Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage Monday - Milk Bottles

I bought some old milk bottles at a consignment shop the other day.....the woman who brought them in had bought several cases from a dairy...yay for me!
They are 8 oz. size... perfect for an individual serving.
When I saw these, I knew I would find a good use for them in my vintagey kitchen.

Of course the obvious use would be for holding milk! .....but this morning I filled them with fresh orange juice. I like the idea of having OJ for my kids to drink with thier breakfast, already made and poured into a cute little bottle just for them. Any extra boost of vitamin C really helps.....especially during this cold time of year.

After I filled them, I thought I would just cut a square of wax paper & use a rubber band to seal them with....(just like we used to do for cream from our cows while growing up on the farm)....but then I got an even better idea!....I grabbed some cupcake papers out of the baking cupboard to try them on for size....perfect! And cuter than wax paper.

Aren't they cute? I would have showed you how cute they all look lined up in my fridge.....but yeah right!... like I'm going to show you the inside of my fridge....maybe when it's more

These papers are cute but now I'm going to have to look for more. I'd like to have a good variety in several prints and colors.....I really like that I won't need to cut toppers now and that cupcake papers are fairly inexpensive....I won't feel so bad using them only once.

I got my rubber band ball at Target last year....I havn't used it much since I really havn't found a need for rubber bands ...until now. I wonder if they have more? I 'll have to go check it out tomorrow.....
I'm looking forward to putting all kinds of good stuff in these bottles....I'm glad I found them.
A variety of fruit juices...V8...chocolate milk....eggnog...just to name a few. Maybe lemonade in the summer or even good old Kool-Aid....the list goes on.
Happy thrifting everyone!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vintage Monday - continued...

I'm posting Vintage Monday a little early again as I have a very busy day tomorrow and won't have a chance.

Last week I showed you the cake plate that I bought while shopping with my new BFF was a vintage china plate that had been glued onto a crystal candlestick, making it into a very vintagey-adorable cake plate. I just love it so much, I decided to make one myself.

Because I'm a collector, I have several pieces of vintage china that I've picked up here and there, so I went through them and found a handpainted saucer that I have had for quite a while.

I thought it would make a cute "mini cake plate" and would also look cute in my livingroom sitting on top of the one that I got last week.

I didn't have any glass candlesticks laying around so I went junking for those.

I found several pieces of glass that I thought would be fun to play with!

First off...below is my mini cake plate.

I thought it turned out was in my studio for the "photo shoot" so I placed the adorable pincushion that Sherri made me on it...cute huh?

One of the things I found was this really cute square glass plate....I brought it home along with a short pudgy candle holder that looked like it would work....and glued them together for another fun little plate on a pedestal.

The pincushion on top of it is one that I made several years sits right next to my Bernina.

I remembered that I forgot to show you something else that I bought last week at Material Girls while with Nanette.....a new item that Nadine just got in....wool-felt fat quarters in luscious colors. I bought several colors but put only a few that would fit on the plate to show you.
Kassidy and I will be having fun with this wool-felt (it's 80% rayon and 20% wool) during our
sew nights...more on that later...

I also found a little glass dish while junking and paired it up with a medium size candlestick and glued them together when I got home...

The pincushion on this one was made for me by
"my friend Linda no-blog"....

And this pincushion was made for me by "my friend Kim cute blog"!

How about a double-decker pin cushion?....cuteness

I already had this little glass dish on a pedastal that I bought to hold this pincushion that I made a few months back.

I found a pair of large candlesticks and another short chubby one for later use....I have not decided what to "marry" them with for now they will remain single!

The glue that I used is E-6000 and you can get it at any craft store....just in case you decide to do some match-making for your own junking finds!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yesterday at Yo-yo Mama's...

I took photos for show and tell. This first one is Shanna's signiture quilt from our Clothesline Club that she just finished. I am so in love with this quilt...ya'll know I'm a sucker for vintage 30's.....I took several shots for your enjoyment.

Here's Shanna with her remember her right? She went to Idaho with us on the quilting retreat in September.
Just click on any photos for close up details.

The next quilt is another one of Shanna's that she made for her daughter....actually, it's more of a throw than a quilt, her daughter requested no batting for this she just layered the front and the back.
The big squares really show off the vintage florals. Then she added yo-yo's (we are the yo-yo mama's) and buttons with bling! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !

The next quilt is Beth's that she worked on at the Idaho retreat....she had just picked it up from the quilters and was so excited to have it finished...all but the binding.
I don't blame's absolutely gorgeous!

Here's a shot of the back....I wanted you to see the wonderful quilting.

Remember Juli's pinapple quilt that she started at the retreat? Well, she brought it to show us her's going to be a King quilt so she still has a ways to go,.... but I think she is doing a great job....don't you? This quilt will definitly be an accomplishment when's so fabulous.

The next blocks are Lucy's from my
Apron Club pattern....
she just has a few more to go until she can assemble the top....

Well...there you go, this months show and tell from Yo-yo Mama's Club!
Did you enjoy it?
Did my talented friends inspire you?....they inspire me all the time.
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