Friday, November 1, 2019

Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along - Farm Girl Friday's - Week One!!

Welcome to week one of our
 Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along

Also known as 

We will be sewing all 45
 of the Farm Girl Blocks...
2 each week...
and we will do them in order
 that they are in the book...
which happens to be alphabetical:) 

If you are going to make the
 Farm Girl Vintage 2 Sampler 
on the cover of the book...
You can decide which blocks
 that you want to
 make either 12" or 6"
Instructions for both sizes 
are of course in the book.
You will need to make 
20 - 12" blocks and 30 - 6"blocks.

If you would like to make 
your quilt EXACTLY like mine...

and go on over to the Jolly Jabber 
to get this Handy Dandy 
chart to use as your guide.

*Take Note*
That there is a total of 50 blocks
 in the quilt and because there are
 45 Farm Girl Blocks in the book...
you could do some of them twice
 like I did...

Or choose 5 from my first
 Farm Girl Vintage book...
 because there are 45 Farm Girl Blocks
 in that one as well:)

Remember that:
You can choose to place your blocks
 where you would like to in your quilt!!

You will know exactly where 
which size goes in the quilt by
 using the block placement diagram
 on page 140 and 141.
It's easy to follow and I've designed it
 that way so that you can 
make it your own:)

We are using my fabric collection called...
of course...
Farm Girl Vintage!!

The very first block in the book is
 Autumn Pumpkin
and that's pretty convenient considering
 I'm right in the middle of 
decorating for fall:)

I wanted to make a taller pumpkin
 for this book that would go nicely
 with my Patchwork Pumpkin 
in the first book:)

Of course I had to put a 
star right in the fun!!

I also used this block as 
part of my 
October Skies Quilt
 in the book.

I made this quilt exactly 
like the cover quilt...
using the same block placement diagram
 on pages 140 and 141 but 
instead of making 45 or 50 different blocks 
I used only fall themed blocks.
I used the Farm Girl Vintage 
orange bandana print for the borders:) 

It's perfect for my fall decorating
 and I hope you love it too!

Here's what all of the blocks 
looked like when they were all made...and laid out just how I wanted them
 and ready to sew together for my quilt!

If you would like to make an
October Skies Quilt too...
I listed all of the Farm Girl Blocks 
that I used for mine on page 136 of the book.

Our next Farm Girl Block is 
Baked with Love

It features two oven mitts that have
 just been used to take a 
delicious homemade pie 
out of the oven to cool.

I use my Bee Basics Aurifloss set
 for any of the Farm Girl blocks that may have embroidery.
(from the supply list on page 6 of the book)

I used all 6 strands and a backstitch 
for the 12" block and when I 
make the 6" block sometimes 
I use only 3 strands.
It depends on what kind of background
 fabric I am using and how many strands 
will show up the best:)

I also use my aqua Nifty Needles...
they are the one's for embroidery.
These are also listed in the 
supplies on page 6.

I also used this block (in 6" size)
 for my Small "Mix and Match" Quilt.
I used 6 more kitchen themed blocks:
 Strawberry Jam
Mama's Apron
Cold Watermelon
Hand Mixer
Farm to Table
Corn and Tomatoes 2
Mixing It Up

I used the Farm Girl Vintage red gingham 
for the border and hung it
 on my kitchen wall:)

The small Mix and Match quilt 
is a great size for a wallhanging...
a table topper...or a baby quilt!

Thanks sew much for joining me this week
 for our sew along and continuing our #FarmGirlFridays...
be sure to use this hashtag 
when posting on social media because 
we all want to see what 
y'all are stitching up for your farm!!
to go to the Jolly Jabber blog 
and read their announcement post 
about Farm Girl Friday's 
 and everything that you will need!

Have fun making your first two blocks:) 
Join me back here next week 
for more 
Farm Girl Fun!!!


Katie said...

I'm so excited! Your quilts are always adorable! I can't wait to dive in!

Rosemary said...

As usual, this is going to be fun. Love your fabric, patterns, etc. Will you be finishing the Vintage Block story about your Grandmother? I enjoy the stories you have shared ..

Anonymous said...

I love the Farm Girl Vintage 2 quilt. The backing did not come with my quilt. What did they use on the original quilt as backing?

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