Friday, November 8, 2019

Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along - Farm Girl Friday's - Week Two!

Welcome to my blog...
are you ready to sew?


Plug in your iron...
change your rotary blade...
turn on your fave tunes and

Grab your book
Farm Girl Vintage 2

Grab your Farm Girl Vintage fabric...

And let's make two more 
Farm Girl Blocks!!

The first Farm Girl Block up
 for this week is the 
found on page 17 of the book:)

I had to style this photo 
with my Chunky Thread 
because as we all know...
cats and yarn just go together!!

I used my Aurifloss to embroider the face...

And I thought that you
might want to see a close up.

If you don't like to do french knots...
 it could be really cute to add 
tiny Cute Little Buttons for the eyes...
or you could also do a 
cross stitch for the eyes as well.

Another thought that I have for this block
 is to make it into a quilt label.
If you need a fast and fabulous quilt
 for a cat lover...
whip up one of my Farm Girl Gingham Quilts from page 166 ...

and then make a Barn Cat Block (or two)
 for the label and make it in the colors
 of their favorite cat...(or cats!)
Of course you will need to personalize it even more by adding their cat names as well.
That would really be fun:)

Stacks and stacks of Farm Girl ideas!

The next Farm Girl Block
 for this week is the
found on page 22 in the book. 

I really love this block.
I love flower blocks and I've 
used them often throughout the book.

After all...
every farm has flowers whether they
 are nicely planted in rows 
in front of the farm house or
 growing wild out in the pasture:)

One of the quilts that the
 Bright Zinnia block is in 
is the Beekeepers Garden Quilt 
along with all of the other flower blocks.

I'll be showing more of this quilt
 in next week's post when we do the 
Busy Beehive Hive Block:)

Even one little 6" Bright Zinnia
 all by itself would make an adorable
 mini quilt or a pot holder 
for your farmhouse kitchen:)

I have another project going with
 cute little 6" Bright Zinnia Blocks and here are 3 of them...
they are so fun and addicting to make!

There are endless possibilities
 with all of the colors and prints 
in my Farm Girl Vintage fabric...
I love this collection so much and 
I hope you are having fun with it too!

Remember that 
"you are the boss of you're own quilt"
but if you want to make yours
 just like mine then don't forget to 
download the handy dandy chart from week one.

Thanks for joining me on the farm 
this week and keep your
posts coming and use the hashtag
We all want to see your blocks!

I'll be here next Friday with more
 Farm Girl Fun:)


Bev said...

It seems like all I am making are your blocks! I love them all. I don't see where you say what size our blocks should be so I assume I just look at the photo of the quilt and make that size. Thanks for all you do! ��♥️��♥️��♥️��

Missdaisy7 said...

It will give you the size of Block in the book.

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