Thursday, October 3, 2019

Vintage Block Along - Week 34 - Six Sisters!!

Hello again and welcome back to the 

I'm sharing another Vintage Block 
with you from my 
Grandma's Pattern Basket:)

I'm using Farm Girl Vintage fabric
 and scrappy 
Bee Backgrounds for my quilt:)

I often get asked about how I
 choose what print goes
 where in a quilt block...
so this week I wanted to do 
a little visual lesson on 
color and value placement.

This block uses 3 values. 
A light...a medium and a dark fabric.

I made 2 blocks using the exact 
same fabrics but just switched the 
dark and the light fabrics...
but leaving the medium in the same placement.

It really makes a big difference right?
Both have a completely different look.

The dark is more prominent in this block...

And of course the light is
 more prominent in this one!

Keep in mind that you will 
only need to make ONE block for our quilt
 so you can decide which 
version you would like to make.

I'm going to do the tutorial 
for this version above!

Grab a design board and lets get cutting:)

If you want to make the block 
where the dark is more 
dominant just remember to 
switch the dark and light cutting:)

From the medium fabric cut:
9 - 2 1/2" squares

This stays the same no matter 
which version you are sewing.

From the dark fabric cut:
6 - 1 1/2" squares

From the light fabric cut:
6 - 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"
12 - 1 1/2" squares

Our first step is to grab the 
6 rectangles and 6 each of the
 squares and sew them together like this.

You should have six units and 
they should each measure 2 1/2" square.

Once they are sewn together 
it's time to add the
 easy corner triangles.

First add the large 
half square triangles like this
using the 

Easy peasy:)

Now trim the excess and press:)

Then add the small easy corner triangles
 onto the opposite corner like this.
Trim and press.
You should still have six segments
 and they should all 
still measure 2 1/2" square:)

Now it's time to lay out your block
 like this and sew it together.
Take note that 3 of the segments
 are pointing the opposite from the
 other three so lay it out carefully:)

Light version completed!

It should measure 6 1/2" BEFORE 
we sew it into our quilt. 

I almost for got to tell you why
 I named my block Six Sisters!!

You may already know if you have been
 paying close attention to 
my stories about grandma.

Her parents had six daughters ...
making six sisters 
and my parents had six daughters...
making Six Sisters as well!!

So because there are six prominent 
triangles in this block...
whether using the dark or the light...
that is how and why I chose the name:)

Here's the back of my dark prominent block:)

This block is super sweet and 
would look great in any color...
 Simply choose a light...medium and dark:)

Thanks so much for 
sewing vintage with me again this week.

I'll be right back here in 2 weeks
 for another vintage block!

If you are just joining us...
click on each block that we have
 done so far to go to the tutorial:

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Sue Green said...

Thank you so much for this series of blocks! I love vintage quilts.

Tonib said...

I love this block and I Love your stories! They give me such good memories of my Granny ♥️

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