Monday, November 23, 2015

New Patterns...Homemade Pie - Happiness is Homemade - and Gobble Gobble Quilt!!!

I'm so happy to let you know that my 
PDF pattern is now available 
for download HERE

Of course it comes in 2 sizes...
both 6" and 12"

block in 6" and 12" size...

along with my "JAM" block 
in both 6" and 12" size...
are available HERE as a PDF pattern.

And last but not least is my new and improved
 "TOM TURKEY" block 
from my tutorial here last year...
is now available in both 6" and 12" size...

And I used the 12" size to make my

Of course all of the instructions for
 the quilt are included in the pattern:)

The PDF pattern is available HERE

I've had so much fun packing up
 my scrappy stash
 a few times a month and sewing with friends...
 both new and old at my
 Farm Girl Vintage retreats this year.

are a product of my retreats and we have
 made them available for purchase 
by request for those of you 
who could not attend my retreats.

Of course you don't NEED them
 to finish any of the quilts in my book
but they are meant as a fun addition 
if you want to play with 
a few more blocks that coordinate
 with the theme of my book.

I thank you all so much 
from the bottom of my heart 
for all of your kindness and support!

I work very hard every day 
to design patterns 
that hopefully make the world 
just a little cuter
 and your quilting 
just a little more fun!

Next week I will be
 blogging more about my 
See you then!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fat Quarter Baby Blog Tour

Cute book alert!
Is the newest book by my friends at
It's Sew Emma
I think it's such a great idea to do a book
 full of fun and easy baby quilts don't you?
The book has 20 quilts total...
10 for girls and 10 for boys.

As soon as I got it I couldn't wait to sew one up!
I chose to use my Modern Mini's Fabric
 and make the cover quilt called "Kimberly"

In just a short time I had all of the pieces cut...
easy peasy!

The blocks are super fast to make
 with the help of chain piecing and my

I had all of the blocks finished in no time:)

Don't you just love these sweet little bows?

Now for the rows...

And the cute and simple scrappy border:)

I just need to quilt and bind it.
This was super fun and super quick to make...
and a perfect size to wrap around a  sweet little newborn!

to see more super cute quilts inside
Fat Quarter Baby!


Monday, November 9, 2015

3 New Farm Girl Vintage Blocks - YaY!

I'm so exited to let you know that 
3 new Farm Girl Companion blocks 
are now available for purchase!

If you don't know what I mean by
"companion block"
Let me explain.

Over the last 6 months 
I have been teaching several
Farm Girl Vintage
hosted by different quilt shops
here in Utah where I live.

Even though I already designed
 45 Farm Girl blocks for my book
For each retreat I thought it 
would be fun to design new blocks 
for my students to play with and 
to add to their
 Farm Girl Sampler quilts
 if they wanted.
I call them companion blocks
 because they aren't in the book
 but are perfect companions!

Long story short...
I got a lot of emails and
 Instagram comments
 from those of you who are not able
 to come to my retreats
wanting to purchase the new blocks.

So I asked my publishers if we could do that
and of course they said yes!

By request they have
 made them each available
 as a PDF download pattern.
Easy Peasy!
There have been several available
over the last months and now
there are 3 more!

In both 6" and 12" size

in both 6" and 12" size

In both 6" and 12" size

This week is my very last
 Farm Girl Vintage 
retreat for the year...
and I will be introducing
two new blocks!

I hope you are all 
having fun with them.
I love seeing them on my

I'll chat with you again
and show you the new blocks
on this weeks 
Farm Girl Friday!

P.S. For those of you asking how to find out about my retreats...
I always announce upcoming ones here on my blog and on my Instagram.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Cozy Cottage Calendar Blog Hop - and my Cozy Season Mini Tutorial!!!

Good Morning!
Today kicks off the first day of the 

This is the January page of my 2016 Calendar....
all photos were taken 
in my own cozy cottage:)

At the end of the calendar are
 my instructions for the
 Cozy Cottage blocks and projects. 

to get a copy if you 
want to make your own
 cozy cottage projects...
as well as today's tutorial
 for my Cozy Seasons Mini:)

This is the first little 
cozy cottage that I made.
I made it out of my 
small scrappy stash 
while I waited for 
my Modern Minis fabric
 collection to be available
 for sewing
 all of the projects for my calendar:)

I had so much fun 
making the cover quilt!
These little cottages 
are addicting to make!

And I LOVE the 8" block as well:)
I designed this little 
"Cozy Season Mini"
 especially for this week's blog hop.
It finishes at 13" x 15"
A perfect little project to
 add to your fall decorating this season!

I grabbed my scrappy stash basket 
and quickly cut the pieces.
Here is the cutting for the 
3 cute little fall flowers;
Cut 18 - 1" squares from background.
(yes! I said one inch lol)
Cut 3 flowers...for each ONE:
Cut 2 - 1" x 2"
and 2 - 1" squares for flower top
Cut 1 yellow 1" square for center
and cut 1 - 1" x 1 1/2" for stem and
 Cut 2 - 1" squares for leaves.

Sew them together like this...
using an accurate 1/4" seam allowance.
These are small pieces so
 be sure to press the 
seams open for less bulk.

Add the Easy Corner Triangles
 onto the 4 corners of 
each flower like this.
Press these seams open as well.

Sew them together and press seams open.
Add a 1" x 5" background strip 
to the top and 
press towards the background.

Aren't these fall flowers 
so cute and tiny???

Set them back onto your 
and let's move onto the flying geese:)

Cut 8 - 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" 
rectangles for the geese
Cut 16 - 1 1/2" squares 
from background.

Sew an Easy Corner Triangle 
onto one side of the rectangles.
Trim and press seams open...

And add another ECT 
onto the other side.
Trim and press seams open as well.

Sew them together and press seams open.
Add a 1 1/2" x 8 1/2" background strip 
to the bottom and press towards background.

Now for the tree!
Cut 12 - 2" squares 
out of bright fall colors
Cut 1 - 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" and 
2 - 1" squares brown for trunk
From background;
 Cut 2 - 2 1/4" wide x 2 1/2" tall
for sides of trunk and
Cut 4 - 2" squares for ECT's.

Stitch your tree 
together like this...
then add the ECT's.

You will of course need to 
add them onto the background pieces
 before you sew the
 trunk sections together.

Press all seams open.
Now you have a 
cute little fall tree 
to add to your
Cozy Seasons Mini:)

Lay it back out on your
and sew one 
8" Cozy Cottage block 
from the instructions 

Easy Peasy and Fun!

Sew the flying geese to
 the top of the cottage
 and the tree to the 
top of the fall flowers:)
Press seams towards 
the background strips.
Cut 1 - 1"x 11 1/2" background
 and join the two sections together.

Now for outside borders...
Cut 4 - 1 1/2" x 13 1/2" from background...

And sew to the 
top and the bottom first...
then the sides.

Time to quilt it!!!

Cut batting and backing fabric
 2" larger than quilt.
Pin baste and quilt as desired.
I used two strips of
 2 1/2" x Width of Fabric 
to prepare my binding.

to see my tutorial on
 how I bind my quilts.

Your mini is complete...
wasn't that fun?!
I hope you have enjoyed
 my little tutorial:)

Today's guest bloggers are;

Click on each one 
to see more Cozy Cottage fun.
Happy Sewing!

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