Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Millie Goes Up North...


It's been so fun to see
popping up everywhere and a big thanks 
to all of you out there who are sending me 
links and pictures of Millie 
whenever and wherever you see her! 

I wanted to share these pictures 
with you that were sent to me by 

Tammy has a quilt shop up north 
(from me) in Canada.
She made a closet in her quilt shop
 for Millie to be displayed in...
what a clever girl! 

Tammy's shop is in Raymond 
and is called

When she received the Millie's Closet
 line a few weeks ago...
she went right to work making 
a display for Millie to hang out 
in her cute shop! 

Tammy has been one busy gal...
look at all the adorable 
things that she made!

I am drooling over this chair 
that she picked up for 15 dollars 
at the Salvation Army!
 She promptly recovered it with
 Millie's Closet in the 
red/pink/aqua color way.

Oh my...huge crush.
Do you heart this as much as I do?
It looks so cute and cottage comfy:)

I love that Millie has gone to Canada 
and I love that Tammy showed me 
what she has been up to there!

Thanks Tammy...I think you are amazing:)

Have a quilty kind of day my friends!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Millie's Closet Sneak Peek...

As you all know...
 I've been playing inside
Millie's Closet 
for the last 6 weeks!
I have about 12 new patterns 
so far using my new line and
 the inspiration just keeps coming...
if only I had more time...haha
I always say that!
I have made several projects
 with the full line together 
(as shown above) 


And I have made several things in each individual color way as well.



The first pattern I can show you is my
 which comes in a kit and 
is now available!

It comes in the yellow green color way ...

And the Tulip Tablerunner also comes 
in the blue/green color way:)

The kit/pattern combo just 
became available this week and
 is shipping to quilt shops
 now as I write...
if you are so inclined...
you can get one for yourself by 

And here's a little peek for you 
of my spool quilt which will be 
a new pattern also...
I have had plenty of help from my friends 
in preparing for spring market 
and Sherri
 helped me put this one together...
thanks Sherri!...
you're a sweetie:)

I hope you're not tired of 
Millie's Closet yet because 
I have sooo much more to show you 
in future posts!
But until then...
have a quilty weekend my friends!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Millie's Closet Sewing Marathon!......

Yes...I'm still sewing up a storm with
and let me tell you...
I am chomping at the bit 
just waiting until I can show you
 everything I've been making.

The waiting is killing me!...
It's really put my regular blogging 
schedule out of wack because I have
 nothing to show yet...
but be patient with me girls.
Lots of show and tell will be coming your way...I promise!

In the meantime ...
I can show you a few things that 
are blooming in my 
cottage garden 
right now.
My favorite cherry blossom trees
 in the front yard are so gorgeous!
Each blossom looks like a little rose:)

And we have tulips everywhere....it's rainy today and the colors of each tulip just pop!

The perennials are coming up too 
and soon my garden will be 
full of blossoms in all shapes, 
sizes and colors.
I can't wait...
I really have spring fever!
How about you?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Afternoon at the Lake...

Hi there!
Did you all have a nice Easter weekend?
I sure hope so...we did:)

The weather has been so beautiful here
 and it happened to be spring break 
for Sterling and Kassidy 
so we decided to spend an afternoon 
at the lake and enjoy the sunshine! 

Of course whenever Mr.Honey is near water... 
it always involves a fishing pole...
 (or 5...haha)

Here's Sterling saying...
"Really mom, we just got here and already
 you have the camera out"

While Sterling gets right to the fishing...

Kassidy lays back and enjoys the sun...
 and blows a few bubbles.
After all...what's Easter weekend without bubbles?...I'm just sayin'. 

She does love to catch fish....

But of course she doesn't like to touch them!
Her dad has to take them off the pole for her:)

Of course...
I'm the person behind the camera...isn't that usually where all mom's are?

I'm kicked back and enjoying the sun 
and a little bit of time
 away from deadlines!

I took a ton of pictures and Sterling 
is at his end with them...
"just let me fish mom"

Family time together at the lake...
that's what it's all about!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

A is for Applique...

Hello again cute people!
Today I've been doing a little appliqué....

I'm using several of the Riley Blake
that go with

And I'm pairing them up
 with lots of 
 5" squares from Millie's too.

I'm creating yet another new pattern 
that I'll be able to show you 
in a few weeks...


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