Monday, March 11, 2019

Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along - Week Seven - Tractor and Corn Block!!

Well good morning sunshines!!
How y'all doin?

It's week ten in the 

I've been having a blast playing with 
each week and I hope you have too!

Take out the pieces that 
you have cut for this block...
according to the
 Sew Along Guide
if you need to download one

Grab your 
and let's get started!

Here are my fabric pieces 
all cut and just waiting 
to become a tractor...
a cute hen and some sweet corn:)

Sew Simple Shapes
 needed for this block are:
H4 - 2
H5 - 2
H6 - 1
H8 - 6
H15 - 5
H17 - 1
H24 - 1
H36 - 1

Take note that you will need to
 trace the H-17 (hen) in reverse 
for this block because she is
 looking the other way!

Also trace two of the
 H-8 (corn husk) in reverse because 
they go the other direction as well.

Sew the two reverse ones to the
 2 flower pot prints.
The other corn husks are sewn
 onto the lighter green prints.

Bias tape maker strips are all 
straight cuts and after preparing 
I cut them into the following lengths:

1/2" green shabby for corn stalks-
cut one 11 1/2" and one 8"...
press one end under on both of them.

1/4" green flower stems-
Cut one 3" and 4"

3/4" red for smoke stack:
 cut 3" long and press 
one end under for top.

1/2" red for top of tire cut 2" long.

1/4" red for steering wheel
 cut 2 1/2" long and press both ends under.

Cut the steering wheel column strip 1" long.

After sewing and trimming your shapes...
clip the inner curves and 
cleavage ares on these pieces
 that are on my cutting mat
 before you turn them.

Turned and pressed and 
ready to pin baste!
Don't forget to zig zag or serge
 the edges of your background linen.

This block finishes at
 12" tall x 18" wide and you will 
trim it down to 12 1/2" x 18 1/2" 
when your applique is completed.

That means that when 
pinning the block down...
you do not want your shapes 
to go any wider than 17 1/2"...

Or taller than 11 1/2"...
that includes the embroidered smoke
 because that is the 
tallest part of the block.

After you have pinned 
everything into place...

Use your Sue Glue!!

Remove the pins and let the glue dry while your block remains nice and flat:)

It's all ready for 
applique an embroidery now...

Fast forward a few days! 
After my applique was completed...
I used all six strands of 
gold Aurifloss and a backstitch 
on the corn stalks and 3 strands 
of dark gray on the tractor.

Time to trim it up!
it will need to be trimmed to 
12 1/2" tall so I used my 
for trimming the height.

I trimmed the top first....

And then the bottom.

I used an 18 1/2" wide ruler 
and trimmed the bottom half first 
and then moved it up and 
trimmed the top half.

My tractor tire on the right
 measured 1/2" in from the edge...

And this bottom part of the cornstalk 
on the left side measures 1/2" in as well.

Then I sewed the buttons on the 
flowers and the front tire.

My tractor block now measures 
12 1/2" tall x 18 1/2" wide 
and is ready to sew into the quilt...
just two more blocks to sew first:)

I'll meet you back here next week 
and we will continue farming!


Regina said...

LOVE this adorable block, and you make it so easy! Looking forward to Thursday's Vintage Block Along. Thanks again for sharing.

Unknown said...

I'm obsessed with this project! It's the funnest and most enjoyable and satisfying sewing ever!

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