Monday, January 7, 2019

Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along - Bee Prepared!!

Good morning and Happy Monday to ya'll!

Today is the day for my annual 
"Bee Prepared"
 post that I do 2-3 weeks 
before my sew alongs start:)

Let's chat about how you can 
get organized and ready!

The sew along guide is available
 for download...and the first thing
 you will need to do is
to get your free copy!

The Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along 
will start 3 weeks from today 
and will go for 10 weeks.
The block schedule is on
 page 1 of the guide.
I'll do a step by step tutorial
 for each block.
As always ...I will also be doing 
a video tutorial on week one.

to download the sew along button
 and use it to post on 
your blog and or on 
to show that you have joined in!
Be sure to use the hashtag 
when you post so that your post 
will appear on that specific page.

That is where we will all see 
that you are in the sew along 
and can visit with others 
who are doing it as well.
It's sew fun!

About the fabric.
We will be using my new
 Farm Girl Vintage fabric to make the
 Farm Sweet Farm Quilt.
I designed this quilt especially
 for the fabric!

Quilt shops have had kits on pre-order 
for several months now and hopefully
 you have yours all ready for cutting.

If you are a quilt shop offering the kit...
please post about it on your
 Facebook or Instagram feed 
so that your followers will know:)

If you have not ordered a kit yet...
and don't know who has any left...
simply do a quick google search 
by typing in "Farm Sweet Farm Quilt Kit" 
and odds are you will find one:)

The fabric kit requirements are
 listed on page 2 of the sew along guide
 as well as all of the notions needed.

I'm sew excited about his new 
farm girl adventure that we will 
be experiencing together...
and I'm happy to be sewing with my 
long awaited Farm Girl Vintage 
fabric collection:)

I put little tractors on the selvedges...
because you know...I love tractors!!!

In addition to Farm Girl Vintage...
we will be using these new prints 
that I've designed called "SHABBY"
These are the first 6 colors 
in what will become 
a much larger variety:)

The six colors are:

I super love Shabby and the texture 
of the design really adds to the quilt
 and compliment the prints well.

We will be using this
 Riley Blake Designs 
Natural Linen 
for the applique block backgrounds.

I LOVE this so much and have 
used it for several projects!

All of my white prints
 for the sheep...goose...hen...clouds 
etc show up very nicely against it 
and I love how it lends 
an even more vintagey look 
to the rest of the prints.

When I first started using it...
 I was worried about shrinkage 
so I zig-zagged the edges and prewashed it.

I found that it only had the same amount 
of shrinkage as when you 
prewash cotton fabric.
I don't prewash my cotton prints 
so I decided not to prewash
 my linen anymore either.
Of course...
that choice is up to you!

We will be using my new set of
 Sew Simple Shapes 
for all of the applique blocks
 in the quilt.

I'm so happy about this set...
it really has a lot of great shapes
 in it that can be used for 
so many other projects 
besides the quilt and is a 
great addition to your 
sew simple shapes library!

Once you download your guide...
 you will want to keep it 
in a binder for easy use.

I always use a white 1" binder 
that I usually pick up from Target.

I like the kind that have a place 
that you can insert a page 
on the front and the back 
and also has a clear pocket 
on the front and back cover insides.

I use sheet protectors 
for each page of the guide.

I may have gone "a little crazy"
 with the copy machine and 
made a cover for my guide:)

I scanned the border fabric and
 some of the 5" blocks...
a vintage apron pattern and a
 photo of a vintage machine and
 put them all together scrapbooking style:)

This is pretty much my thoughts 
every day all day lol
PS. My mom thought that this girl 
on the pattern looks just like I did
 when I was a young farm girl 
so that why I used her!

Here is the front inside pocket of my binder.
I just kept enlarging and copying stuff!!

It was fun to do a little 
Farm Girl Vintage paper crafting:)
I also made a tall bookmark 
to use in my binder:)

I enlarged and printed a copy of my
and backed it with kraft paper.

I shaped the top like a tag and
 punched a hole for the
 lace and vintage trim tie.
I also put a planner clip on top:)

I wish I had that vintage sewing machine.
And that apron...
and still looked like
 that young farm girl lol!

I just thought I'd show you 
what I did with my binder ...
just in case you are a paper crafter
 and want to have a little fun with it too!

Okay now let's chat about the 
inside pages of the sew along guide.

The main reason that I prepare
 and release the guide this early
 for you is so that you can 
get all of your fabrics cut 
and into individual kits
 for each block.

In the guide...
each piece of fabric is detailed 
with what size to cut...
how many to cut...
what Sew Simple Shape that piece
 you are cutting goes with...
what block it goes into and 
what it is used for in that block.

I also tell you what size to cut
 your BIMB Sew-In Interfacing 
and how many of each one to trace.

Also what size to cut your strips
 for the bias tape makers as well.

Embroidery patterns are included 
and also guideline on sewing the blocks
 and borders together when it's time.

I also added a page for note taking...
isn't it cute?
You can copy off as many of
 this page as you would like.

I am a note taker and like to keep 
my notes together with my project.

I copied off several and put them 
in the pocket of the 
inside back cover for easy access.

I enlarged the invitation and 
inserted it for the back cover:)

When I am cutting my blocks
 for this quilt 
(and literally every quilt that I make)...
I put each one on a 10" x 10"
 design board and label it 
so that I know what it is.

Then I stack the boards to keep them
 safe and they are right there 
exactly how I cut them when 
it's time to sew that block.

Yes!...I have this many design boards
 and Yes! I use them all!

I also use this size to lay out 
small blocks next to my sewing machine
 while I'm piecing it.

For larger blocks in the quilt 
you will need to use my 
large design boards that are 18" square.

Soon you will be able to
 purchase my medium size (14" square)
 all in Farm Girl Vintage prints!
I think they are a month or so out.

I have done several tutorials
 on how I make my design boards 
and even though they are now produced
 and available for purchase 
you could still make your own.
for my very first tutorial.

This is an example of what one 
of the blocks already cut looks like.
This is the PIG BLOCK...
can you see the cute label?

These are all of the squares for the
 5" Farmers Daughter Blocks.
I labeled them as well.

I am all cut and ready to go...
I'll be sewing my quilt 
right along with you!

I use a DYMO labeler ...
and I love to label all the things lol

This is what the box looks like.
I got mine while shopping at 
Office Depot a few years ago
but I'm sure DYMO label makers are sold 
a lot of different places.

After you have cut everything...
save your leftovers for fun projects
 via tutorials that I will be doing!!

Okay enough about cutting...
let's chat about the supplies.
If you have done my previous 
Sew Simple Shape Sew Alongs...
there is nothing new and 
you are good to go!

If you are new here...welcome!
I'll show you a pic of all things
 listed in the guide just so 
that you can have a visual.

We use these to trim up the
 Farmers Daughter Blocks.

These are all by Clover.
Notice the 3/8" one looks different
 and is called by a slightly 
different name but still 
works the same as the others.

Clover Point to Point Turner.
This is a must for shaping your pieces!!!

Bee in my Bonnet
 Sew-In Interfacing

This is just the right thickness
 for my easy applique method.
Do not try to use super thin kind...
it's really hard to get a good shape
 for your appliqués if you do.
I learned that early on:)

For embroidery only...not applique.

Happy colors!
PS. Needle Minder not included lol

Nifty Needles

Each needle type is color coded 
and on the back of the package
 states which sewing task that 
I use them for.
This is the sampler pack...

They also come in these 
Nifty Needle tubes that are 
color coded to match the needles
 for easy identification.

This is the thread set that I use 
for all of my applique.
I use it whether I'm doing
 it by hand or machine.
I match my thread 
to each applique piece.

More happy colors!!!
Both 100% cotton 50 wt. and 80 wt.
 are inside this amazing collection.

I use a variety of sizes and 
colors of my Cute Little Buttons.
These are jars number one, two and three.

I also have a new package out 
of just the tiniest size...1/4"!
Sew super cute!!

I painted one of my jar lids yellow 
and filled it with a few packages 
of the new tiny ones:)

In the future my buttons will 
no longer come in the jars...
but will come in packages 
of the same color family in a
 variety of sizes and designs. 

Sue Daley Glue...
which I affectionately call Sue Glue!

You will need 10 yards of the 
BEEHIVE color Lg. Vintage Trim Ric-Rac
 for inside the binding of the quilt.

I'm going to show you something fun
 to make with the spool when
 the trim is gone!

Seams Sew Easy Guide is a HUGE help
 when sewing all of the 
Farmers Daughter Blocks 
and sewing your applique blocks 
and quilt top together.
to find out about it and 
how to put it on your machine.

I use these Applique Pretty Pins 
along with my large design boards 
when preparing each block for applique.

I use my Cute Cuts Mats and 
rulers for all cutting.

Easy Trace Light Box to trace on
 all of your embroidery and 
the windmill applique strips.

Here's a sneak peek of the cow!
This is one of the blocks in the quilt that 
Kassidy (my daughter) made back in 
September for Riley Blake Designs.  
 They hung in their 
 booth during fall quilt market.

It's super hard to get a good photo
 at market because of the lighting
 but here it is!!!
I cannot wait to
 make this with you:)

Have fun with the guide...
and Bee Prepared for the 28th!!


Tina said...

This is going to be SO much fun!!!! Thank you Lori!

Popsydoodledesigns said...

Can't wait Lori, it looks amazing ! I loved making the Bee Happy and Cozy Christmas Quilts in 2018.
Your patterns are So cute, much love from the UK .
Mandy from Popsydoodledesigns

Unknown said...

Thanks, Lori Holt. I am excited to get started. Still waiting for my kit. :-(

Will you share with us a PDF of the cover you made for your guide?

I use page protectors to store my cut pieces for blocks (I haven't made enough design boards for all the blocks yet).LOL!!

Clare said...

Looking forward to sewing along with you,just a matter of when the postie brings my fabric. The templates came yesterday. I was wondering how you store yours. Happy Stitching.

Pam McDonald said...

LOL I cannot keep up with you. I will do my best to atleast get started. Love the Cow!

Christa Marcotte said...

Can’t wait!

Verov94 said...

Merci pour cette nouvelle aventure. J'attends avec impatience.
Bonne journée

Unknown said...

I am super excited! I love all of your tools and tips!

Tammy said...

This is going to be such a fun sew along! I am a note taker too and love having things organized and all together. Love your binder organization for your sewing projects and now do the same; thank you for that terrific idea! I really love your cover page and who can resist a cute apron or vintage sewing machine?! Any chance you would share your adorable binder cover with us? Love it!! Love everything you do!!!

Helen L said...

waiting for my kit too!! Sew excited to make this quilt. I was born when my parents were farming, but wasn't raised on the farm, but all our vacations were spent and family farms and they hold a special place in my hears!!

Lisa said...

My kit came today! I’ll be busy making my design boards and precutting my fabric tomorrow. (Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll be up all night tonight.) Can’t wait for Monday’s post. This will be my first sew along and I’m so thankful that you would share your tutorials with us.

Kathi said...

I am a pretty new quilter but I am still going to try this quilt. I just love it!

ana-ane said...


Dorothy W. said...

My fabric kit comes tomorrow! I'm so ready to start this. Thank you for creating such fun fabric patterns and wonderful quilts. I'm really enjoying your stories too. I never really knew my grandmothers but had lots of "other mothers" that took up that gap. Such wonderful memories.

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