Monday, October 1, 2018

Autumn Love Sew Along - Week Seven - Milk Can Block!!

Hi there and welcome to week seven:)
If you are just joining us now...
for all of the information
 on this fun sew along:)

Today we are starting on the 
right side of the quilt...

I'm having sew much fun 
playing with Autumn Love 
and I hope that you are too:)

Let's make the Milk Can Block today!

These are the Autumn Love prints 
used in this week's block.

Autumn Love 
Sew Simple Shapes needed:
4 - F4
2 - F9
1 - F15
3 - F16
3 - F20
1 - F34
Cut your background block 12" x 22"
You will trim it down to 10 1/2" x 20 1/2" 
AFTER the applique is completed.
You already know how to do this...
 because it's exactly the same size
 as the Scarecrow Block 
that we did in Week 5:)

Use the 12" long 1/2" wide bias strip from the green text for the cornstalk.
I ended up using about 8 1/2" of it.
I pressed under the top end.

Cut three strips about
 6" long from the 
5/8" wide strips that
 I had you cut on the BIAS
 and make them super curvy 
when you run them through the
 1/4" bias tape maker.

Subcut 2 - of the 1/2" wide 
Steel Solid bias strips 1 3/4" long.
I pressed each end under 1/4"

Cut 2 - 1/4" wide Steel bias strips
  6 1/2" long.
I pressed both ends under 
on one of them and 
one end under on the remaining. 

Also cut a 4" long strip and 
press each end under by 1/4".
(I didn't do that yet in this photo lol)

Another thing to remember when 
tracing your mice...
trace one in reverse because 
they are facing each other:)

After sewing and trimming 
all of your shapes...
clip the inner curves and/or 
cleavage areas on these shapes:
 milk can...
 corn husk...
the mice and the star.

All shapes are turned...
pressed and ready for glue basting!

Press your background in half 
long ways so that you can place
 the cornstalk in the center.
My finished cornstalk
 measures 8 1/4" long.
Tuck the raw edges of the 
curly ones under the center cornstalk. 

Then I added the corn like this:)
Don't forget to add pins
 that measure 10" X 20" 
onto your background 
just like I showed you for the 
Scarecrow Block in week 5.
They will help you to 
keep your cornstalk from 
"growing" too tall!!

Now comes the milk can ...
the bias strips and the star:)
It's 4 3/4" between the 
two widest bias strips 
on the milk can.

Then layer the mice on top 
of the milk can.
I traced the tails on using the 
pattern on page 18 of the guide.

You can just make two long stitches
 for whiskers...
no pattern needed to trace. 
I drew them on to show you:)

I'll do this embroidery after 
applique instead of 
before like usual...
because it extends onto
 the background fabric.

You can also do a french knot 
for the eyes...
unless you want two blind mice lol:)

Use the pattern on page 17 
to trace the embroidery 
on top of the cornstalk.

I pinned all of my shapes
 onto the design board...
 then glue basted 
just as I always do.

I used my 
8 1/2" x 24 1/2" Cute Cuts Ruler 
and my Queen Bee Rock 
to help my block to dry nice and flat.

All ready for applique!
I noticed in these photos that the raw edge on the bottom of my cornstalk came untucked...but I assure you that I will tuck it under before applique:)

After I applique...
I will sew 2 Cute Little Buttons
onto the handles of the 
milk can like this:)

Here is a close up of the embroidery.
I used all 6 strands of my dark gray Aurifloss for the mice tails and whiskers...and french knots for the eyes!

I used all 6 strands of my dark green Aurifloss for the top of the cornstalk:)

I haven't been able to 
applique my pieces down yet...
 but I will have time before next week!
We will be doing the 
Sunflower Block and 
the Maple Leaf Block...
See you then!!

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