Monday, September 30, 2019

Granny's Garden Sew Along - Week Six!!

Hello and welcome back!

This is Week Six of our 

We are using Granny Chic Fabric and...

 Granny Chic Sew Simple Shapes...

To make the 
Granny's Garden Quilt

As per the schedule in the 
this week we are planting blocks
 21 - 22 - 23 - 24

They are simple and straight forward...
with no new techniques added that 
I have not previously shown you...
so let get to gardening!

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 21:
4 - I 6
4 - I 18
5 - I 21
Cut 4 stems 2 1/2" long

The only shapes that need clipping
 in this block are the 4 flowers:)

Block 21 shapes are ready for basting:)

After pining and gluing Make sure everything is centered by using the 10 1/2" Trim-It Ruler lines as a guide.

Flower Block 21 ready for appliqué!

Now onto block 22:)

 Sew Simple Shapes for Block 22:
4 - I 3
4 - I 16
1 - I 21
Cut four stems 2" long

The four flowers in this block 
need to be clipped as well.

All shaped and pressed and ready to go!

Same thing applies here...
use the ruler to center everything 
during the basting process
 and then applique your Flower Block 22!

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 23:
2 - I 2
1 - I 18
1 - I 21
1 - I 29
1 - I 30

Cut the stem 3" long and 
press one end under:)

The flower in this block
 needs to be clipped...

As well as the star.

Turned...pressed and shaped.

Don't forget to take advantage of
 the Clover turner to 
get your shapes how you like them:)

For this block I basted the flower 
onto the octagon before I 
basted it onto the star.

Take note that the octagon 
is turned so that it's pointed
  at the top.

And take note that the star 
is turned one quarter turn ...

So that it looks like this 
when placed onto the large circle.

Flower Block 23 all ready for applique!

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 24:
2 - I 2
2 - I 5
1 - I 24

Use the 2" Circle Ruler from the
 set for the flower center

Cut your stem 5" long and
 press one end under:)

Once again it's the flower 
that needs to be clipped.

Then turn...shape and press.

Use the ruler lines to 
center this flower and leaves.

Flower Block 24 is ready for appliqué:)

Four more flowers planted!

After you applique the circles...
 it's time to applique them to the background:)

I'll see you right back here next week
 and we will continue with our gardening:)

P.S. If you are just joining us
 be sure to click on the links below 
for the previous Granny's Garden
 posts and tutorials.

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mcpeakj said...

Thank you so much for this and the vintage quilt blocks you share every week,the colors and the crispness,and dont forget the cuteness of all of your pics always cheer me up!! I look forward to them eachand every week.
You are such a talented quilter and quilt pattern creator and sharing your talent with all of us shows how giving your heart is!- Thank you so much! Myra

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