Saturday, November 4, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday!! - Letter "D"

Good morning class...
It's time for school!

Grab your 

Sharpen your pencils 
and let's get started!

So far we have learned that
 "A" is for APPLE...

"B" is for BOAT...
"C" is for CAR...
and today we will learn that ...

"D" is for DOG!

That's right...
we are learning about
Letter "D" today:)

"D" is for DESK...

"D" is for DAISY...

"D" is for DOLLY...

"D" is for DRANEY...
as in @holly_draney on 
who is one of 
this weeks guests for our 
"Show and Tell"
Super cute blocks Holly...
I love your fabric choices!

"D" is also for DEBBIE from 
 who is our other
 "Show and Tell" guest.

Looky at her adorable 
zippy bag that 
 she made using the 
lowercase letter "d".
Love it!

Thanks so much for 
coming to class today...

you get extra credit 
from Miss Bee!

1 comment:

tamsjim said...

Pretty darn sweet. This had made my morning. Thank you:)

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