Saturday, November 11, 2017

Spelling Bee Saturday!! Letter "E"

Good morning cute people!

It's TIME for 

Open up your

Because today we will continue 
making the letter blocks...

And next up are 
Capital and Lowercase "Ee"

This cute block was made by 
It's so cute and I love 
the blues and greens together
 in the fabric that she chose.

Thanks so much Megan!

This Capital "E" block 
was made by Jennie of
It's so sweet and soft...
and I love the photo as well!

Thanks so much for doing
 show and tell Jennie:)

We love to see everyones progress
 on their blocks
 so be sure to post them and use the 
Spelling Bee Saturday hashtag 
so that your photo 
will be added to the page.

It's so fun to see the 
cute photos and fun 
 fabric choices etc.
 to visit the page and
 see for yourself!!

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