Monday, October 30, 2017

Bee Happy Sew Along - Week Ten!!

Welcome to the
 Bee Happy Sew Along!

Today is week ten...
and we only have
 a few more blocks:)

Today's first tutorial
 is the orange flowers...
I love this little block!

Grab your pieces...
You will need 
D-2  D-3  D-5  D-12  D-16

Run the stem strip through the
 1/4" bias tape maker.
Press your background fabric
 in half both ways like this.

Cut your stem 7" long and 
glue baste it
 right down the center 
of your background...

Like this:)
Now let's start sewing!

When you trim your flowers...
you will need to clip the 
5 cleavage areas on each one.

Shape and press...
and let's get them pinned!

Place the yellow flower center
 3/4" in from the edges of background.

Pin the two circles in the center.

Now place your flowers on...
the stem length in-between should be about 
1 1/2" long.

Now pin your leaves:)
  I do the embroidery on my blocks
 before I appliqué...
I'm just pinning mine beforehand 
to show you placement***

I also sew on my buttons
 before quilting...
 but only if I know that 
they will not be in the way of
 the stitching and only if 
it's okay with my quilter:)
The choice is yours!

All appliqued!

Your block should measure 
4 1/2" x 12 1/2" 
to sew into your quilt.

Now you can sew it to the pinwheels
 and churn dash cherries block:)

It's time for the watering can:)

Grab all of your pieces 
and let's get started!

You will need 
D-23   D-24   D-28

Run the coral trim through the
 3/4" bias tape maker

Run the bias cut dark gray text 
through the 3/8" bias tape maker

Run the straight one that 
goes on the bottom through the 
1/2" bias tape maker and 

the smallest one for the bracket 
through the 1/4" bias tape maker

Measure 2 1/2" up from the bottom
 of your watering can rectangle 
and place your coral strip...

And glue baste it into place.

Do your stitching on the shapes...

And then measure in 1" 
from your sewn line and 
mark a new sewing line...

Like this.
Now sew across that new line...

And trim off the excess.
Your watering can 
just went on a diet!

Now turn ...
shape and press:)

Press your background 
in half like this...
and then place the top piece 1"
 from the top edge.

Place the watering can 
1 3/4" up from the bottom edge.

Place the top of the spout 1"
 in from the side as well as the top.

Cut a piece from the bracket strip
 and glue baste...
glue baste the bottom trim as well.

You can trim off excess of the 
spout and the half circle on top 
that goes underneath the watering can
 for less bulk if you want.

Glue baste the handle by 
starting at the top and 
curving down to the side.

Do a little at a time 
just like when you did 
the Bee Happy letters:)

The handle should be 1" 
in from the side edge.

Tuck the end under... 
trim off excess:)

All ready for appliqué!

I just love how the grays look
 on the red penmanship background...
don't you?

Your watering can block 
should measure 
8 1/2" x 10 1/2" 
to sew into the quilt.

Now you can sew it to the 
bottom of the butterflies block...

And sew row five together...

And add it to the 
bottom of your quilt!

All of the rows are sewn together now...
next week are the honeycomb blocks.

I'm sew proud of y'all:)

PS.If you are just getting started...
remember that there is
 a link to each and every blog post 
of this sew along...
right here on my blog.

Simply look on the right side bar
 and scroll down to find the 
Bee Happy Sew Along...
 and  click on the post 
that you would like to read!


Brenda said...

I have just re-found your blog.... these blocks are SO cute, you are going to make me want to do applique!!!! LOVE them!! But, how do you applique so no stitches show?? Do you do them by hand?? Love how much fun this quilt is looking, and your teaching is very detailed and informative. Thank you for letting me see you in 'action'!

Jolie said...

Started with week 2... and it is so much fun to do!!
Thanks for all the usefull information.
Greetings from Turkey.

MandyG said...

Managed to keep up ! Yippee, its been hard work but loved every minute. Thank you so much for the fab instructions, your designs are amazing. Never made anything like this before so looking forward to the border and all the tips and hints for quilting as I haven't got a clue haha

All the way from the UK, Mandy at Popsydoodle Designs x

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