Monday, May 18, 2020

Let's Sew Along this Summer - Bee Patriotic Sew Along!!!

Hello busy bees!
Thanks for stopping by for a little visit 
and some sew along news:)

I'm excited to share with you
 my next Summer sew along...
Bee Patriotic
June 1st thru June 29

Let's "Bee Patriotic" and 
sew for our July celebrations:)

We will be using my book 
and making the quilt above 
which consists of 12 of 
the blocks from the book:)

As a maker...I'm sure that you have
 heard of "Christmas in July" 
sew alongs and stitch alongs.

This year I thought that it would be fun
 to do a twist on that...doing
"July in Christmas" 
instead of 
"Christmas in July"
by making July projects
 from Christmas Blocks.

Yes...the block patterns are in the book
 and so are the instructions 
on how to sew the quilt together!

 The quilt setting that we will be using 
is the one called Deck the Halls
and is on page 182.

I made my quilt using the 12" block size
 but if you follow me at all...
you already know that I have 6" block 
cutting instructions in the book as well.

You could make your Bee Patriotic Quilt
 in whichever size you would like...
using either the 6" or 12" blocks.

"You are the BOSS of your own quilt!"

We are simply using patriotic colors
 instead of Christmas colors
 to make the blocks...
and just like magic...
the quilt transforms from
 Christmas to Summer.

Isn't it amazing how the look 
completely changes with different colors?!
Super Fun:)
As usual Toby has to 
get in on the photo shoot LOL

I'm so excited that my book publishers
 are participating in the sew along 
as well and have kindly prepared
 a fabric bundle and a PDF with 
the yardage and schedule information.
to download the PDF

Feel free to pull fabrics from
 your scrappy stash or you can...

to use the exact same fabric that I did.

This is the Bee Patriotic Bundle
 which consists of fabrics from 
several of my fabric collections combined:)

Denim...Aqua...Red and Coral Pinks 
are the colors that I use when 
making patriotic quilts and projects....
and I LOVE how they all look together:)

I'll also be using these colors
 and this bundle to make a few more 
patriotic things that I will 
show and tell you all about
 during the sew along.

I hope you will join me for summer sewing...
it's going to be sew fun!

I'll also be talking about it on 
and using the hashtag 

Please do the same so that we
 can share our progress together.

Okay stitchy friends...
I'll "bee here" on June 1st 
for week one and 
I hope you will be too!!

P.S. During this short absence 
between sew alongs on my blog
 I took that time to start my very own 
YouTube Channel
where I have already filmed and posted
two tutorials and will be adding many more.
to go to my channel and watch them.

While you are there...
if you like what you see ...
click on the subscribe button 
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