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Granny's Garden Sew Along - Week Three!!

Hello again and welcome to 
Week Three of the

We are using Granny Chic Fabric and...

Granny's Garden
Sew Simple Shapes
to make the...
76" x 86"

Today's tutorials will be 
Blocks Nine - Ten - Eleven and Twelve:)

Here is a link to the 
week one video 
if you would like to reveiw.

Grab your garden tools
 and let's get planting:)

Sew Simple Shapes for Block Nine:
4 - I 2
4 - I 14
1 - I 21
1 - I 28
Along with the 9" Circle from the 
Cloud Shabby you will need a
 6" Circle...
both using the Circle Ruler set.

Sew your shapes...

and after trimming you will
 need to clip the cleavage areas
 in the hearts and the large scallop circle:)

Remember it's just one clip 
right to the thread but not into it.

Turn and shape...
and now for the glue basting:)
TIP: When I am turning narrow shapes
 like the yellow I 2...
I often just turn one end at a time
 and use the shaping tool 
to gently push out both ends.
Always remember that on the shapes 
that the point will not be showing...
meaning they will be covered
 by another shape...
you don't have to get too fussy
 about shaping those points.

I glue basted my shapes onto 
the 6" circle first...

And then glue basted that 
onto the scallop circle...

And finally onto the the 9" Circle:)
I used my 10 1/2" Trim-It Ruler
 for every step.

Block Nine all ready for appliqué:)

Sew Simple Shapes for Block Ten:
2 - I 8
2 - I 10
3 - I 18
3 - I 21
Cut the main stem 7" long 
and press one end under.
Cut the shorter stems 3" long 
and trim the tops in opposite diagonals
 to tuck under the main stem.

Sew your shapes and clip the 
4 cleavage areas in 
each of the three flowers.

Turn and shape...
and grab your circle for glue basting:)

Nothing different here...
just use the 10 1/2" Trim-It
 to align everything correctly:)

Now you have Block Ten 
all ready for applique!

Sew Simple Shapes for Block Eleven:
1 - I 21
1 - I 23
1 - I 25

You should have 4 - 4 1/2" squares each 
of the dark and light pink prints.
We are going to piece them together 
for the large dresden shape.

Draw a line from point to point 
on the back of each light pink square.

Pair the light pink up with the dark pink
 by placing them right sides together 
and stitching directly onto your marked line.

Trim off leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

I like to cut leftover squares 
from my easy corner triangle trimmings
 and add them to my scrappy squares stash...

I use them to make 
scrappy happy quilt blocks:)

Press all four of the seams open ...
this will help the dresden to lie flat.

Each half square triangle 
should measure 4 1/2" square.
Lay them out like this and 
sew them into a pinwheel.

Press those seams open as well.
Your pinwheel block should
 measure 8 1/2" square.

Now place the large dresden (I 25)
 onto your block and pin for sewing.

You want to make sure each 
cleavage point ends up on a seam...

Like this.

Clip these cleavage areas as usual...
it just happens to be right on the seam.
Clip the cleavage in the
 smaller scallop as well.

Turn and shape.
I've just shown you an 
easy peasy way to make 
dresden blocks very quickly...
isnt it fun!?
I plan on using this method 
and making several cute dresden projects.

Pin and glue baste:)

And just like that...
your Block Eleven is 
all ready for applique:)

Sew Simple Shapes for Block Twelve:
4 - I 7
4 - I 21
1 - I  26
Use the 2" Circle Ruler 
from the set for the 
center circle on the flower. 
Cut 4 stems - 2 1/2" long 

After sewing and trimming...
clip the cleavage in the scallop circle.

Turn and to glue baste.

Under the ruler:)

Block Twelve ready for applique!

That does it for this weeks 
flower block tutorials...

I  hope that you are 
having fun with them...
taking your time...
 and enjoying each block...
I know that I sure am!!

Please continue to share your 
progress using the hashtag

We all love to see your photos
 and to know who is sewing along with us:)

I will be right back here next week
 with four more flowers 
to plant in our garden.

P.S. If you are just joining us
 be sure to click on the links below 
for the previous Granny's Garden
 posts and tutorials.

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