Friday, October 26, 2018

Vintage Christmas Sew Along

Today I want to tell you about the 

to see me show and tell about some of the projects in the book:)

My latest book is just now 
starting to
 arrive in quilt shops 
 and I'm sew excited!
to watch the video trailer about the book:)

It's spiral bound 
just like my previous books 
and there are a whopping 207 pages of 
Vintage Christmas Fun!

You can see here all of the projects
 that are inside from this photo
 of the index guide.

I've been working on this book 
for a really long time
 and I'm so happy that
 it's finally here:)
to get your copy!

I used my Cozy Christmas 
fabric collection through out the book...
for lots of 
Vintage Christmas Sparkle!!

You can sew the sampler quilt 
shown on the front cover...
it's made with 6" blocks but of course
 you know that there are also
 12" block patterns included as well.

you may want to choose the 
Christmas Eve Quilt 
which is done in 12" block size.

Or maybe whip up a few table runners...

or pillows!

Or the Christmas Row Quilt... 

There are stacks to choose from!

The schedule will go in order
that the 42 Vintage Christmas Blocks
 are in the book
 from beginning to end....
5 at a time.

Of course...
"You are the boss of your own quilt" 
and you can sew one or all 5 
according to your schedule
 and your hearts desire:)
 to view schedule and 
once you have that...
you can visit each guest blogger!

As always...
each post will remain on my blog
and you can visit anytime:)

Like I always say
 during every sew along...
"this is not a race"
 and everyone has a different time 
for sewing time.
 The most important thing is to
 just have fun with it and
 enjoy the spirit of the holidays:)

I hope you enjoy my latest book
 and can see all of the 
Quilty Christmas Love 
that I put inside just for you:)

Have #aVeryVintageChristmas!


Clare said...

I am waiting for the postie to bring my lovely book,so I can join in. Looking at my fabric`s,plus the ones I brought when shopping a couple of days ago and may need to shop again :). My Mum left me in her will some money so brought a Paff quilt expression 4.2 and loving the needle down which makes the foot lift to add next piece and then the scissors button to cut. Making this quilt will bring memories of our Christmas pass to me. Happy Stitching.

Little Quiltsong said...

Lori - you cannot imagine the joy this new book brings to my heart. Another wealth of treasures. Thank you so very much!

Rosa said...

Great design and yummiest fabric combo!

Pam McDonald said...

I have been bouncing around waiting for this one. Thank you, Lori!!

Kerry said...

Just love those little gingerbread men!

Alison said...

Lori I just adore Vintage Christmas, just recieved in mail, another treasure to create many beautiful pieces! Love it ♥️

mamamarie said...

Mine arrived today. Love it!

KateNva said...

I was so excited to hear about this from a friend - ordered the book and beautiful fabric. I was so excited/inspired, I could hardly sleep!

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