Daughter

1 - 18" Potluck

1 - 8" Spool and Bobbins

1 - 15" Picnic

2 - 7" Sparklers

1 - 13" x 20" 4th of July Flag

1 - 6" Playing Card

1 - 15" Penny Candy

1 - 9" Mercantile

1 - 14" Family Reunion

1 - 14" Parade

1 - 18" Shade Tree

2 - 7" Wildflowers

1 - 16" Crossroads

1 - 8" Leftovers

1 - 9" Peony

1 - 8" September Star

1 - 8" Road to Grandma's

1 - 6" Six Sisters

1 - 12" Twirl

1 - 8" Wash Day

1 - 6" Fall Flower

1 - 8" Fall Social

1 - 8" Holiday Lights

1 - 4" Holiday Lights

1 - 8" Winter Flower

5 - 3" Checkers

Just looky at all the 
"vintage lovelies" 
that we made together!!

Besides just a fun walk down
 memory lane of sewing 
vintage this year...
Today my hope is by showing you the photo of 
each block and how many you need 
and also their size helps you to
 check them off your list of 
"fun and done" 
take note that the size of the
 block I gave you just now 
underneath each one will be 
the FINISHED size after we
 sew it into our quilt.

Okay well I guess you know now 
what I will
be doing for the next 5 days...
if you need me this is where I'll be!!

If you are just joining us...
click on each block that we have
 done so far to go to the tutorial:

8. Humble
15. Memory
19. Picnic
20. Sparklers
26. Parade
30. Leftovers
36. Wash Day

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