Monday, October 28, 2019

Granny's Garden Sew Along - Week Ten!!

Hi there and welcome to my blog:)

This is Week Ten in our
Granny's Garden Sew Along

We are using Granny Chic Fabric...

And Granny's Garden
 Sew Simple Shapes

To make the Granny's Garden Quilt

This week's focus is on 
Flower Blocks 37 thru 40:)

Time to "sow"!!

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 37:
2 - I 3
2 - I 5
1 - I 17
1 - I 19
Cut the stem 5" long 
and press one end under

After sewing and trimming you will
 need to clip between the flower petals.

Shaped and pressed:)

Use the 10 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
to center it while glue basting.

Flower Block 37 is ready for applique

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 38:
4 - I 9
1 - I 21
4 - I 26
Use the 2" Circle Ruler 
from the set for the flower centers.
Cut 4 stems 1 1/2" long

Shapes that need to be clipped 
in this block are the four flowers:)

Shaped and pressed and 
ready for pins and glue:)

Take advantage of all the lines on
 the ruler and center all of your shapes.

Flower Block 38 ready for applique

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 39:
4 - I 2
4 - I 15
1 - I 28
Use the 6" Circle Ruler from
 the set to make the Shabby Cloud Circle.
Cut 2 stems 2" long
(for some reason I cut 4 but only need 2)

You will need to clip the 
large scalloped circle and
 the tulips before turning:)

Shaped up and ready to go!

I did the tulips...leaves and stems
 on the smaller circle first...

Then added that to the scallop.

I used the 10 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
to center onto the larger circle.

Flower Block 39 is ready for applique:)

Sew Simple Shapes for Block 40:
6 - I 20
1 - I 22
Use the 4" Circle Ruler from
 the set for the smaller circle

The only shape that needs clipping is the small flower on the center:)

Shaped and ready to go.

I used the ruler to line everything up
 and I cut the end off each petal 
to reduce bulk underneath the center circle.

Flower Block 40 is ready for applique.

After quilting I'm going to add some
 Cute Little Buttons
to this cute little block:)

After you have appliqued
 all of the circles...
applique them onto 
their background squares.

We are almost finished planting...
next week we will do the 
last two flower blocks
 and the border pieces.
Meet you right back here next week:)

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to view each week of this sew along!!

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