Thursday, August 15, 2019

Vintage Block Along - Week 29 - Crossroads Block!!

Good morning dear people:)
And welcome back to the 
next episode of the 

I'm sharing another vintage block
 with you from my 
Grandma's pattern basket:)

I'm using Farm Girl Vintage fabric
 to make my quilt...
and also my 
Bee Backgrounds
 fabric as well.

This is a block that I have
 shared so many times over the years.

I've shared it while 
teaching workshops and retreats...
and here on my blog as a tutorial
 and also as a tutorial on 

I have made many many scrap quilts
 using this pattern.
It came from my grandma and is 
a traditional vintage block...
again with many versions and many names.

The pattern from grandma 
was actually for one quarter section 
of this block 
and it can be 
laid out and sewn together
 many different ways.

This is the way that I have
 always sewn mine together and
 I have always called it 
Scrappy Crossroads 
or for this quilt...just Crossroads:)

It's a great block to use up
 leftover 2 1/2" squares...
We need 48 of them for this block
and we only need one background!

From the background cut:
8 - 4 1/2" squares.

We start out by sewing an
 easy corner triangle onto
 two opposite corners of
 each background square.

You will use 16 of your
 2 1/2" squares for this.

Draw a line from corner to corner
 or use the

Trim off the excess...

And press towards the triangles.
You should have 8 segments
 that each measure 4 1/2" square.

Now with the remaining 
32 - 2 1/2" squares 
we are going to make 8 - 4 patch segments.

Start by pairing them up and 
sewing them all together in sets of 2.

You should have 16 that measure
 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" at this point.

I press these open.

Now sew two sets of two together
 to form
 8 - 4 patch segments 
that measure 4 1/2" square each.

Now grab 2 of each kind of 
segments and sew them together 
just like this.

You should have 4 segments 
that each measure 8 1/2" square.

  By the way...
this is the actual block pattern
 that I got from Grandma years ago.

Now lay the four segments out
onto your design board like this...
making sure to turn each one correctly...

And sew them together to make your block:)

This is how I pressed mine.

should measure 16 1/2" x 16 1/2"
 BEFORE we sew it into our quilt.

I love this scrappy happy block
 and really wanted to include it 
in this sew along because yes...
it came from Grandma and
 is a vintage block...

 And also because Grandma was 
there for me when I came to the
 "crossroads" of making every
 important decision in my life.

I miss her so much...
but because she gave me such good advice
 I can still hear in my heart 
what she would tell me to do
 when I still need advice now.
If you are a grandma...
know that your grandchildren
 will always remember your advice:)

For those of you asking...
we are about 3/4 of the way through
 the blocks that we will be making
 for the quilt...
and it sure is going to be a beauty!!

*** FYI ***
Once week I'll be 
out of town and I'll try to get 
the next block posted
 but if it doesn't happen...
 don't worry! 
 I'll be able to do it 
the very next week for sure!!

If you are just joining us...
click on each block that we have
 done so far to go to the tutorial:

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Little Quiltsong said...

Oh - this is such a favorite block!! I remember when you had the Summer Sew Along and showed this. I made a table runner at that time, that still sits on our bedroom dresser. Now I need to make quilts with it! Thank you for showing it again :)!

Unknown said...

This is such a beautiful block, one question, where can you find the fabric that looks like chicken wire? Is it called a certain name?
Thank you,

Janet Taber said...

Oh, Lori, this is the BEST YET! Maybe the reason I feel that way is because of your telling about your grandmother giving you advice at all the crossroads of your life. Even today! That is what is sew special about being part of a family -- simple yet essentially special a... and VITAL! Think of all the young people who do not have a grandmother or special someone to be there for them, and how sad that is!! You were blessed ... I was blessed ... and I hope to be that sort of blessing for my grands. It's what I pray for daily. Thank you, thank you for sharing the personal side of your life as we go through the blocks of this quilt. I cannot WAIT to see the end product and cannot wait to share it with my family.

Kim said...

I love this block. alone it will make a great quilt too!

Perfect Stitch by angie said...

Beautiful. I am surprised to find a post today being that you just had a HUGE life event. You pictures on IG of Cassidy's wedding were gorgeous.

corners of my life said...

What’s not to love about this block. Absolutely charming!

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