Thursday, January 31, 2019

Vintage Block Along - Block Eight - Humble Block Tutorial!!

Hello there and welcome again to the 

I have another block to share with you
 from grandma's pattern basket:)

It's a simple little block 
that finishes at 5"

It's a block that is easily 
pulled together with 
Farm Girl Vintage prints 
or scraps from your stash:)

As you can see in the photo...
the block on grandma's pattern
 shows a border
 but I chose just to use just 
the block alone 
because of how it's going in the quilt.

I named this block
because of it's simplicity and because...

We all looked to grandma when 
we needed help in making a decision.
 She was very wise and thoughtfully considered our questions...
which always resulted in
 good and sound advice.
"work hard and stay humble" 
was one thing she always said
 over and over again.

Grandparents and the older generation
 can teach us so much...
if we only choose to listen.

They know from experience and 
know what they are talking about.
Their words of advice are 
sometimes dismissed too often:)

Both of my grandma's 
came from humble beginnings and
 both taught me the value of
 working with my own hands.

A quilt block also comes from 
humble beginnings...
just a few scraps here and there...
placed just right into a 
simple patchwork pattern 
becomes a true thing of beauty!!

My grandma's were very self sufficient.

They made their own clothing 
as well as their husband's and
 their children's clothing.

They grew...harvested and 
canned their own food.

They took care of their families well 
and always tended to farm animals...
saving egg money for 
carefully thought out purchases.

They played just as hard as they worked.
They made their own entertainment...
as well as decorated their 
own homes and gardens.
No calling a repairman for them!!

Basically...they did everything!!

They taught me how powerful it is 
to use my own thoughtfulness 
and creativity in all things.

From them I have learned practicality.

I have learned that by 
using my own head...
following my own heart...
 and using my own hands...
 I am contended.

I Love Love Love being self sufficient...
and being creative every day.
 It's a truly wonderful way to live!

back to making the 
and choosing fabric:)

For this block you need 
one background and two colors...
easy peasy!!
I'm going to show you my fabric combos 
from Farm Girl Vintage 
and Bee Backgrounds collections that 
I chose for each of my four blocks...

I'm going to show you how to make just one...
obviously you make them all the same:)

For ONE block you will need to
 cut from the background:
4 - 2 1/2" squares
5 - 1 1/2" squares

Color one:
4 - 2 1/2" squares

Color two:
4 - 1 1/2" squares

Grab the 2 1/2" squares and pair them up
 to make half square triangles:)

To save time...
chain piece them and use the 
instead of marking your lines.
to see how I use it 
and put it on my machine.

Trim away the excess and press.
You should have a total of four 
that measure 2 1/2" square.

Now grab the 1 1/2" squares...
(leave a background one on your design board)

And sew them together like this.

Now lay out all of the segments 
and sew them into a block...

Like this!!!
should measure 5 1/2" square at this point:)

Now stitch up the remaining 3 blocks:)

I love these blocks and I hope you do too!
This is the eighth block so far in 
Vintage Block Along 
and they will all eventually be in a quilt!

I'm hoping to be back next week 
with another block...
it may not be until Saturday though 
because I'm also working
 on week 2 of the 
and shhhhh...
you did not hear this from me...
but I'm right in the middle
 of a new book as well!

Stay tuned and remember what grandma said...
Work Hard and Stay Humble!

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Regina said...

A very touching telling of your grandmas' lives. Yes, older people have much wisdom to share if we only listen. I have enjoyed all the stories of your grandmas, as well as the tutorials you share. I am working on a butter churn dash quilt, 12" squares. I chose that design because to me, it represents the pure simplicity and hard work of my grandmothr. Your humble little block will be a nice addition.
Thanks again for sharing your talents.

Aggie Jen said...

I think a girlfriend and I are going to jump in and square along! Would your half yard bundles be sufficient for each or both of us or should we supplement with some of your other fabrics? Thanks! This will be project two for me. I am so excited to learn more.

Farmhouse Quilts said...

Squeal!! Another book?? I can't wait!
And I too love the stories behind your blocks! Thanks for sharing them. And Churn Dash has to be one of my all time favorite blocks :)

RhoniAnn said...

I am so looking forward to seeing how this comes together. Thanks so much for yet another fun quilt.

MeMe's Memories said...

Lori, I’m enjoying the Vintage Blocks and all your stories. Is there a schedule posted somewhere with the dates you are posting new blocks? I want to try to stay up and I don’t want to miss any!

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