Monday, September 14, 2020

Prim Sew Along - Week Four!!

"Kindness and Generosity"

Welcome to week four of the

We are making the
72" x 90"

We are also using the

And my newest fabric collection 
to make the quilt:)

I have already posted the
 post which details all of the supplies
 for the sew along and how it works.
I have also given the link there 
for the free PDF Download 
of the Sew Along Guide

to read that post.

So far we have made 

for the first week blog post 


for that blog post

for last week's post

This week we will be making  

The PRIM Sew Simple Shapes
 needed for this week's block:
1 - K10
1 - K12
1 - K13
1 - K14
1 - K15
1 - K25
1 - K26
2 - K27
1 - K41
1 - K44
1 - K45
1 - K46
2 - K51
2 - K57

Prepared straight/bias strips 
for this block:

*1 /2" Birdhouse Post - cut 7 1/2" long

*1/4" bird legs - cut two 2" long

*1/4" Hat Brim - (it was cut on bias but
it's used straight) 
it should measure 3 1/2" long 
after pressing both ends under

*1/4" Flower Stems - cut two 4" long and
 press a slight curve in each

*1/4" Suspenders - cut two - 4 1/2" long

You will need to sew 
these pieces together before
you sew the shape for the arms.
Press the seams open to reduce bulk.
Use the shortest dashed line on the
 K-27 shape to mark on the interfacing.

Do the same thing for the hat/head combo....
sew together first and press seam open.
Use the line on the K26 shape
 to mark the interfacing
 just Like I showed you
 in the block one video.

Sew the birdhouse roof to the
 before sewing the K-41
 just like the previous two above.

Press the piece for the shirt print
 in half to find the center. 
Use the Sue Glue and baste the
 1/4" straight bias strips 
for the suspenders onto the shirt
 1 1/4" apart 
(5/8" away from the pressed 
center fold on each side)

Use the K-25 SSShape and 
mark the lines dividing the 
feet...pants and shirt onto the interfacing.

Sew the fabrics for the shirt...
pants and feet together
 using an accurate 1/4" seam allowance
 before sewing the shape.
Press seams open:)

You know the drill by now!
Same thing goes for the flowers
 in this block...using SSShape K57

Last one!
Sew the beak fabric to 
the bird fabric first
 and mark line onto interfacing.

Here is what all of my pieces
 that need to be sewn together first
 looked like after 
sewing and before trimming.

All of the appliqués on the 
cutting mat above 
are the ones that have cleavage areas
 and inner curves to clip before turning.

All of these lovely pieces
 will become block four!

I made the eyes with two 
french knots 
and I added a blush on this 

Time for pinning!

Use the 16 1/2" Trim -It Ruler 
for placement before using the
 Sue Glue and removing the pins.

Here comes all of the pictures 
of my block
 with the ruler on top 
so that it may help you with placement:

Glue is dried and it's 
all ready for appliqué:)

After applique...
pressed and trimmed
 to 16 1/2" square with the ruler:)

Isn't this Prim gentleman sweet?
He takes care of the birds 
and tends the orchards and gardens.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on the
 Prim Corner Stars 
that I posted last Friday 
on my YouTube Channel

In the video I've labeled 
the cut pieces A through G.
You can see my cutting 
for the block in the photo above.

if you haven't watched it yet:)

All of the cutting for each star 
is of course
 in the Sew Along Guide...
and in the video I show you
 how to sew the block together!

You will need 4 Corner Stars 
for the quilt border...
Each should measure 10 1/2" square 
BEFORE you sew it into the border.

I'm making several of the
 Prim Stars 
like the one I did in the video using the 
shirtings print for the background...
I'll be making a table topper!!

This Friday on my channel
is the tutorial for the 
PRIM Steps Block

I'll be right back here next week
 for the next block tutorial 
for our Prim Quilt... 
"Beauty and Simplicity"

Chat with you later!

Friday, September 11, 2020

Quilters Cottage Sew Along - Week Six!

Today is week six in the

It's hosted by 
and I am posting here during weeks 
two - four - six - eight!

Go on over and visit the 
Jolly Jabber Blog on weeks 
one - three - five - seven - nine


           before it was quilted!

Here is the schedule for the sew along 
and how each week is divided up 
between the blocks in the quilt.

Of course you will need your 
because it has all of the cutting and 
step by step instructions for 
making each block and 
putting the quilt together.

The quilt is made with my
 Vintage Happy 2 Fabric 
 but of course you can 
use whatever you would like because 
"you are the boss of your own quilt"

Fat Quarter Shop rounded up 5 amazing bloggers/instagram participants 
to post their blocks each week.
Please go visit them and give them some Quilter's Cottage Love!

And of course you can visit the hashtag
to see a lot of other 
block inspiration from
the book as well:)

Beverly McCullough
 (@flamingotoes), Flamingo Toes
Kristie Muir 
 (@heritage.threads), Heritage Threads
Vickie Zaleski 

I wanted to show you the 
Quilters Cottage Blocks 
that were sewn   
by our five participants.

All of their blocks are really cute!

The Happy Flowers are fun to make 
 that's for sure...
I want to make one in every print of my 
Vintage Happy 2 collection!:)

Flamingo Toes

Crosshatch Quilts

Sew Bella's Quilt Cart

Heritage Threads

Crocheting Vixen

I have loved seeing everyone's 
photos of their 
Happy Flowers Block 
keep them coming!!

I hope you are all 
still having sew much fun
 making your blocks for
 Quilters Cottage:)

P.S. Did you know that it's really fun
 to use your runners on the bed 
as well as on the table?
This one looks very vintage happy on there:)
I'll chat about this sew along 
more in a few weeks...
in the meantime...
happy sewing!
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