Monday, October 30, 2017

Bee Happy Sew Along - Week Ten!!

Welcome to the
 Bee Happy Sew Along!

Today is week ten...
and we only have
 a few more blocks:)

Today's first tutorial
 is the orange flowers...
I love this little block!

Grab your pieces...
You will need 
D-2  D-3  D-5  D-12  D-16

Run the stem strip through the
 1/4" bias tape maker.
Press your background fabric
 in half both ways like this.

Cut your stem 7" long and 
glue baste it
 right down the center 
of your background...

Like this:)
Now let's start sewing!

When you trim your flowers...
you will need to clip the 
5 cleavage areas on each one.

Shape and press...
and let's get them pinned!

Place the yellow flower center
 3/4" in from the edges of background.

Pin the two circles in the center.

Now place your flowers on...
the stem length in-between should be about 
1 1/2" long.

Now pin your leaves:)
  I do the embroidery on my blocks
 before I appliqué...
I'm just pinning mine beforehand 
to show you placement***

I also sew on my buttons
 before quilting...
 but only if I know that 
they will not be in the way of
 the stitching and only if 
it's okay with my quilter:)
The choice is yours!

All appliqued!

Your block should measure 
4 1/2" x 12 1/2" 
to sew into your quilt.

Now you can sew it to the pinwheels
 and churn dash cherries block:)

It's time for the watering can:)

Grab all of your pieces 
and let's get started!

You will need 
D-23   D-24   D-28

Run the coral trim through the
 3/4" bias tape maker

Run the bias cut dark gray text 
through the 3/8" bias tape maker

Run the straight one that 
goes on the bottom through the 
1/2" bias tape maker and 

the smallest one for the bracket 
through the 1/4" bias tape maker

Measure 2 1/2" up from the bottom
 of your watering can rectangle 
and place your coral strip...

And glue baste it into place.

Do your stitching on the shapes...

And then measure in 1" 
from your sewn line and 
mark a new sewing line...

Like this.
Now sew across that new line...

And trim off the excess.
Your watering can 
just went on a diet!

Now turn ...
shape and press:)

Press your background 
in half like this...
and then place the top piece 1"
 from the top edge.

Place the watering can 
1 3/4" up from the bottom edge.

Place the top of the spout 1"
 in from the side as well as the top.

Cut a piece from the bracket strip
 and glue baste...
glue baste the bottom trim as well.

You can trim off excess of the 
spout and the half circle on top 
that goes underneath the watering can
 for less bulk if you want.

Glue baste the handle by 
starting at the top and 
curving down to the side.

Do a little at a time 
just like when you did 
the Bee Happy letters:)

The handle should be 1" 
in from the side edge.

Tuck the end under... 
trim off excess:)

All ready for appliqué!

I just love how the grays look
 on the red penmanship background...
don't you?

Your watering can block 
should measure 
8 1/2" x 10 1/2" 
to sew into the quilt.

Now you can sew it to the 
bottom of the butterflies block...

And sew row five together...

And add it to the 
bottom of your quilt!

All of the rows are sewn together now...
next week are the honeycomb blocks.

I'm sew proud of y'all:)

PS.If you are just getting started...
remember that there is
 a link to each and every blog post 
of this sew along...
right here on my blog.

Simply look on the right side bar
 and scroll down to find the 
Bee Happy Sew Along...
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that you would like to read!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

New School Bus Pattern -Spelling Bee Saturday - Apple and Bee!!

It's Spelling Bee Saturday!

We are on week four as we work through 
88 of the blocks in my new book

This week instead of letter blocks...
we are doing two of the 
picture blocks in the book.

The above is a photo from when
 I was in the process of making
 the Picture Day Quilt in the book:)

Today's first block is the Apple:)
I've designed many 
apple blocks...
and I wanted this one to be 
super simple and super cute!

I played around one day and made 3 apples...
Fuji...Granny Smith and Golden Delicious:)

I made them into a mini quilt 
to add to a few others from the book!

Next is the Bee Block...
of course I had to do another bee:)

Because of the title of my book ...haha:)

One of today's "Show and Tell" participants 
is @lilabellelane and she made this cute bright shiny red apple.
It super sweet!
Thanks so much Sharon!

Joanna from @cottonjo 
made this adorable Bee Block...
in both sizes!!
So fun Jo!
Thank you for bringing 
your "Show and Tell" today:)

I also have a fun announcement...
I have a new PDF pattern available for download on my publishers website.

I deigned this 
School Bus Block 
especially for my 
Spelling Bee retreat last month 
and had many requests
 for the pattern...
so now it's ready!

Thanks again for all of your kind words...
it means so much to me:)

The block comes in two sizes...
6" x 12" and 12" x 24"...
and then both have a border
 making them finishing larger
 in mini quilt form...
 but these are the sizes of the actual block.

to purchase the pattern

Thanks for tuning in for 
Spelling Bee Saturday!
I hope you are having fun sewing your way through the blocks:)

Monday, October 23, 2017

Bee Happy Sew Along...Week Nine!!

Good morning cute people!!
We are moving right along 
and are already on week nine:)

Are you ready to roll?

Grab your fabrics and your...

And let's finish up row four:)

The last block in that row
 is this one...
Coral Flowers:)

The Sew Simple Shapes from the set
 that we will be using are:
D1  D2  D3  D4  D20

Run the 2 "Holly" solid strips 
through the 3/8" bias tape maker
(remember that's the purple one that looks 
a little different from the others)

Press your background fabric
 in half both ways...
and then again in half diagonally 
both ways as well.

Sew and prepare your appliqué shapes
 using the same steps that 
 I have given in all of the other blocks:)

Cut your stems to measure 9" long 
and glue baste right down 
the center of the diagonal like this.

place the large flower right 
in the center and top it
 with the circle center.

The flowers measure about 
1 1/8" from the outside edges after trimming.
I trimmed my block down first
 to show you placement.

Make sure you are keeping 
all five flowers straight 
and in the correct position
 by using your rulers to check:)

Pin on the remaining flower centers 
and then begin pinning your leaves.

use your ruler to make sure 
that they are all symmetrical.

and ready for appliqué!!!

Use your 12 1/2" ruler when placing your pieces because after applique...
you will trim it to measure 12 1/2" square.

Use all of the center and diagonal lines
 on the ruler to trim it up perfectly!

You can do your embroidery on the 
flower centers before or after appliqué...
whichever is your favorite:)

Now you can add your coral flowers block
 to the picnic basket and the cupcakes:)

That means you can 
sew row four together...


Let's work on row five now
 by doing the Three Trees block.

We will be using the 
D4 and D13 
Sew Simple Shapes

Run the widest Cinnamon solid fabric strip through the 1/2" bias tape maker and use it for the trunk in the center tree only:)

The two medium strips are for the other two tree trunks and the branches on the center tree.
Run them through the 3/8" bias tape maker.

The smallest one goes through the 1/4" maker and is the branches for the two outside trees.

After sewing your appliqués...
you will need to clip the 
four cleavage areas 
in the two outside trees.!

Place your blocks for basting.
Take note that the tree on the 
left appliqué lies tall and
 the tree on the right lies wide.

Prepare and glue baste the trunks 
and branches exactly the same 
as I showed you previously 
on the Two Trees block:)

Now it's time for appliqué!

Fun and Done:)

It should measure 
6 1/2" x 10 1/2" 
to sew into the quilt.

Just one more block
 tutorial for this week...
the Pincushion Jar!

You will need D-2 and D-9
Sew Simple Shape

Run the gray polka dot 
fabric strip through the 
1/2" bias tape maker.

Before you sew the jar...
measure in 1 1/2" 
from your bottom traced line...

Like this.
This is your sewing line 
to make the jar shorter:)


and clip the inner curves 
on the neck of the jar.

Turn...shape and press.
Trace your "Bee" embroidery pattern
 on and embroider it before appliqué.

I did mine first as well...
but I'm just showing you
placement photos first:)

Tuck the gingham circle underneath...

And trim off the excess for less bulk:)

Press under the bias tape ends
 and glue baste into place.

Now you can trace your 
pin lines on as well.

(your pincushion block should 
measure 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" 
to sew into your quilt)

I used 4 strands of my 
Aurifloss for the "Bee" 
and all 6 strands for the pins.

I used the tiniest 
Cute Little Buttons 
for the pinheads 
from the

and the 

I use my Aurifloss 
to sew on all of the
 buttons in the quilt...
the 20 colors match
 all of my fabrics:)

After quilting photo...
looky how cute!

Now you can sew this section
 of row five together.

Thanks so much to everyone 
who has shown their progress on
They are so fun to see!!

If you are just getting started...
remember that there is
 a link to each and every blog post 
of this sew along...
right here on my blog.

Simply look on the right side bar
 and scroll down to find the 
Bee Happy Sew Along...
 and  click on the post 
that you would like to read!

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